Do you have a YouTube channel or you want to create one, but don’t know how to start & find out the Best Youtube Equipment for Beginners to professional to make a good quality video.

Don’t Worry! Here we have Prepared a best beginners youtube equipment List of low-budget/ Cheap/ Budget-Friendly gear for Gaming, Vlogging & all in 2022.

That’ll help to Create Professional Videos from Day 1 & the viewers are gonna love that.

Don’t just Create a Channel & start uploading anything, always choose a topic to create content around it.

Well, You definitely need a Camera, Microphone, Lighting & of course a Smartphone or Computer. These are the Must-have beginners youtube equipment Setup Kit. Doesn’t matter you are a Starter, Gamer, or an Advanced Professional creator.


Wait! We have more than that in the list that’ll make you a Pro Youtube Video Creator.


While preparing the best beginners youtube equipment list, we have emphasized what gear each Newbie and Advance creator needs to make a video? Which Gadgets will help to boost productivity & video quality?

In Hurry? Here is the Key Youtube Equipment every video creator should have for Beginners to Advanced –

  1. Camera – Video Recording
  2. Microphone – Audio Recording
  3. Ring Light – Professional Video Quality
  4. Acoustics – Reduce Background Noice
  5. Video Editor – Edit Videos
  6. Graphic Designing Software – For Thumbnails
  7. Pc/ Laptop – To Run All Software
  8. Tubebuddy – Youtube SEO Tool

1. Notepad – Video Notes

To make videos on YouTube, you had to do long recordings so that you will not remember all the points that you want to tell people in your video.

Digital NotePad is a Basic but Best Youtube Equipment for Beginners. Before start making a video you can note all the points and summaries in it.

That you remember easily while making the video. Digital notepad is easily to use and you will not forget your point while making videos.

This pne of the best beginners Youtube equipment is very helpful if you want a tool that actually makes you Productive.

Digital notepad

2. Smartphone – Video Recording, Editting

In the beginning, you don’t need to spend too much to start with Best Professional Youtube Equipment for Beginners. If you have a smartphone, you can start recording video with the same rear camera.

Video quality depends on your smartphone’s Pros & Cons. If you do not even have a smartphone, then you should buy the best budget smartphone for editing video.

If you can afford a little more then you should go to DSLR Because this will be your one-time investment that’ll be used for a long time.

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3. Tripod – Keep Camera Steady

If you are determined to make a video on YouTube, then Tripod going to be the Best Youtube Equipment for Beginners.

Because no matter you Record videos on phone or uses a professional camera You will need a tripod to stand them.

There are different types of tripods. If you only do recording from the phone then you can buy a basics Tripod.

This best beginners youtube equipment keeps the camera steady as well as is able to take different video shorts due to multiple angle rotations.

If you are a traveler who loves to vlog then you must carry a gorilla tripod which is the best for every condition.

beginners youtube equipment

4. Microphone – Audio Recording

Ready to make the video and also arranged the camera, then it is also necessary that you provide good audio quality in your video.

So that the user can get interacted with you and understand all the staff mentioned by you.

If your video quality is very good, but the audio quality is not good at all. This is a negative point for you.

Because people will click on your video But due to poor audio quality, they will become irritated and leave the video in between.

A cheap mic would be the Best Youtube Equipment for Beginners to record videos from mobile or voiceover audio.

But if you want to make a professional video then you should look for professional microphones.

My personal suggestion is Boya BY M1 mic. It’s the Best Youtube Equipment for Beginners for recording/ voiceover audio.

It works with both Mobile and DSLR. You can use this microphone even if you switch from phone to camera in future

Best youtube equipment for beginners
Best Microphone For Youtube

5. Ring Light For Youtube Videos

Lighting affects your YouTube videos too much but if you are a starter & have a Low budget to spend on the studio, don’t worry.

Ring Light is a Best Youtube Equipment for Beginners for Proper lighting.

  • You can easily manage a ring light. It is slightly different from normal light and is not too expensive.
  • The ring light has small LED lights that provide proper lighting for video recording.
  • It also has the option to mount a camera or smartphone.

The ring light only focuses the light on the object, which is important for standard video recording using a Phone or Camera.

I recommend you use a basic ring light as beginners youtube equipment, but if you want to give a professional look then you can go for a professional ring light.

Best youtube equipment for beginners

6. Anti Glare Specs Youtube Equipment for Beginners

Whether you work on a phone or work while looking at your computer or laptop screen, you must have the best beginners youtube equipment.

Because it helps to protect your eyes from harmful gadget rays.

Anti Glare Specs prevent harmful rays from the gadgets like computer smartphones from reaching your eyes.

You can work long hours by wearing these classes Not only this but also constantly protects your eyes from getting spoiled.

beginners youtube equipment

7. Chroma key – video background changer

Whether you do not have a good background or do not have a studio to make a YouTube video.

In such a situation, you can give your background the desired look by using a good chroma key.

  • The Chroma Key is a simple green cloth that is applied in the background.
  • Using Chroma key effect in any video editing software you can give your background Desire look.
  • It helps to change the background without going outside of the house.

This is one of the best YouTube equipment for beginners. It costs very little and you can change your entire background using it.

best youtube equipment

8. Multipurpose card reader

The fewer items, the easier it will be to work. You should use a multi-purpose card reader & it could be a Best Youtube Equipment for Beginners.

Multipurpose Card Reader fulfills the requirement of a camera card reader, memory card reader, or any other type of card reader with a single device.

That means you do not need to buy a separate card reader for different purposes. With the help of a single card, you can do all that work.

Its cost is very low budget and compatible with almost any device.

9. Wire Extension Cord

You will create a YouTube Setup for Beginners by buying the best youtube equipment for beginners, but how will you adjust them in the same Cord?

So that you can use a wire extension Cord to plug in all devices in one board, In which you can plugin many devices at once.


The extension Cord consists of boards for multiple connections and the main wire Connects to power.

All connected devices start working when the main power cable is electrified. You can use multiple devices using a single board.

But remember to choose a better quality board even your devices could be damaged.

Best Professional Youtube Equipment

10. DSLR Camera: Professional Youtube Equipment

DSLR Camera is a Must have professional youtube equipment kit to Create a high-Quality Youtube Video For Viewers.

Not just for Quality but there are so many Reasons to Buy a DSLR as professional youtube equipment.

  1. Provides Better Video Quality Than a Normal Phone Camera
  2. Works Good in even Low Light
  3. Custom Camera Settings
  4. High Video Resulutions 1080p – 4K

You can buy a DSLR camera which will increase your video quality much more. You will find many options in it that smartphones don’t have.

professional youtube equipment

11. Laptop – Data & Video Editing

You can create a professional or great quality video using all Required Gears. But to manage all data you will need the best laptop for Youtube Video Editing work.

The laptop is Must Have Professional Youtube equipment kit to manage video photos and all kinds of data.

The laptop is because a normal phone cannot store all heavy data and cannot travel with the computer.

Not only this, many other things which you cannot do through a smartphone but the laptop can, like –

  1. Store Large Date Files
  2. Easily Done Heavy Tasks
  3. Runs Heave Video Editing Software
  4. Small & Lightweight that Makes Easy to Travel With
  5. Fast Data Transfer
  6. Multitasking at Once

Not only this, also provides many functions that you already know about. Choose a laptop that meets your needs.

Whether you are doing heavy file transfer, editing, Photography, or any kind of work in it, it should be smooth for everything.

12. Soft Box – Professional Lighting

The higher the light, the better the video quality, And if you are about to record video from DSLR. Then you need a lot of lighting, for that you can use Soft Box.

There is a box above the light in the softbox that does not allow the focus light to reach you but reduces harsh shadows that you don’t want in videos.

Not recommended for beginners, but if you want to shoot a professional video then this is must use this professional youtube equipment.

Because it’ll make the video even better than a normal Lighting.

professional youtube equipment

13. Gimbal – Vlogging Equipment

Whether you use a smartphone or a professional DSLR camera. If you want to make your video stable or want to take cinematic shots, then you must have a Gimbal.

Gimbal is one of the best professional youtube equipment for Vloggers. This gives the video a smooth finish and also if you are in action, your video remains absolutely stable.

Choose a gamble that is Compatible with your Device/ all devices Like Cameras or Phones. It’s also the best beginners youtube equipment for Vlogging.

14. Acoustics – soundproofing

You can use acoustics to reduce echo/ sound in your studio using this professional youtube equipment kit.

An acoustic is a type of structure that collides with audio and does not resonate.

These acoustic are also called sound-absorbing that reduces your background noise and provides better audio quality.

It comes in different shapes and types for different uses like- Wall, Foar, Mat etc

You can improve your sound quality even more by eliminating echo.


15. Teleprompter Kit

Now, which professional youtube equipment are we going to talk Hardly any YouTube creator would know about it.

But Wait! Have you ever thought that there are motivational speakers how they keep talking for so long without stopping?

Have you ever thought the news reporters who keep speaking for hours why they don’t forget anything?

All these things become possible due to the Teleprompter kit. Actually, a Teleprompter is mounted on top of your camera, in which you see the Script you want to say.

So if you are also going to make a long video without taking cuts you can go for it, it could be best for your work.

16. Bonus Youtube Equipment For Beginners

We also have some Bonus professional youtube equipment Setup kit that you’ll need to handle other kinds of stuff.

  • Data Storage
  • Smart Led Lights For Texture
  • Video Editing Software
  • Youtube Video SEO Tools
  • Gaming Chair For Streamers

This was a bonus list for all YouTubers, one of these products can be such that you must have.

Youtube Equipment For Beginners (FAQ’s)

Here are some frequently asked questions that people ask on Google & hope it’ll help you too.

What Equipment do I need for Vlogging?

Vlogging often Requires a lot of Travel, Therefore you’ll need a different type of gear for video recording. You Should use these professional youtube Equipment – Action Camera, Gimble, Micro Phone, Backpack, Laptop, Cardreader, Storage, Editing Software, Power Bank, Etc.

What do Youtubers use to Edit Videos?

That is called Video Editing Software that every Youtuber use to edit their Videos. There are Different type of video Editing software, Basic to Professional. This software is available for both Smartphone & Computer.

Do I Need a Mic For Youtube Videos?

If you are a beginner then you can record the sound from the Microphone of your Smartphone. But if you want awesome Audio Quality than Mic is Must have Professional Youtube Equipment for Beginners.

How do you get Paid by Youtube?

When you make Videos on youtube & complete 4000 hrs & a thousand Subscribers. Then you can appeal to youtube to Monetize Your Videos. Youtube Shows Advertisements on your videos & you get paid.

What do you Need to Start a Gaming Channel?

First of all, You should create a Gaming Channel that needs a Phone, Live streaming Software, Game for the stream. But for Professional Gaming You’ll need some Professional Youtube Equipment for Gaming like PC, Capture Card, OBS Software, Lighting, Webcam, Etc.

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So this was our Complete checklist of the top 16 best youtube equipment for beginners. We have tried to mention all gears that are necessary for Gaming, Vlogging, Singing, Broadcasting, Art, etc.

It is not necessary to purchase all professional youtube equipment for beginners. Only Choose what is really necessary for your videos, and you can use them to further improve your video.

We had a lot of fun making this list, hope you too must have enjoyed reading it, definitely share it with your friends. It keeps us Motivated!

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