Do you want to be a Youtuber but looking for unique Make Money on YouTube channel ideas without showing face? Don’t worry! Because today we’ll discuss some of the best video ideas to make money on youtube without showing your face that you should start Today 2022.

You can actually earn on YouTube just by uploading videos and I hope most of you already know about it. That’s why we are here!

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Video ideas that can be driven without revealing yourself & Required less equipments.

We can only share ideas, so you have to find how you will create content on that topic. But I’ll suggest you use an image slider or screen recording for video creation.

Find the content-related pictures, collect them and you can use video editing tools to create image slider videos and just voice-over to create a wonderful video.

Best Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

I got these ideas from the most famous YouTube channels that are doing a fabulous job in their field without revealing their faces.

We have also included the names of some of them in this article, you can see their videos and appreciate them and their best Faceless youtube niches.

In a hurry? Here is a Quick List of video Ideas that you are looking to get started with –

  1. DIY Craft Videos
  2. Gaming Videos
  3. Animation Video
  4. Creative MeMe
  5. Compilation Videos
  6. Cryptocurrency Videos
  7. Cooking Videos
  8. Street Food Blogger
  9. Home Decoration
  10. Top 5 or Top 10 Videos
  11. Tutorial Video
  12. Review or Unboxing
  13. Facts Videos
  14. Documentaries
  15. Biography Videos
  16. Motivational: Quotes And Speech
  17. The Pet Channel Niche
  18. Drawing Sketches
  19. Video/ Photo Editing Videos
  20. Cover News
  21. Places To Visit
  22. Software Tutorial
  23. Crazy Smartphone Apps
  24. Smartphone Hacks
  25. Relaxing Sound
  26. Movie or Tv Show Reviews
  27. Caught on a Camera Videos
  28. Products Unboxing
  29. Meditation Video
  30. Interview Videos
  31. Podcast Videos

1. DIY Craft: Youtube Ideas Without Face

DIY Craft  faceless Video Ideas

DIY Crafting is one of the Most Creative content out there on YouTube & the Best Youtube channel ideas without showing face. No need to reveal yourself while crafting something unique. Use hands-only video to showcase your creativity and uniqueness throughout the content.

What DIY Means?

Well, DIY means ‘do it yourself. Creating or repairing something new from the household items yourself.

It’s Great youtube video ideas without showing face to create a variety of new items using only useless or household stuff.

But for this, you have to be creative. Only then you will be able to create something Amazing with useless and simple things that other people can do too.

People like to share this type of video on social media so that you’ll start gaining Views & Subscribers very quickly.

And the best thing is you can actually make money on youtube without showing your face in videos.

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2. Gameplay Without Showing Face

Gaming is currently the hottest opportunity to start a youtube channel without showing face. It’s one of the fastest-growing categories with 599 thousand concurrent viewers. The world’s most subscribed no-face gaming channel has 32 Million subs. It’s a good signal to get started.

During the time of the coronavirus epidemic, when all the people were locked in their homes, In that time too many new gaming creators have emerged.

People liked these gaming videos, as well as it did not take much time to grow these channels. It’s Not Just About Game It’s About the Passion and Dedication they Show in the GamePlay.

You have 2 Youtube video ideas without showing face. 1st, A Live Streaming Gameplay & 2nd, Montages or Pre Recorded Video Clips.

To start the Faceless gaming channel, you will also need some equipment that you must have. Using this equipment you can live stream your gameplay on YouTube or can edit and upload.

Choose a game that is currently launched & people are interested to see or in which you are a pro player. This is the best youtube channel ideas without showing face for gamers.

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youtube video ideas without showing face

3. Animation Video Ideas

Animation is one of the best ways to express your Thought, Knowledge, Experience, or anything you want to spread with others.

You must have seen cartoons in your childhood. They also used to have voice movement and storytelling but never saw any person.

Isn’t a great Creative YouTube channel ideas without showing face? Yes! of course.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to do that type of professional animation. There are some tools on the Internet that make animations for you.

You can use those tools for your channel. The best of which is known as whiteboard animation. Finally, you can edit and upload the video as per your choice.

This is one of the best ideas for youtube channel without showing your face or voice.

make money on youtube without showing your face

4. Creative MeMe: No Face No Voice Videos

This is going to be only for very creative and innovative mind people because creating a meme that becomes viral is a child’s play.

A meme maker sees the world differently than a normal person. So if you are a creative mind people and can edit videos in a very funny way then you should definitely choose Memes as a faceless channel idea which is going to boom very quickly.

You hear it right, memes are one of the fastest-growing and sharing content all over social media so there is a high chance that your become viral and will grow faster than other content.

But look around and see what people are talking about and choose the most relevant and trending content to create memes.

5. Compilation: No Face Youtube Channel Ideas

Creating a mixup of multiple funny, Cute, Best, or Top video Moments from other videos is a Compilation. For example “Unbelievable Goals In Football Match History Ever | Compilation Videos”.

It’s an awesome video idea that everyone loves to watch. This kind of video quickly grabs people’s attention that forces them to watch what’s actually there in the video.

You may collect videos from other Social Media Viral Posts or from third-party websites that provide Non-copyrighted content free to use in your videos.

2ndly You can find Creative-common labeled Videos on youtube too, which is free to use. But Don’t forget to give proper credits to the original video source.

6. Cryptocurrency Youtube Channel: Without Showing Face

Crypto is one of the hottest topics on the internet right now and there is most probably a higher chance to grow easily in this niche.

There is a huge audience who is interested to know more about cryptocurrencies and fortunately, you can reach them through your videos. Crypto is not just about Bitcoin it’s huge than that and you can introduce people to Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

if you are from a marketing background or have some knowledge about trading then it’s a perfect high-paying niche for you.

If talking about video content ideas so you can cover regular crypto hot trends in your videos, Introduce people to different coins, how to earn, or Mining tips, Best exchange platform, etc.

But most probably you can cover some stat’s analyze them & share your own future predictions about the Cryptocurrencies that may boom in the future.

7. Faceless Cooking Channel: Content Ideas

There is hardly anyone left on the internet who has not seen the Food Related video related. This is the best Youtube channel ideas without showing face or voice.

If you are a woman, a girl, or a housewife we’ll highly suggest you start a Cooking channel & make money on youtube without showing your face.

Not just women’s if you are a guy and know very well about cooking then you should definitely go with it.

Then you can share the Cooking Tips & Tricks or make new dishes on your channel. It’s a Perfect video idea for youtube without showing your face.

To make a cooking-related video you can use a table on which you can place all the materials. For videography, you can use a stable tripod in which you can mount your phone or camera and connect it to the mic.

That’s it, In this way, all the Cooking related information you give will be recorded along with video and audio. Don’t forget to share the Amazing youtube video ideas without showing face with Friends.

8. Street Food Blogger: Niches Without Face

Everyone loves watching food and traveling videos. if you are one of those who travel a lot and wanted to start a faceless youtube channel, then it’s a pretty good idea to cover all famous street food around your local areas.

Not only in your local area, but you can also capture the best street food of your city and state in the video.

You don’t even need high editing skills or Food knowledge, just capture all the famous street food that you think most people haven’t seen or would love to see.

That is all you can do without revealing yourself or recording a high-quality voiceover. For inspiration, I’d recommend you have a look at Aamchi Mumbai Youtube Channel.

9. Home Decoration: Faceless Channel Idea

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face

The world is full of festivals, every day there’s a festival for someone. And you very well know what happens during festivals seasons.

Yes! it’s time to decorate home, streets & more. Every year people wait for their favorite festive whether we talk about Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Eid, etc.

Home decoration is always searchable content but festival season is the time when most people search for decoration ideas for their home.

You may share some regular housing tips without showing your face like – How your living room should look Like? How you can improve your bedroom?

So if you have good knowledge about decoration items, Tips or some extraordinary ideas to share with others that’s going to be a great opportunity for you.

10. Top 5 or Top 10 Youtube Channel Ideas

If you are still wondering what is the best Youtube channel ideas without showing your face, then top 5 or top 10 is the best option for you.

There are a lot of different categories & topics for the videos to make money on youtube without showing your face.

But you can create a channel with multiple categories Like – World’s Top 5 Expensive, World Top 10 Largest, Best, Highest, Longest, Deepest, etc.

Wait! If you are a tech geek and like to review products, then you should create a YouTube channel related to Top 5 or Top 10 Products lists.

Similarly, You can find more Youtube video ideas without showing face & create content by targeting a Niche Like – Fashion, Gadgets, Baby Products, Household, etc.

In this way, by making the Top Product Recommendation list, you will be able to make money on youtube without showing your face using AdSense as well as affiliate marketing Youtube.

youtube channel ideas without showing your face

11. Faceless Tutorial Video

If you have very good knowledge in a profession then you should make videos on YouTube and teach them to other people as well.

Maybe You could be a Professional Singer, Dancer, Actor, Model, Painter, Photographer, Electrician, Barber, or even a Teacher.

It’s a great Make Money on youtube video ideas without showing face or voice to share knowledge.

Example: I have decent knowledge about computers and their components & as we know how the gaming channels are growing day by day.

But still, there are many people who want to make their own gaming setup but But they don’t know what components they will need.

In such a situation, I can share a tutorial video of ‘How to Build a Gaming Pc Step by Step‘ Not only build but will also share information about the component.

You can even make money on youtube without showing your face or Voice just by using Adsense to monetize your Content.

12. Review or Unboxing Without Showing Face

There are many people who like to see feedback or review Products before purchasing them. So that they get answers to all the questions related to the product.

It is a kind of knowledgeable youtube channel ideas without showing face. You select any product and highlight all the good and bad things about it.

You can also use a product you have shopped, review it, and upload it on YouTube. If someone else wants to buy the same product then he can see your review Before making a purchase.

It’s a pretty easy way to make money on youtube without showing your face, even for beginners.

13. Facts Youtube Channel Ideas

Facts / Mystery is a very interesting and exciting youtube channel ideas without showing face. Many people like to know about fact mysteries and unknown things or Events.

The good thing is that you will find many articles related to this topic on the Internet. Such as – Haunted Places, Unknown Facts, Mysterious Events, Cursed Place, Books, Dolls, etc

Read that articles, Find out source-related photos & put them in your video. In this way, you can make Regularly videos on a new topic.

To Make videos on this youtube video ideas without showing face use some Photos, Infographic, Videos Clips in your video.

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Most Subscribed Facts Channel in India

14. Documentaries: Without Showing Face

Documentaries Channel: Without Showing Face

Documentaries are one of the greatest ways to present visual summarisation about a particular incident or history.

this is one of the finest niches for a student, teacher, or even if you are a knowledge lover, who wanted to share a story, incident, or history as a visual form.

it’s pretty easy to create a documentary. Just use some copyright-free videos and actual images or videos to give a perfect visualization. But keep in mind the videos & images should be relevant to your context.

Once you complete your biggest elements just overlay a great voice-over for the documentary. You may other’s documentaries to get inspiration. If you are looking to create an animation then I’ll suggest you have a look at the infographic youtube channel.

15. Biography Videos Without Showing Face

Biography. This is a topic for which you don’t need any special skills or knowledge to make money on youtube without showing your face.

Anyone who wants to become a youtube creator & looking for ideas to start a youtube channel without showing your face can work on this topic.

There are many websites on the internet where you will get biographies of famous people and celebrities.

All you have to do is highlight only the main points or events in the videos. Like – Childhood, Family Background, Struggle, Motivational, etc.

It would be nice to create a blueprint to make this type of video. Such as-

  1. Introduction
  2. Birth
  3. Family Background
  4. Education
  5. Struggle
  6. Achievements
  7. Other

Use their Childhood, Achievements & other photos to Describe the storyline through your youtube video ideas without showing face.

Biography Motivational Channel

16. Motivational: Quotes And Speech

Motivational: Quotes And Speech faceless youtube channel idea

Motivational quotes and speech could be the best faceless channel idea for those who have good speaking skills because you need to be clear about what you want to convey to others.

If you know storytelling or ever tried then just go for it. All you need to do is create a motivational story or find one on the internet. You also have an opportunity to create content for everyone whether he is a Businessman, Student, or even a working woman.

Once you prepare yourself, give it a narration & record your voice. Make sure your audio is recorded in high quality because you are going to motivate someone through your voice only. There should not be background Noice or air flow sound.

Now find out context-related Royalty-free videos to use for creating motivational videos. Just go to any video editing software & merge (sync) your audio with it.

17. The Pet Channel Niche: Best Faceless Youtube Niches

faceless pet channel niche

It is a huge pet’s lover category where you can talk about each kind of pet people usually adopt, whether we talk about Dog, Cat, Horse or etc.

Also, you’ll have a huge content base to create around pet animals. For example, if we talk about dogs as a pet, you may tell people about different dogs Species, Breed, Their Behaviour, Abilities, and so on.

As like that if some own’s a Cat as a pet, he might be interested to know How to behave with your cat? cat’s diet or Meal Plan. How to clean a Cat or even, things to know before owning a cat.

If you are an Animal lover & wanted to start your channel without revealing yourself. Just head over a camera, record your own pet’s video & add a voiceover for content.

If talking about monetizing content, so you’ll be glad to know you can easily sell your own pet products or even sell others by becoming their affiliate partner.

ViralBe channel is dedicated to mostly dog content & has over 2 Million Subscribers.

18. Drawing Sketches: Without Showing Face or Voice

Drawing sketching is a subject that everyone would love to see. If you know how to sketch a drawing, then it’s best youtube channel ideas without showing face.

You can Draw live sketches on trending topics, Celebrities or famous people in your Videos.

You can make Youtube video without showing your face drawing sketches of famous people like – Celebrity, actors, actresses, YouTubers, Athletes, Sportsperson, etc.

In this way, all the people who love them and really crazy about them will definitely watch the video and share them too. Most importantly you can make money on youtube without showing your face.

It’s very simple, All you need to do is record your sketchbook with help of a camera while you are making a sketch.

You don’t even need much editing skills or Equipment in it, Just edit the video fast-forward and put music in the background. That’s pretty good youtube video ideas without showing face.

Farjana Drawing Academy

19. Video/ Photo Editing No Face

For those who love video editing or have decent knowledge about it then Editing Tutorial Channel is great Youtube video ideas without showing face.

Through the YouTube channel, you can share video editing knowledge like – How to edit videos, Transition, Effects, After Effects, Voiceover, and more.

It’s one of the best ideas to make money on youtube without showing your face or voice.

The only thing you need to do is just screen recording your computer/phone screen or even can only capture the smartphone to create a video.

Put Some background Music, Animated texts or Just Voice over to Describe the Steps.

youtube channel ideas without showing face or voice

20. News YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face

News is Most Recent and Trending Topics. If you make news-related YouTube channels, then there is a greater chance that your videos should go viral very soon or they start getting views from day one.

Most importantly, you can make videos without showing your face. To create a video, you can use photos, References, or Articles in your video.

There are lots of news websites on the internet, just have to follow them to read their articles, and give related information in your video.

It’s Pretty easy Youtube video ideas without showing face for Everyone.

Neon Man Youtube Community Update

21. Places To Visit: Make Money Without Showing Your Face

local travel guide channel idea

Another great niche for Traveller or Explorer & already knows too much about your city. IF you are one of them then it’s the best way to share your personal travel journey with others without even showing yourself in front of a camera.

You may guide travelers to find the best Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Places to visit or the top list of recommendations that travelers must visit. The best part is you can guide them locally so that you don’t need a high historical of traveling knowledge.

You can start sharing local areas information, or can find the list on the internet. You can vlog that area or simply find relevant videos or images on their official social media platforms. Also, use Royalty-free videos to give your video a much better user engagement.

22. Software Tutorial: Faceless Channel Ideas

Software tutorials are an extremely successful idea to solve people’s queries even without revealing yourself. There’re tons of software available on the internet for pc, Mac, Android, ios, etc.

You can create how-to, tutorials, best settings, and problem-solving videos on the channel. You may have a specific topic for videos like Video editing software, graphic Designing, Streaming as well.

It’s good advertiser-friendly content, to attract brands to sponsor your content which helps you increase earning potential

23. Crazy Apps: Youtube Content Ideas Without Face and Voice

The Internet is unexplored, same with the play-store/ app store. Nowadays everyone uses a smartphone so it’s a good opportunity to appear in front of.

There are millions of awesome apps waiting to get discovered. It could be a Wallpaper, Music, Graphics, Video Editing tool, Music, Social media, etc apps.

All you have to do is find such kinds of apps people are willing to use or maybe helpful for them to have in their smartphone.

24. Smartphone Hacks

Interesting and curious hacks, tips, tricks that blow everyone’s mind. As you know nowadays smartphone is a part of lifestyle, people can’t live without them.

The smartphone companies Samsung, iPhone, Oppo are booming. People use smartphones for their basic needs like calling and internet surfing.

But there are so many things to be revealed about their smartphone. These secret hacks are helpful for them.

So start doing your own research to find out some amazing but useful settings, tricks, shortcuts, or hacks for smartphone users.

25. Relaxing Sound (Find Sounds In Audio Libraries):

You won’t believe it but yes it’s true. People search for relaxing sounds on youtube for, Study, Focus, Sleep.

Especially in western countries due to busy life schedules people use to hear ‘Nature Sound, Rain Sound’ for better sleep.

You can find some channels live streaming this kind of relaxing or Studying sound with thousands of live watching.

This ‘3 Hours of Gentle Night Rain’ Video I’ve embedded has 153 Million views and the video is about 3 hours long. That’s not enough people use to do live streams for the whole night.

26. Movie or Tv Show Reviews:

Movies and tv show or series review is another interesting and entertaining content idea to create for an audience that gets lots of attention and engagement.

There are so many Movie or Tv Series Review channels that have millions of subscribers. They usually used to break down the movie or series’s hidden clues or eastereggs.

There’s a huge move, Shows, and web series lovers to appreciate your content who love watching breakdowns or hidden easter eggs.

“The Canadian Lad” is the best example for you to understand how to create Movies or series review videos.

27. Caught on a Camera Videos

Again a viral as well as an entertaining category to dive in. No need to create high-quality facecam videos. all you need is a good speaking skill to engage the audience with the video.

Find viral videos on social media Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp such as ‘Horror videos, Funny Moments, Act of kindness’.

You may even use a voiceover tool to generate a real human-like voice via written script. A perfect Youtube Channel video idea without showing face or voice.

Careful while using caught-on-camera videos. Always use videos from original sources and give proper credit in the video descriptions to avoid Strikes.

Youtube Channel Ideas without Showing Face (FAQ’s)

Can I make a Youtube Channel Without Showing Face?

First of all, Create a Channel using an Email id, Choose a Topic, do proper research. You can use ono-Copyrighted Stock Images, Screen Recording, or whiteboard animation for making Videos. or Check out our list for the same.

What are the Best Topics for Youtube Channel?

There are so many new/ Creative/ Best topics for youtube channels like Vlogging, Life Hacks, Art & Craft, Comedy, Cooking, Makeup tutorial, Dressing, Etc. Always follow your Passion, that’ll be a great choice.

Do YouTubers use their Real Name?

Channel Name Doesn’t Mean the Real Name. It could be anything that you want like Your Name, Brand Name, or Something you want. Most of the YouTubers don’t use their name but uses a Brand Name that suits their Content.

How do you Vlog without Showing Your Face?

There are so many Different Categories in Vlogging that you can use to vlog without Showing your Face such as Moto Vlogging, Riding, River Crafting, Tour & Travelling, Shopping, Etc. All you need to do is just Choose the best Quality camera & vlog normally but don’t Reveal your Face.

How many Subscribers do you Need to Make Money?

According to the Youtube Partner Program Policy, Your Channel must have more than 4000 watch hours & 1000 subscribers within the last 12 Months/ last 365 days. Then you’ll be able to monetize your videos through Google Adsense to Make Money.

Who is the Highest Paid Youtubers?

According to the Forbes list, a 9-Year-old Kid Ryan Kaji is the Highest Paid Youtuber in the World. His total estimated earning is $29.5 Million with over 12.2 Billion Views & 41.7 Million Subscribers.

Wrapping up!

This was our list of the top 11 Best Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face, especially for Beginners. Everyone can spread their Passion, Knowledge, Art, and Skills to others.

 If you still don’t know ‘why should you Start a Channel‘ then just choose one of the above ideas to make money on youtube without showing your face.

Let us know Your thoughts in the Comment Section Below or directly contact us on our Social media Handel. We’ll be in touch with you.

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