Viewers love to see their favorite YouTubers challenge each other and often such videos also go viral. If you are also searching for new, Creative, Awesome, best, or Viral Trending YouTube challenges ideas that no one tried ever, so this list is dedicated to you.

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There are so many challenges already on YouTube that it is not a good idea to try them again.

In such a situation it is very important to bring some new and unique challenges. And as a creator, it’s our purpose is to do something creative.

Trending YouTube Challenges


Here are some new challenge ideas that you can try with your fellow YouTuber friends and they could be viral.

It is not that all ideas are unique and brand new, some of them have been tried before.

While preparing the list, we have also kept in mind that the challenges that went viral in the past, do not include in this list.

Doesn’t matter you are a Comedy, Tech, Reaction, Gamer, Food or Cooking, Bodybuilder, Streamer or any kind of youtube creator.

and are looking for some challenging content for your next video, then you must see this list. So let’s explore.

1. No Kill Victory Game Challenge

The first challenge special we have designed for gamers who plays Battle royal or multiplayer fighting games like Fortnite, PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty, Valorent, etc.

With the title, you have probably come to know about this challenge very well.

In the Battle Royal Game, we had to finish the other teams for victory and serve till the end.

But in this challenge, you have to survive till the end without getting a Kill and get the victory.

And if you have played the Battle Royale game then now you must have come to know how difficult this challenge is, which is almost impossible.

2. Tongue Hold Sing Challenge

Very interesting funny and awesome singing YouTube challenges ideas for all Youtube creators.

In the challenge, you have to hold your tongue with your fingers & sing a song given by the challenger.

When you hold your tongue with your fingers, you almost become Lisp and in such a situation the lyrics are very funny when singing.

You can perform this with other famous Faceless YouTube creators or play it as trivia.

3. Opposite Weather Challenge

Trending YouTube Challenges

As the name proves, wearing winter clothes in summer or wearing summer clothes in winter. Challenge your friends to wear warm winter clothes all day 24 hours.

If you & your friends are a gaming streamer, then you can challenge them to perform the whole stream in warm clothes.

Also, one of the good YouTube Challenges Ideas for vloggers & do that while vlogging. This task seems very simple to hear but when it is performed then people will sweat.

Not only this, they will get upset while streaming and they will have a lot of trouble due to over-temperature.

4. Crazy Egg Funny Challenge

I got this funny food idea from a famous United States television show where the contestants are challenged, Contestant had to hit an egg on his head. Some eggs were raw and some were boiled.

You can also do this type of challenge with your friend on YouTube. And when one of your friends can’t complete the challenge, he’ll have to hit an egg on his head.

If he picks up a boiled egg, he’ll be saved and if picks up a raw egg, it will explode on their head.

5. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

You can do the blindfold drawing challenge while streaming or organize a joint stream with your friends.

Make a zoom group video call, and perform this with everyone, which will be very interesting and funny for the audience to see.

You can play it like a game, Challenger will suggest a random object’s name & others will have to draw that, but at this time they will not be able to see anything.

6. Blindfold Makeup Challenge

Girls spend hours doing makeup sitting in front of the mirror, but what if they are asked to do makeup blindfolded when they do not see anything.

It sounds very unique and interesting to hear, maybe the result you get will give it a funny look.

Basically, if you are a fashion blogger or makeup tutorial, or a girl YouTuber then you should definitely challenge your friends for ‘Blindfold Makeup Challenge.

This could be your first youtube video idea too if you are new.

7. Guess The Word Youtube Challenges Ideas

This is one of The Best Challenges ever for Friends, brothers, sisters, Kids, Family. In this challenge, you or your friend listen to a song at full sound through a headphone and you say a random word to him.

Because he can’t hear you so he has to guess the word through your lips Movement/ Lip sing.

It’s the best YouTube Challenges Ideas for couples.

8. Punch Yourself Challenge

Youtube Challenges

There are two ways to perform this challenge, 1) Play it like trivia & 2) As a task.

You can ask questions to your YouTube friends in trivia and they will have to punch themselves as punishment for wrong answers.

In the same way, you can also give a task like You Laugh You Loose and if he laughs at your Jokes then he will have to punch himself.

It’s a good YouTube Challenges Idea to do by yourself.

9. Body Transform Challenge

This challenge is only for fitness freaks or bodybuilders who spend most of their time in the gym. If you and your friend are both on YouTube in the same Fitness category.

then you Must challenge them for body transformation in which you will transform your muscles at a particular time. Such as one month/ one Year Challenge.

10. Mute Live Stream Challenge

Although many streamers keep speaking continuously on the stream for two-three hours. How about the Mute Live Stream without saying any word.

Again it’s best gaming video idea for gamers, doesn’t matter whether you play Fortnite, CS:GO, PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty. It really sounds very unique interesting task & I bet they’ll lose.

11. Bird Fly Youtube Challenge Ideas For Kids

This is the most famous game in India which children used to play in their childhood. This game is played by everyone together.

A person leads the game and quickly names birds, Animals, and random objects.

And whenever there is a name of something that can fly, they have to raise their hands. The person who raises his hand on the wrong object is given some task.

It could be anything like Singing, Dancing, Acting, etc.

12. Guessing Song By Emojis

Guess the song by emoji

This is one of the latest trends on YouTube creators challenges their friends to guess songs by emojis.

It’s so funny e melodious challenge that you should definitely play with your friends too.

You will show some emojis related to a song and the others have to guess what emoji is about.

Audiences can also participate in this so that they’ll be engaged with the stream while challenging.

The best way to participate in this challenge is directly streaming with your friends or other YouTuber’s. Use Google meet for screen sharing & video conferences.

Trending YouTube Challenges Of All Time

  1. Try Not to Laugh Challenge
  2. Touch My Body Challenge
  3. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge
  4. Prank Call To Someone Challenge
  5. The Floor is Lava Challenge
  6. Bottle Flip Challenge
  7. Truth or Dare Challenge
  8. Chubby Bunny Challenge
  9. Eat It or Wear It Challenge
  10. Touch My Body Challenge
  11. Brain Freeze Challenge
  12. Ice Bucket Challenge
  13. JoLoChip Challenge
  14. 100 Layer Challenge
  15. Accent Challenge

FAQ – YouTube Challenges Ideas

What are some fun challenges to do?

Touch My body, Eat it or Wear it, No-kill Victory, Blindfold Makeup, Blindfold Drawing & Winter Clothes in Summer are one of my favorite fun Challenges to do on Youtube. Most of them are new & unique, I would love to see my favorite creators doing this.

What challenges are trending on YouTube right now?

Chubby Bunny, Eat It or Wear It, Ghost Pepper, Big Meal, The Whisper are some most popular trending challenges on Youtube right now.

What are the best topics for YouTube?

Comedy, Gaming, Makeup, Business, Health & Cooking are evergreen topics to get started. There are lots of video ideas & content to create for the audience.


So this was our list of the top 12 best & unique YouTube Challenges Ideas to try. Most of them are new that no one tried or they are not so popular like other challenges.

We have a bunch of ideas list but because they were already the most famous trends in the last few years so that we didn’t include them.

Hope you Like this list. If yes, then don’t forget to share this on your social media groups & must try them with your friends.

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