vidtoon features
  • Budget Animation Video Marketing
  • For Youtube, Social Media, Marketing
  • Easy to Use Drag and Drop Interface
  • 25 New Ready to use Iconic Characters
  • 30 Unique Animations and Transitions
  • Create 25 Minutes Longer Videos
  • Zoom in/ Zoom out Video Effects
  • Text to Speech for Automated Voice

Videos are a powerful way to spread your brand or your business. And here comes Vidtoon Review: animated video maker. Video is becoming an important part of our everyday lives.

With the average person spending about 2 hours a day on social media. It is important that your videos are not only high quality but also have something driving your audience.

There are a number of sites where you can create a video and share it on the web such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. But even if you have the skills and know-how, you can often find it challenging to create the perfect video.

Vidtoon is the best-animated video software for Youtube, Social Media, Marketing, and beyond to make money. This is a blog on the benefits of using Vidtoon over other video software and why it is the perfect match for people looking to create videos.

Vidtoon Review: What is Vidtoon? is an easy-to-use animated video maker where you can upload a video and add text-to-speech features to it. This simple to use site allows you toadd text to a video, add speech bubbles, and animate the text.

You can add characters and animate those characters as well. This tool is perfect for storytelling and marketing. The best part is that you can build your own custom story.

For example, you can start by giving your video a name, and then you can choose the characters that you want to show up with. You can also choose the type of animation you want as well.

With over 30 different characters and text-to-speech voices, you’ll find it easy to create videos that are engaging, informative, and memorable.

What is The Main Function of VidToon?

Vidtoon is an animated video maker with brand new resources. It offers a wide variety of animated video formats that you can use on your website, on social media, or on your YouTube channel.

It’s easy to make animated videos with text-to-speech features, and there are lots of different characters to choose from. There are also features like a text editor, so you can add your own text to the animations. Let’s have a look to Vidtoon Review and it’s all Features.

Videos in Minutes: Create 2D Animation Videos in Minutes: No animation knowledge is required easy to use for anyone even if you don’t have backhround in this field.

Animated Characters: There are 25+ New Ready to use Animated Characters that you can use in your videos. Multiple characters allows to run a long conversation between.

Background and Music: if you think it’s just and video editor, no it’s not. It’s more than that. Creating background and finding music may be a time consuming challenge but. Vidtoon provide you Royalty Free Amazing HD Background and Music Library.

Multilingual: Multilingual Audio supported for Every Region. This is because you can directly upload your own recorded voiceover or can create a voiceover by a written script. It don’t limit your language.

Text to Speech: You also haveText to Speech for Automated Audio. The text to speech works on google and microsoft system. You know hiring a voiceover artist may cost you upto $100 for one video but after this, No Voiceover artist required.

text to speech

25 Minute Longer: The older version was limited to create only a 3 minute video but the 2.0 update resolved  3 Minute Limit: and now you can Create upto 25 Minute Longer Videos. I guess 25 minutes is enough to create a well education video even for youtube.

Drag and Drop Interface: If you are new and just starting you way in the video marketing don’t worry. Easy to Understand Drag and Drop Interface Timeliner is super easy to access and create a storyline. Just give some time to yourself and you’ll find it fun.

Set Resolution: Everyone is working on different social platform or maybe on multiple social media platform.  So you can Set Resolution for your Social Media Posts Accordingly, whether you are using Facebook, instagram, or Youtube.

Animated Text: Normal text look ordinary that don’t look appealing thanks to Attractive Animated Text Feature that makes your text appealing as well.

Full HD Quality: You can Export your Ready Video in Full HD Quality, which is a best resolution for every social media platform.

Focus object: Sometimes it’s important to Adjust Camera Zoom in/ Zoom out to Focus Object, so that people will see what is important and you actually want to show them.

Free to use: Vidtoon 2.0 review has Ready to use Images, GIFs & Icons with Pixabay & Giphy that you can search online to use in your content.

Transitions: 21+ Animations & Transitions to Shift Smoothly to transform

That’s not enough, there are lots of other features that you’ll see only while using the software ownself. Such as each character has 84 variants, and are more than 1680 animated file for videos.

How Does VidToon work?

vidtoon characters is an online animated video maker with brand new resources.

It Includes: 25 New Characters, 30 unique animations, and transitions, camera zoom in & out feature, create outputs up to 25 minutes of duration, 34 High Definition backgrounds, Simply drag n drop operations, Impressive Transitions, Effective Typography, Easy Customization, Simplistic Technology.

There are many ways to use VidToon. It is also a great tool for building a video marketing strategy. Thanks to the stock Images, Character, Music libraries that make it less time consuming software than others.

However, there are many ways to use VidToon. There are features that you can take advantage of when you’re using VidToon to tell your story. One of the features is the text-to-speech feature.

It is a great way to add in additional information or a character’s voice. It is also a great tool for adding subtitles. Another feature is the video editor.

This feature is for those of you who are looking to personalize your videos to make it your own. You can change the background or character colors, or even add in yours.


  • Best Budget-Friendly Animation Tool
  • Multiple Characters and Varients
  • Easy to use even for Beginners too
  • Free Stock Background Images template
  • Image, Gifs, and Icon Library to use
  • Add Own recorded Voiceover to Video


  • Basic Animations only
  • Text To Speech sound Robotic

How to Create Your Own Animated Videos?

VidToon is an easy way to create animated videos. To get started, you will need to sign up for an account. Once you have your account, you will be able to create an animated video.

When you sign up for the account, you will be able to create a background for your video. You can also select a character for your video, give your character a script to read for the video.

You will also be able to change the speed of your video. Once you have all of your settings set, export your video.

There are a lot of other different options for your video as well, such as adding music and changing the timing of the video.

  1. Install Software in Your Windows or Mac
  2. Run App and Sign in with account
  3. Add a Background for Location (Template or Upload your Own)
  4. Add characters to Interact Viewers
  5. Give animation to Charqacters for Conversation
  6.  Add Zoom in or Zoom out to Focus on Object
  7. Add Images or Gifs by clicking Pixabay
  8. Add text or use Text to speech for Voiceover
  9. Can add Background music from Stock Library or upload your own
  10. Add multiple scenes for transitions
  11. Once video is ready click Render and Export

You can export a full HD resolution video for youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or even for marketing purposes to get high conversion without making your own videos.

Who Can Use VidToon?

Whether you want to make an animated video for your website, social media, or just for fun, VidToon has you covered. It’s ultimate video creation solution for bloggers, Affiliates, e-commerce store owners, YouTube channel owners, digital marketers, coaches, small businesses, local consultants, and more.

Vidtoon offers a one-stop-shop for video marketing, making it easy to create videos that get results. Even if you have amazing faceless youtube channel ideas, still it’s a best one.

VidToon Review: Cost, Pricing, Lifetime Deal

New Vidtoon 2.0 is budget-friendly software for drag and drop animation videos that everyone can use without having specific knowledge about animation or video marketing.

The Vidtoon 2.0 is currently available at monthly subscription only at $49/PM. But there’s a limited-time deal that may end anytime at the same $49.

It’s a one-time Payment for lifetime access, Which doesn’t require a monthly subscription and you’ll be able to use Vidtoon free forever with all updates.

Why Animated Videos Are More Effective?

When it comes to videos, a lot of business owners are looking for the most effective way to market their product or service. There are many forms of videos, but one of the most effective videos is an animated video.

Research shows that the use of animation helps to convey the message more effectively. Animated videos are more effective because they create a bond and make the viewer more engaged Animated videos are great for a number of reasons.

  1. When you use an animated video, you are able to tell a story with a character and tell your audience why they should take a specific action.
  2. You can also use animation to show your audience a preview of what they will experience if they continue.
  3. You can also use animation to create a persona that speaks to your target audience. An animated video is also great for social media.
  4. People are also more likely to watch and share an animated video than a regular video because of the movements and what it demonstrates.

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Vidtoon Review: Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about VidToon Review: Feature, Benefit, and Lifetime Deal! VidToon is an incredibly helpful resource for telling your story with a lot of different features.

We know that videos are an excellent way to tell stories and connect with your audience in ways that are not possible with text-only content.

We hope that this article is helpful to those who are looking to incorporate videos into their business efforts.

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