Tubebuddy vs VidIQ Which is Better? 2022 Maybe both are two very similar Youtube video optimization tools, but one does seem to stand out above the rest. Traditional video optimization tools are costly, but Tubebuddy and VidIQ are not.

They both offer the same features and offer integration with YouTube. However, in some cases, Tubebuddy shines in video optimization, as well as other advanced features.

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They also offer several different packages to suit your needs and budget. This blog will go over the similarities and differences between the two platforms.

In order to figure out which one is the better tool to use for your video optimization, you will have to read this blog.

Tubebuddy vs Vidiq

Tubebuddy vs VidIQ: Which is better?

Tubebuddy is better without a doubt in terms of Optimisation, Backup, And Creator Tools. Tubebuddy and vidiq are both video optimization tools that help you with SEO and other video marketing tasks. They both have some special features that make them different than others. The aim of using these tools is to give you the best possible video optimization recommendation.

YouTube SEO tools are a great way to improve your online marketing and conversion rate on YouTube. Both Tubebuddy and Vidiq are YouTube SEO tools that are free to use.

Both YouTube SEO tools are free to install and available for Chrome Extension, Android app, Firefox or Mozilla.

But the free version has only few selected basic features and both tools has Paid plans for Upgradation to access advanced features.

Which tool is better? That’s difficult to answer because both of them have their pros and cons. That’s why this article we will be looking into their each and every feature, pros and cons, pricing, affordability and also their affiliate program.

The Features Comparison

As we said both tools have Free, Starter, and Legend or Advanced Plans, So we’ll start comparing themself by Plans.

Just because both tools have free to use, For starter and Most Advanced Boss plans, so why not compare their lowest and highest plans to who provides you the more value able features than other ones.

The Free Plan is Most commonly used by Newbie who just entered YouTube Marketing as a Video creator or artist and have nothing to invest in.

Boss or the most advanced Plan for those who already own a huge audience base and wanted to stay on top. It might be a Company, Agency, or some kind of organization.

What Free Basic Plan Includes

Tubebuddy and Vidiq both offer a free plan that allows you to track, view, and find some basic elements for free.

But with the free plan, you’ll have access to a limited set of features and can only track limited stats. If you want more than that, you’ll have to pay for the Pro or premium plan.

Quick-Edit Toolbar3 Daily Video Ideas
Quick Links Menu3 Competitor Tracking
Emoji PickerAcademy
Coppa CenterVideo Scorecard
Comment FormattingLive Stats Bar
Advanced Video EmbedCompare Views
View and Copy Video TagsBasic Video Analytics
Tag Sorter
Tag Rankings
Vid2Vid Promotion
Share Tracker
Pick a Winner
Best Time to Publish
Search Insights
Language Analysis
Demonetization Audit
Comment Word Cloud
Channel Valuation

After seeing the full Free features list, there’s no doubt that Tubebuddy has more things to serve than VidIQ. So if you are one of the starters or looking for a free tool to get started on your Youtube Journey.

Advanced Plan Features Comparison

Tubebuddy and Vidiq are two popular online Youtube Video marketing tools. Both tools are providing an Advanced feature plan which is pretty expensive but worth the money.

Let’s take a deep dive into a comparison of Tubebuddy vs VidIQ Advanced Plan Features and see Which is better? with the most useful and valuable options.

Quick-Edit Toolbar50 Daily Ideas
Quick Links MenuKeyword Engine for 200 Videos
Emoji Picker20 Competitor Tracking
Coppa Center15 Trend Alerts
Comment FormattingVidiQ Academy
Advanced Video EmbedVideo Scorecard
Video Topic PlannerLive Stats Bar
Thumbnail GeneratorBulk YouTube Descriptions
Playlist ActionsKeyword Research Tool
Default Upload ProfilesMost Viewed Videos
Canned ResponsesTop Tweets for Videos
End Screen TemplatesTop Trending Videos
Card TemplatesSEO Title Description Recommendation
Sunset VideosInline Tag Recommendations
Scheduled Video UpdateThumbnail Preview
Scheduled PublishCompare Views
Demonetization Double-CheckBasic Video Analytics
Bulk Update End ScreensKeyword Research Tool
Bulk Update CardsBest Time of Day
Bulk Thumbnail OverlaysDedicated SEO Analytics
Bulk Find, Replace & AppendChannel Wide Tags
Bulk Delete End ScreenMonthly Coaching Call
Bulk Delete CardsAnalytics Deep Dive
Bulk Copy End ScreenPersonalized Tips and Tricks
Bulk Copy Cards
View and Copy Video Tags
Tag Sorter
Tag Rankings
Tag Lists
Search Explorer
Keyword Explorer
Search Positions
SEO Studio
Best Practice Audit
Opportunity Finder
Video A/B Tests
Tag Translator
Search Rank Tracking
Auto Translator
Vid2Vid Promotion
Share Tracker
Pick a Winner
Best Time to Publish
Publish to Facebook
Search Insights
Language Analysis
Demonetization Audit
Comment Word Cloud
Channel Valuation
Health Report
Channel Backup
Brand Alerts
Retention Analyzer
Export Comments
Competitor Upload Alerts
Competitor Scorecard
Click Magnet
Channel Access
Tubebuddy Mobile App
Audio Hero (Free Music)
TuberTool (Graphic & Effects)
JukeDeck (AI Insturmental)
Awesome Creator Academy

As you can see the Advanced and the most expensive plan comparison table above. Again if we take a look at the total number of features, Tubebuddy is clearly dominating.

Tubebuddy vs VidiQ: Pricing Comparison

Tubebuddy Pricing

There is no doubt that you will find big differences in the prices of VidIQ and Tubebuddy. But what are the differences between the two platforms? Here is a detailed price comparison between Vidiq and Tubebuddy.

Vidiq and Tubebuddy are two different apps that provide the same services. Both apps provide the same Pro, Starter, and advanced plans but at different prices with extra add-ons.

This is a Monthly Price Comparison in $ (USD)

VidiQ Pro Plan is about 7.5$/month, while Tubebuddy Pro Plan is about 3$/month. VidiQ Starter Plan is about 39$/month, while Tubebuddy Starter Plan is about 11.5$/month.

Lastly, the most expensive and advanced plan of Vidiq is 415$ per month, while Tubebuddy offers the advanced plan for 26$ only.

You can avail of a discount on annual plans which might be up to 20%, including all plans.

It’s pretty clear, that Tubebuddy is providing more features at the lowest and most affordable price. Whether we talk about PRO or the advanced Legend Plan.

Tubebuddy vs VidiQ: Affiliate Programe & Commission

Some affiliate programs will offer a ground-floor commission structure, while others offer a high-end commission structure.

Affiliate Programs offer a ton of benefits to content creators that offer them to generate side income creating content for the same.

That’s why it’s a huge differentiator to build audience and popularity because they encourage content creators to promote and earn a commission.

So it’s pretty clear that a creator will not just see a tool they also find the best way to generate profit for himself. That’s what all huge e-commerce giants Amazon, Flipkart, etc do.

NOTE: Affiliate level is available on both the platforms i.e. your commission will increase as you add more people.

So let’s Take a dive into Tubebuddy vs Vidiq Affiliate Program Comparison review and see what Offers, commissions, and benefits they are providing to become their affiliate.

Tubebuddy Affiliate: Overview

Tubebuddy Affiliate: Overview

Level 1: Standard Affiliate, 1-49 Install, Recieve 30% Recurring Commission, Minimum Payout $10

Level 2: VIP Affiliate, 50-249 Install, Recieve 40% Recurring Commission, $10 Minimum Payout, Earn a 1 Year Star level upgrade worth $110.

Level 3: Super Affiliate, 250 Install, Receive 50% Recurring Commission, No Minimum Payout, Earn a Free Lifetime Legend level upgrade to yourself worth $254 Yearly.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Standard AffiliateVIP AffiliateSuper Affiliate
Drive 0-49 InstallsDrive 50 InstallsDrive 250 Installs
Receive 30% Recurring CommissionReceive 40% Recurring CommissionReceive 50% Recurring Commission
$10 Minimum Payout$10 Minimum PayoutNo Minimum Payout
Earn a 1 Year Star level upgrade worth $110/y.Free Lifetime Legend level upgrade the worth of $254/y

VidIQ Affiliate: Overview

VidIQ Affiliate: Overview

Level 1: Associate, 0-10 Sales, Recieve 15% Recurring Commission

Level 2: Influencer, 11-50 Sales, Recieve 20% Recurring Commission

Level 3: Ambassador, 51-300 Sales, Receive 25% Recurring Commission, Earn a Free Lifetime vidIQ Boost upgrade to yourself worth $39/m, a collab with the vidIQ YouTube team, TubeTalk Podcast, Get Beta Access.

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Drive 0-10 SalesDrive 11-50 SalesDrive 51-300 Sales
Receive 15% Recurring CommissionReceive 20% Recurring CommissionReceive 25% Recurring Commission
Earn a Free Lifetime vidIQ Boost upgrade, a collab with the vidIQ team, Feature on TubeTalk Podcast, Get Beta Access

Tubebuddy again won for the better affiliate plan for creators with more valuable elements that encourage creators to push this software to get better commission rates and free bonuses.

Tubebuddy vs VidIQ: The Main Difference

There are Lots of new and amazing features in both, but it’s about the Requirement, Budget and for Creators. When we compare everything including Free Plan, Features, Upgrade Plan affordability, Pricing.

You can see a huge difference between Tubebuddy and VidiQ Review. VidiQ’s Youtube Video idea is Good but You’ll notice that the Tubebuddy is better than Vidiq in any term aspect.

The DifferenceTubebuddyVidIQ
FREE PLANHas More Than For A NewbieBasic For Newbies Only
PRICING (MONTHLY)Pro-$3, Starter-$11.5, Advanced-$415Pro-$7.5, Starter-$39, Advanced-$26.5
AFFILIATE PROGRAMStraight 50% Commission, Free Lifetime Legend UpgradeOnly 25% Commission, Free Boost Plan, Team Collab
VIDEO OPTIMIZATION (Free Plan)Tag Rankings, Best Time to Publish, Search Insights, ChannelyticsOnly Basic Analytics, Video Scorecard
UNIQUE FEATUREThumbnail Generator, Publish to Facebook, Channel Backup, Members PerkDaily Ideas, Competitor Tracking, Trend Alerts
MAIN FOCUSEDMore Focused on Automation For Quick SolutionFocused to Provide Automation + one-on-one Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TubeBuddy and VidIQ safe?

Yes! Tubebuddy and VidIQ are safe to use and already trusted by thousands of creators. Both are add-ons to See, Track, Analyze, and compare youtube metrics with other channels or Videos.

How much does TubeBuddy cost?

Tubebuddy is free-to-use software with limited features but you can use the advanced options too via becoming their paid user. There are 3 Paid plans (Pro, Star, Legend) and 2 Payment Options. The monthly Billing is: Pro -$3, Star-$11.5, Legend-$26.5 | The Annual Billing is: Pro-$28.8, Star-$110.4, Legend-$254.4.

Which is better Tubebuddy or VidIQ?

Tubebuddy better Youtube Tool that has more features, for free and it’s more budget-friendly in comparison with VidIQ which is a similar tool but has fewer features and more expensive plans.


VidIQ vs Tubebuddy? When it comes to YouTube marketing, most people agree that Tubebuddy is the ultimate tool for YouTube SEO and performance. But is that all that Tubebuddy does?

The answer is maybe. Tubebuddy has a lot more to offer, but it may be too overwhelming for some people. In this blog, we explore what these two tools have to offer and which one we would recommend.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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