Did you know we can’t upload high-quality photos on WhatsApp status even it’s pretty difficult to Send Whatsapp Image without Compressing 2023? There could be many reasons behind “why does WhatsApp reduce image quality” but don’t worry. Because here are some methods to send pictures without losing quality Whatsapp.

Send Whatsapp Image without Compressing.

Whenever I send any Photos or Images to My Friends & relatives It Becomes Compress or Loses Its Quality even Whatsapp status picture quality. I was not able to send original size picture on Whatsapp. My friend said me to Forwarding that picture to them using other social media platforms.

Wait what if I told you that you can send Images on WhatsApp without Losing its Quality. Maybe you won,t Believe but yes you can do this easily just trying these simple Tips.

  1. Send Image as Document in Whatsapp.
  2. Change the Image Format.
  3. Compress image in Zip File.

( So as you can see this is Such ways which you can use to Send Whatsapp Images In Full Resolution Without Losing its Quality. So let’s check them out, How To use these Methods- )

Send Image as Document in Whatsapp.

I know whenever we sent a photo to someone on WhatsApp, We just go to chats & click on attachment & choose Gallery option to send Images.

You know that whenever we send photos using this way WhatsApp automatically Decrease your Photo/Image Quality But wait did you ever tried any other option besides Gallery.

If no, then you should definitely try this Way to Send image as document in Whatsapp with your loved once.

All the Process is the same as you know to share images, but when you Choose File Attachment Don’t go with Gallery as you always do, This time you have to choose Documents.

Change Image Format

As you can see in this Image, You have to choose Documents to send Whatsapp image without compressing & than find your Image in your Device Manually.

This means you have to find your image in your Device After Clicking on Document.

Now you can simply send full-resolution photos from android to anyone & your friends don’t need to do anything to view that image. They can see that image by Downloading & this time they can see all the details in images.

Change Image Format.

Here is one More interesting trick for you is Just ‘Change Image Format’. Maybe this could be confusing for you but its Not.

As you know Everything has its own Different Format like Images, Documents, Pdf, etc. If you want to check this Format type then just go to image/document Rename & you’ll find, at the end of image name ‘.img, .jpeg‘ describe its format & in documents you’ll find ‘.doc, .docs‘.

So now what we have to Do to Change the Format of Images. Well just find your image in the device then go to Setting & find out ‘Rename File’ ( Option to Change Image Name). Now Just Edit its file format ‘.Img to .doc/docs‘ that’s it.

Send Whatsapp Image without Compressing

As you can see in this image I’ve just changed my image Format ‘.Jpeg to .doc’ & once you do that don’t forget to save these changes.

After doing this whole thing, your image becomes converted in a Document file & maybe you will not be able to open it, but don’t worry just go to WhatsApp & send this as a document to your Friends.

Once your friend receives the document file tell them to do the same process to Convert its File Format Document to Image.

Once your friend does the same process & rename it ‘.doc to .jpeg’ he will be able to see the image again, & you know that your image is not going to lose its Quality. That’s how we can send image in Whatsapp without compression.

Compress Image in Zip File.

Now, this is the last trick & also easy as well, You can send original size picture on Whatsapp converting them in a Zip Files. It’ll also change your image format & also decrease the size.

To compress the image in Zip File you’ll need an Application that is absolutely free & you can use it Unlimited Times. Checkout –

Just search compressor or Zip file Converter on Play store & can use them to compress your Image.
Once you compress image it will become a Zip file and then once again you just have to share this image as a document to your friends.

Now if you are friends want to see the image they also need a Zip file application to unzip this image. Once they download and unzip the image they can see it and your image is not going to lose its quality as well. It’s a pretty simple way to Send Whatsapp Image without Compressing.


So that is some simple & easy tricks to send original size picture on Whatsapp with your family and friends on WhatsApp & your images are not going to decrease their quality. Their are some easy to use trick to send full-resolution photos from android.

Now we know how to send image in Whatsapp without compression. Also, a method of how to send image as document in Whatsapp.

Maybe this will not increase Whatsapp picture quality but will definitely help you to send image in Whatsapp without compression. Hope now you will send Whatsapp images in Full Resolution.

Well, this is what I know about, If you think there are more tricks that I should involve in this Article so feel free to know Me In Comments. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us, I would love to read that.

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