10 Good Reasons To Start A YouTube Channel with Benefits 2020

In last few days I Noticed that there are too many people who are still In the confusion that “should I start a Youtube channel in 2020″ or is it too late. That’s Why Here we have 10 Good reasons to start a Youtube channel & I bet After knowing all these benefits you are going to Start it Today.

Reasons To Start A YouTube Channel

If you are a student, Businessman, Housewife, etc so why you should start your youtube channel. I know many of you definitely thinking about it & have hesitation, who will watch my videos, Maybe People Don’t gonna like it, will I get views & Subscribers.

These things always make you feel Nervous but don’t think much about it because you have to start first & then you’ll get the result of your Hard work.

Now let’s come to the Main point of ‘Benefits of joining a youtube channel‘.

Spread Your Knowledge

This thing is most Important to start a Youtube Channel. Suppose you have knowledge about anything in Particular Field, you think that this can help others in their regular Life so they should also know that.

But, You don’t know how you can reach more & more people at once & tell them what you want to teach or spread with them.

For Example, I’m a PUBG Game player I know Some pro tips That Nobody knows but they should know about it & I can’t tell all PUBG Players one-by-one.

So At that condition, I can start my own Gaming Youtube channel & can share all the tips & tricks with all PUBG Gameplay Players at once & can help them.

As like that if you are a Teacher, Businessman, Artist, Dancer ETC you can also teach people about your skills & can share the knowledge that you have & you think that People Should know That.

Get Famous

If you are a Student, Businessman, Housewife, Teacher, Artist or you have Creativity & have knowledge that you can spread with the world in returns you can get famous.

Get Famous
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Suppose I,m a Businessman & earn 10,000 $ Monthly But nobody knows me maybe 500-1000 people know you. On the opposite side if I’ve Knowledge or Creativity which I can share with the world.

In return you’ll get Views & subscribers on your channel & then Millions of people are going to know you. This is really a Good Monetary/ Financial benifits reasons to start a Youtube channel today.

In today’s world, there are so many social media Platforms which is so popular & So many People Make Their Name Through them & today they all are like Celebrities.

Maybe now most of you will think about what I’ll do by getting Followers? so basically you could become Social Media Influencer & can make money too with it.

You can work with brands & companies to promote their Product & in return they’ll Pay you a good amount for it. I thinks it’s a good Monetary/ Financial reasons to make a Youtube channel today.

Make Money

As I told about a little bit to make money through Social Media. There are also Monetary/ Financial benifits of having a Youtube channel.

You can also make money if you start a YouTube channel but it is not going to be easy at all. You have to work hard on your content.

Most of the people use YouTube but they don’t know the video they are watching is making money. Yes, it’s true you want but people are making money through Youtube just by placing ads on it.

It is very simple, you just have to create videos, gain views and subscribers after that you can request YouTube to monetize your channel.

That’s what all YouTube creators and music companies are going on YouTube so if you also have some different talent then other so you should definitely try.

Even if you are a normal person like me you can also share your knowledge with others and in return, you can get some money with it.

YouTube is the best platform for everyone doesn’t matter you are a housewife, student, businessman or anyone else. You all have an opportunity a to do something there on using YouTube and anybody can make money with it.

The one most important thing you have to be patient to make money with it because it will take some time to start your earning but if you work harder than you can start your earning as soon as you want.

PewDiePie one of the biggest YouTube creator in the world with having approx 90 million subscribers he is monthly earning throw YouTube is 75,000$ above per month (According to Social blade).

Improve Your Skills/ Knowledge

If you are still thinking should I start a youtube channel or not than You can improve your skills by using YouTube.

Improve Your Skills/ Knowledge

Now I am going to tell you how? Suppose I have a food-related YouTube channel where I love to share a different type of dishes with my audience. Because I need more and more different type of dishes to share with my audience.

So that I will find it on YouTube, Google and I will also read books and find out more and more dishes that I never saw or heard about.

When you make a youtube video you have to gather a lot of information about your topic & for that, you try to find out more & more information about your topic on Youtube, Google, In Books & on other ways also.

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You don’t just read & find even to create a video you also learn too many new things & collect Something new during Your each & every video.

If you are sharing your skills then you become more & more perfect in your skill & also improve your Knowledge.

As we all know we should learn something new every day & as a creator you learn soo much new that you can’t learn in any school or tuition.

That’s why you should start a Youtube channel to improve your self & to improve your Skills.

Business Promotion

That could be a Financial benefits of having a youtube channel for your business. Personally, I have seen some big YouTube channels who are running a business today. They also use their  YouTube channel to promote their business and brand.

In their initial day they just started a YouTube channel and once they become popular on Youtube, gained subscribers. They started their own business and In their videos, they are promoting too.

Dr. Vivek Bindra is one of the best examples of them. If you don’t know him just search on YouTube and you will get his channel and videos also.

Basically he is a motivational speaker and makes a video about business studies and he is also running his own business today.

He is promoting it through YouTube channel with his audience.

Some of them are just an Influencers and working with different companies and digital marketing agencies.

Suppose I have started an online e-commerce website so I can promote it simply on my channel only.

If I have a huge audience base and my audience is going to visit my store and because they all know me and trust me they are going to buy products from my store also.

Cross promotion

Cross promotion means you can promote your other social media using YouTube. Suppose I have 100K subscribers on my YouTube channel then I can say my audience to follow me on my Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms To stay updated.

Cross Promotion

On the other side if I have thousands of followers on Instagram, then I can divert them to my YouTube channel and can say them to watch out my videos.

Using this method I can increase my audience on each and every social media platforms through cross-promotion.

If you also have an Instagram account or a Facebook account where you have audience then you can also divert them to your YouTube channel and increase your views and subscribers.

As like that if you have a YouTube channel then you can divert him to other social media platforms by using this matter you can also grow your audience base on your social media platforms.

if you can grow your YouTube channel fastly and this is going to also help you to build better audience attention which is the most important thing that you need to grow on YouTube.

Improve Communication skills

YouTube is not just a platform where you can spread your knowledge, makes video, become popular and also makes money with it. Maybe a Perfect Good reasons to start a Youtube channel.

It is also a platform which can change your life and your personality also you can also learn many things from YouTube.

One of the most important things that I think I should mention here is about to improve your communication skill.

Yes, it’s definitely true, once you start your channel on YouTube you can also notice that changes in yourself. Your communications it is going to be much better than last time.

I already have a YouTube channel and I notice that I have lost all my camera fear and I don’t get nervous in front of anybody that is just because of YouTube. I started my channel and worked on it and after some time I have noticed that changes in myself also.

I know there are so many persons who can’t speak in front of people and cameras but once you start a channel and work on it you are going to forget all the nervousness and fear.

Time Management

Maybe some of you are not going to agree with me but you can also be going to start time management in your daily schedule. That’s a great Benefits of joining a youtube channel.

Time management

Because if you start a YouTube channel and want to grow it then have to work hard on it regularly.

If you try to upload a video on YouTube, firstly you have to find out topics related to your content and then you will give some times on it to research about.

After that you will start recording your video and then editing, uploading etc and you are not going to waste your time, even you are going to invest your time on your YouTube channel.

If you want to make a daily video, you will first need to create a good schedule that you can follow in your regular life.

Thus, whatever time you used to make wasted, on playing games or on other tasks, you will now learn to manage all those times and invest your time.

Like Minded People

Nothing could be better/ good reasons to start a youtube channel on particular content, then you try to find out the same video relate to your channel.

You also love to meet with like-minded people who also work on the same content and also think likes you. There is no Monetary/ Financial benefits for your business but it worth.

When we meet people of our kind, our knowledge increases in this way and we can gather more information about the same content.

So when you meet with the same minded person you both try to understand each other and also learn too many different things in the same field that you never knew.

When you meet with the same thinking person who thinks like you can you both could become a good friend and you both can exchange your ideas with each other.


Freedom is Another Financial/ Monetary benefits of having a Youtube channel. Now you will think what about freedom, so when you start a YouTube channel you are totally free to create your own channel.

There is no limitation, no age limitation, you don’t have to achieve any target, you don’t need to worry about anything.

There is no boss who will force you to make videos and also you explore every think yourself. This is also a Financial/ Monetary benefits of having a Youtube channel.

If you have any quality that you think you can share with the world so YouTube welcomes everyone on their platform and give them a chance to do something creative that people is going to love.

For most who is successful youtuber, they are also not worried about to earn money by doing jobs. Because they are earning a very well amount that they can’t earn with a Government / Private Job.

That’s the mean of freedom on YouTube you don’t have limited just do it whatever you want at any age it’s also free of cost to create a channel.


This was our Financial/ Monetary benefits of having a Youtube channel for your business. But you have to be patient even you are going to get nothing. It could take time to reach more & more people but you have to work regularly.

If you think there I should include more points that I’ve missed in this article So please mention that in comments & I’ll add it to this article.


Is it too late to start a youtube channel?

Never, It’s Not too late. Even you should create your own channel today. To know why it’s not too late you should read our Article (10 Good Reasons To Start A YouTube Channel)

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