Want to Boost your Earning? Congrats! We have The Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches to Make More Money on Youtube in 2024.

Email Marketing $19.89, Insurance $16.8, Banking $13.6, and Software $10.6 are the Most Profitable highest Paying CPM Niches on Youtube to Make Money. Choose A Category, invent Ideas, and Get paid.

What is a YouTube Niche?

Niche is a specific field or topic you cover through Your content. Niche is always specific and focuses on a particular Subject, Area, Specialty Industry, Ethnic, Interest, or Age group. For example, Finance and Fitness is a Specific Niche.

Niche on YouTube refers to a specific audience and their interest. It depends on what content you are creating and for which audience.

Niche focuses on a particular field or topic but is actually very broad. That’s why making it more specific has two more subcategories that focus more deeply on a topic.

  1. Micro Niche – Sports
  2. Macro Niche – Football (Sub Niche under Sports)

Let’s see some examples of the best niche ideas for beginners who thinking to start a new Channel.

Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches

Most Profitable High CPM Youtube Niches List

Here is the list of Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches to Start a Youtube Channel and Make Money ideas with maximum (estimated) CPM/ RPM rates.

NoYoutube NicheCPM
1Email Marketing$19.89
3Web Hosting$15.4
4Online bank$13.6
5Online Education$12.8
6Web Design$11
7Software Review$10.6
10Credit Card$9.57
12Education Degree$7.82
13Drop Shipping$7.8
14VPN service$7.4
15Online Internet$6.8
16Content Marketing$6.7
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The Importance of Choosing the Niche

Before you start making videos on a channel even creative videos without showing your face, do you know why you should choose a Niche? If Not Here’s why –

1. Attract a highly Targeted Audience: The Biggest advantage of having a niche is, that you can attract a Highly Targeted Audience.

What does Highly Targeted mean? It means you can attract people that are curious and want to explore more about the Same.

It also helps you attract a specific audience that’ll continue watching your whole videos. As a brand Niche helps you understand your audience that may buy your services, which generates profit.

2. Get More Trustworthiness: Yes, that’s pretty obvious. When you continuously work in a specific niche it also builds trust among viewers.

If you can build trust among your audience it’s not hard to convert them into a Subscriber.

3. A Strong Favour: when you work on a particular niche for a long, you learn and understand so many things that others don’t.

That makes you a kind of expert for that specific subject. When people know you and your content, it creates a strong impression in their minds.

They start recommending your content to others and that’s the Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches for your journey.

How To Choose a Best Youtube Niche ‘Cash Cow’

While you make your final decision or choose the best niche to start a youtube channel, HOLD ON. Let’s recap its benefits before you dive in.

1. Follow Your Interest or Knowledge: The best way to find channel ideas or niches is just to follow your interest. Doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do. Just follow your interest and serve What you are interested in or What you already know. 

2. Choose a Trending Youtube Niche: One way to make a little bit of money is to create a new Youtube channel that is relevant to a current popular trend. See what’s trending around in your interested category and create relevant content. You can use google trends to find out what’s trending within a particular time frame. As long as you have a strong channel with good content and a lot of followers, you will be able to make some money on the side.

3. Find a Low Competition but High CPM Niche: I would recommend finding a low competition but high cpm niche that will generate maximum revenue. This niche will be much easier to rank for and will become Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches for you. This might take time to find such a niche, but you can do that instantly with VidiQ tool.

4. A Niche with Multiple Monetisation Options: If you really ask me what is a perfect niche to get started on youtube, I’ll say “A Niche With Multiple Monetisation Options”. What does it mean? It means a Niche that helps you monetize your content with Affiliates, Sponsors, Ads as well as your own products. Tech, Fashion, and Cooking are one of the fittest examples.

Why some Niches Are High Paying?

Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches

Let’s Find out why some niches are high paying and what makes them valuable? we will try to see all the factors that make a content cash cow.

Google Has Platforms for Everyone, Whether he Is a Publishers (Adsense, Blogger, Search Console) or an Advertisers (Google Ads).

Advertisers who promote their brands through Google Ads.

Publishers who create video content on YouTube and earn through Adsense.

Just because Google manages all the Platforms it gives 68% of revenue Share to the Creators and keeps the 32%.

Content Category: The first thing that is directly connected to the CPM is your content category. Every content has its own value to the Internet and Marketing Campaigns. Content that is against youtube program policy or violent youtube guidelines may face “No ads” or “limited ads”. Have a Look at the advertiser-friendly content guidelines.

Geographic location: Geographical location directly impacts your Ads Revenue and CPM. You must have heard that in Eastern countries (USA, Canada, Britain) CPM remains way high. It’s true. But the reason behind it is pretty different. It’s all about advertisers. Eastern countries’ advertisers spend more than a normal African or Asian Country. Whatever an Advertiser spent to show ads, Creators only get 68% of it. Which makes your CPM higher.


Watch Time: Watch time is totally different than Total views.

If someone clicks on your video and watches it for some time then it is called View. But as long he watches your video is the watch time.

Therefore as long as the viewers watch your video, YouTube will show them more ads, which may increase your CPM.

So just keep in mind to create high engaging valuable content for your audience.

Ad Format: 


There are five kinds of ads (Ads Format) you can put on your video and 3 kinds of ads location (Ad Placement) both are different.

Ads Type is:

  1. Display Ads
  2. Overlay Ads
  3. Sponsored Card
  4. Skippable Ads
  5. Non Skippable Ads

Ads Locations to Show ads:

  1. Before video (pre-roll)
  2. During video (mid-roll)
  3. After the video (post-roll)

Along with video length, ad format is also valuable. Each ad format has its own bidding rates. So how you place them on your video will definitely affect your revenue.

Note: Only videos longer than 8 minutes are eligible for ads during the video. You can manually place ad breaks during the video.

How to Calculate Your YouTube CPM


CPM is about the cost per Miles which is 1,000. How much revenue do you generate on average per 1,000 video views? So first of all we’ll convert our views into Miles (1000) and will divide revenue by Total views.

Youtube CPM = Estimate Revenue ÷ (Total Views/1000)

Let say Total views = 10.9k and estimated revenue = $6.8

Youtube CPM = 6.8 ÷ (10900/1000)

= 6.8 ÷ 10.9

= 0.623

0.623 is the CPM rates you earn on each 1,k views but you can increase this while finding the channel ideas or the Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches.

Top Youtube High CPM Countries


This High Paying CPM Countries list is based on my own channel’s matrix that allows creators to see which country is giving the higher rate within a Time Range (Lifetime, Yearly, Monthly)

United States9.09
Hong Kong7.68
El Salvador7
New Zealand6.69

How To Increase Youtube CPM / RPM


The easiest way to increase your youtube CPM/ RPM through Google Adsense is Super chat, Super Thanks, Channel Membership, And Manual Ads Placement.

Apart From That You can use some elternate ways to increase your revenue per views, per 1000 views, or per million views. Suggest reading our post “How to make money on youtube without adsense

This is How to Boost Your Youtube Revenue per Miles –

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which an individual (the affiliate) earns a commission when they refer a customer to a business. You could become an affiliate member of the world’s best affiliate marketplace for youtubers to earn up to 90% Comission.

Sponsorship – Working with brands to help them generate leads, Customers, Sales or just Public awareness is one of the sponsorship term. You can join one of the best youtube sponsorship sites for youtubers that help creators and brands connect together.

Selling Own Merchandise – Mostly famous youtubers sell their own merch using youtube. They build a personal website, collaborate with merch designers, or use a dropshiping platform to manage marketplace merch to the audience.

Offer Freelancer Servies – Freelancing is the act of working as an independent contractor for multiple employers, typically at the same time. if you are a skilled person in any field you can offer your services to your viewers or can create gigs on freelance websites to find clients.

Donations – This is a pretty popular way for creators to directly ask their viewers for financial support. Creators use Patreon to collect donations around the world. But nowadays channel memberships are becoming way easier to do that.

FAQ – Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches

What YouTube niches get the most views?

Music, Nursery Rhyming, Kids’ Content, and Gaming niches are the most viewed youtube channels in the world. Baby shark Dance Video withover 10 Billion Views is the world’s most viewed video on youtube by Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs & Stories channel. hence proving the kid content, Nursery rhyming is the most viewed content ever.

Which niche is best for YouTube 2024?

A Niche that you are interested in has reasonable searches on youtube, and gives you the highest possible CPM with Multiple Ways of Earning is the Best Youtube Niche for 2024. Tech and Gaming are the best starts for Everyone.

Is a high CPM good?

High CPM is Not always good for Everyone. A high CPM Niche may have high competition too. So that’ll be hard for you to rank and get lots of views. Instead, in a High Searchable niche, you may instantly get lots of views that generate revenue. That’s why most experts suggest creating relevant content on fresh topics.

What kind of videos earn the most money on YouTube?

Tech, Cooking, Fashion, beauty and makeup, and Finance videos earn the most money on Youtube. Because they earn the maximum number of views and get lots of lucrative ad placement in comparison to the comedy or gaming category.

Which category has the highest CPM on YouTube?

The marketing, Insurance, Banking, and Software category has the highest CPM on Youtube. You can earn the highest $19.89 in Micro Niche Email Marketing.

How do you get high CPM on YouTube?

The first step is to find the Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches, 2nd create High valuable engaging content, 3rd use multiple ad placements on videos and lastly 4th leverage alternate monetization options (Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Paid Collabs, etc) to boost revenue up to 60 times per miles.

Final Words!

There are many YouTube niches out there, but some are more profitable than others. If you want to make the most out of your channel, you want to figure out which niches are going to be the most lucrative for you.

Remember before you choose any of the Most Profitable High CPM YouTube Niches keep in mind you choose a niche you are familiar with.

We hope that this blog post helped you find a YouTube niche that would be a great fit for your business. Don’t forget, these are just a few examples of the hundreds of YouTube niches that exist!

we recommend doing your own research to find something unique and unexplored on the internet that might go viral and who knows your journey starts from there.

This blog post is an excellent place, we hope that you will feel confident in your ability to start right from here to make money with YouTube.

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