Are you looking for ‘How To Make Youtube Channel Private in 2024‘ or do you want to hide your youtube channel from the rest?

if yes then here is a full detailed guide that’ll help you to hide your All Existing videos & channel so that no one can see your content?

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What is a Private YouTube Channel?

When you Set youtube channel to private, no one can see the content of your channel nor can you share and comment on it. Your Video, channel name & content gets completely hidden, which is not visible in the result even after searching.

Many times there are some inactive activities on our channel, due to which we need to hide our contact.

Even if you want to take a temporary break from YouTube for yourself for a while, you can still hide your channel using this setting.

YouTube Channel Private

How to make Youtube Channel private

Here is the detailed solution step by step guide with images to so that you can follow this instruction to set up your YouTube Account Private.

  1. Go to Youtube & Login Your Account
  2. Then go to Youtube Studio Clicking the channel icon
  3. Now tap the Settings gear on the Left Bottom corner
  4. Then you’ll see Settings Page & go to channel
  5. On Channel Go to Advanced Setting
  6. Scroll down & find other settings at the end
  7. You’ll have 2 options here just go to Remove YouTube Content
  8. Now it’ll ask you to verify with the password so enter the password which you use to login your email account
  9. Now you are on the Remove YouTube Content Page You can either Hide your content
  10. So because we want to Make YouTube Channel Private we have to go with the first option. But remember if you selected the 2nd option to delete you’ll permanently lose all your youtube videos & channel which can’t be restored.
  11. After that, you’ll get more content removal options like what you want to remove or what to keep. In case you only want to hide your all videos from the channel then select only the first option but to make everything private like Videos & channels
  12. Tap to check/ Select all options & press Hide my Channel.
delete or hide youtube channel

This is this step-by-step guide that you can follow to create a private YouTube channel but keep in mind once you do that no one will be able to see your channel or videos on Google anymore.

The only thing you need to do is revert the setting when you change your Youtube channel from private to public or unprivate again.

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FAQ – How To Temporary Hide Channel

Can you hide your YouTube channel?

Yes,’ You can hide your youtube channel but once you enable that setting no one will be able to access the content that you’ve already posted on your channel. Still, if you want to do that so Go to Youtube > Youtube Studio > Settings > Channel > Advanced Settings > Other Settings > Remove YouTube Content > Now select the options to remove only videos or the whole channel temporary. Follow this to Make YouTube Channel Private temporary.

What is the difference between private and unlisted on YouTube?

Private means only visible for you/ Admin but when you make a video unlisted it’s visible for everyone but not listed on the channel. In simple words, the video will be visible to others, but when he visits your channel, he does not see it on the video channel.

Wrapping Up!

So this is How To Make Youtube Channel Private that is totally hidden from others. Even they won’t be able to Watch, Like, Comment, or Share any of your videos.

You can learn more informative youtube channel ideas without showing face, famous faceless youtubers and even how small youtubers are getting sponsorship to make more money without making videos.

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