How to create a YouTube channel that makes money isn’t a big thing, but how to make your YouTube channel look professional, definitely affects your professionalism in 2022. I have seen some people who just create a channel and start uploading videos without managing it professionally.

Not just that, I also did the same mistake when I was a newbie. If you regularly follow our blog posts, you must know how much we have already told you about in our previous articles.

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The best thing is we also have a community for YouTubers on telegram which you can join to solve your doubts & grow your youtube channel. There are so many things like channel description, video description, end screen, card, logo, Channel art, home layout, and more, that you should follow right now after reading this article.

How to Make Your Youtube Channel Look Professional

When something is done professionally, it is liked by all and is also easy to understand. The same happens with your youtube channel. If someone visits your channel, then he gets all the information related to the channel in the about section. or he watches a video, then he gets the video information in the video description. similarly, if he visits your playlist, then he gets all your video series sequentially.

Apart from this, the logo and channel art are also important, because that is your channel’s identity. I always say that don’t just create the best looking youtube channels but create a brand & grow your brand professionally.

So let’s get started and see ‘how to make your YouTube channel look professional’. Basically today I am gonna tell you some most basic but advanced YouTube features that you must apply right now. Such as About Channel, Video Description, Playlist, Logo, Channel Art, & most importantly Channel Layout.

1. Add About Channel

About channel is a brief outline of your channel and content. where you tell people what your channel is about and what content you are going to give them. Then, the Audience will decide whether they are interested in your content or not. If ‘Yes, then they will definitely subscribe to you.

You should put your Business Email for Business contact or queries. Adding an email address is most important because no Brand, Deal, or Company will contact you on social media. Brands always contact over email for collaboration, Quarries, or to Inform.

In the end, put your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) so that people can join them to always stay connected with you. No matter what platform you are working on, it is very important to stay connected/ engaging with your audience. Otherwise they will watch your video and go away.

Doing this kind of professional customization makes the channel look good also, helps to build trustworthiness among viewers.

The logo is one of the most important parts of your channel whether you are an individual or a brand.

A logo is a symbol that recognizes a public identification of your channel and helps to build a visible impact.

Youtube Channel Logo

Simply logos are made up of text or images but, it is important to your channel’s identity. The logo will not help you rank your video higher, gain views, subscribers, and likes on your video. But it may build trust among people.

Suppose, there are 10 YouTube channels with the same name. Someone look up your channel on youtube. How he will identify which one is yours? Of course, people will identify the channel by its logo.

Puma, Addidas, Apple, Google, Microsoft is such a big brand But even today they can be identified by their logo. This is what I want to convey to you. Why your channel should have a logo.

3. Youtube Channel Art

Channel art is a kind of banner of your channel just behind of logo. It helps to communicate with viewers visually. Also, it’s the first thing a viewer sees when they visit your channel. So you should add a banner that represents your channel content.

Professional Youtube banner

Professional artists & brands use the Channel art section to showcase their upcoming or new launches, events, or products. Just visit any music channel to see such channel art of Upcoming or New Song Album in their home feed.

In fact, it’s best If you are also an artist (Magician, Dancer, Singer, or Guitarist) to showcase your upcoming/ New videos in channel art as a reminder for viewers.

Lastly, don’t leave your channel art blank, be sure to add a professional banner for youtube that best describes your channel content.

4. Layout YouTube Channel Look Professional

What should someone see when they visit your YouTube channel, An Intro Video, Popular Videos, Recent Videos, Feature Channel, Feature Content, Playlists, or all of these. You can manage everything in your channel layout whether a “Channel trailer for people who haven’t subscribed” & “Featured video for returning subscribers”.

VIDEOS: Uploads, Members-only videos

POPULAR UPLOADS: Short Videos, Live now, Past live streams, Upcoming live streams

PLAYLIST: Single playlist, Created playlists, Multiple playlists

CHANNELS: Subscriptions, Featured channels

Channel layout has so many options that you can use to Make Your YouTube Channel Look Professional. Whether you are a Singer, Comedian, Magician, Brand, Company, Vlogger, Gamer, Food blogger, or else.

5. Adding Video Description

What is a description on youtube? Video description is used to share information related to the video that helps YouTube and Viewers understand what the video is about or the content in this video.

If you are familiar with SEO, then you must remember how keywords help in ranking your posts and videos on top. As like that, Description Metadata helps YouTube understand video content and is one of the important steps to optimize video for rank higher in search results.

Apart from this, you can also Put Previous/ Popular Videos Links, Affiliate Links, Video Source, Music Credit, Social Media Links, Even the Contact Details in YouTube Description.

Nowadays, description is also used to timestamp video content (Also called Video Chapters). The timestamp highlights the important parts of the video. Rather, if the viewer wants to get information only about a particular topic, it can be skipped directly.

Know = How to add Timestamp to a Youtube Video!

6. Playlist – YouTube Channel Look Professional

The most important & must-use feature for every YouTuber. Mainly if you make videos in ‘Series’ such as Teaching, Courses, How to, Tutorials, Online Classes, Story Telling, Food Series, etc.

Add Playlist Make Your YouTube Channel Look Professional

Using playlists, you display videos related to a topic in a systematic way that can be viewed sequentially.

Looking at the current situation, all the people are attending their education, coaching, and courses classes online. If you are also a teacher or teach any kind of online course, you can systematically manage the videos of your course/ classes.

Not only this, if you make videos in multiple topics or series, then you can create multiple playlists. so that viewers can easily watch related videos serial-wise.

Make Your YouTube Channel Look Professional (FAQ’s)

How do I make my YouTube channel look professional?

There are several basic but most effective ways to make your Youtube channel look professional. You can Add About Channel, Create a Channel Logo, add a Youtube Channel Art, Manage Professional Layout, Add Proper Video descriptions, well manage your video Playlist.

What makes a YouTube video attractive?

Firstly’ thumbnail is the cover of your video that should be most attractive so that people only then people will click & come to your channel. That’s not enough What is the content inside the video, how’s the sound, editing, and other elements also make the video attractive.

Can I watch my own YouTube video to get 4000 watch hours?

1st, watching your own video for 4,000 hours isn’t a good idea.
2nd, Youtuber only counts 4,000 valid public watch hours (should be original). It means your own video views won’t be counted in it.
3rd‘ According to youtube “Activity that doesn’t come from a real user with genuine interest is invalid. That may cause your account to be suspended or terminated.

How many subscribers do you need to get paid?

As per Youtube’s Partner Program Policy, your channel should have at least 1,000 Subscribers & 4,000 watch hours in the last 365 days. If your channel meets these requirements, then you can appeal to Google AdSense to monetize your channel.
Keep in mind there are more requirements that your channel should follow before being a part of YTPP.

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Wrapping Up!

That is it for today. Now I think you got “How to Make Your YouTube Channel Look Professional” which really means for the audience. Overall, ‘content is king’. If your channel is well maintained but the content is not so powerful then every practice is a waste. So, create a professional youtube channel account & work hard to achieve your goals.

If you found this article helpful make sure to share this with your friends. Still, have any doubt? Contact us over social media or join other YouTubers on Telegram.

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