Hey! are you looking for ‘How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos‘ but don’t know how? don’t worry because there is actually a way that you can use to make $300-$600 Income per month from YouTube without creating your own videos.

Don’t worry, we will not tell you any spam, misleading or fake methods. Everything is gonna be real, Legit & working, that anyone can use. Even it does not require any skills or experience.

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I personally explored YouTube and found some channels doing the same way, and they are doing really well. Even some channels are getting thousands of views per day and have a huge subscribers base. Some of them are informative, review & explanation videos Channels, Like- Review Tube, Survival Gears, Techzone, etc.

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

So let’s get started and see how you can create unlimited videos without recording yourself. I’ll give you an A-Z blueprint to earn from youtube without filming. But Before moving forward let me show you some youtube channels, their Subscribers, Per day views & their monthly income.

I have used the social blade website to collect youtube channel stats. This website shows the overall stats of different social media platforms.

In a Hurry? Here is a Quick sneak Peek to make Money on Youtube without creating your own videos –

  1. Choose a Channel niche
  2. Find Copyright Free Videos
  3. Write a Powerful Video Script
  4. Use TTS Generate Voiceover

TechZone Statistics

I found a Tech Channel Named TechZone. They usually make videos about top 5, top 10, or Best products videos without filming themselves. You got it right, it doesn’t record video by itself. but create content through non-copyrighted videos on YouTube and other websites.

The channel has 3.16 Million Subscribers, 870 + Videos on Channel, More than 724,765,473 total views, 11 Million Views Per month From which they earn $2.9K  –  $46.7K Per month. They Almost make $100 per day on youtube without making any videos side hustle.

Survival Gear Statistics

Not only this there is another channel named Survival Gear. It’s also a tech channel, makes videos about top, 5 top 10, best survival gears, Adventure, or hunting products.

Guess the similarity in both these channels. Yes, you got it right. They both create content but without filming themselves. They also using copyright-free videos from youtube & various websites.

Survival Gear has more than 368k subscribers, 630+ Videos on the channel, 83,865,433+ Total Views, gets almost 4 million views monthly. That is enough to earn $991  –  $15.9K Per month.

“Social Blade is not 100% accurate, it only shows estimated earnings. The total amount may be more or less than this”.

Did You Noticed?

The list is even longer, but here we have discussed only two channels. If you pay attention to these channels, then both these channels upload tech content, mainly focused on the top 5, top 10, or best products list.

It means they don’t just make money on youtube without recording videos but from affiliate marketing too.

How do I know that?

It’s pretty simple I was just watching a random video from Review Tube also doing the same thing. I just scroll down a bit & checked their description. As I thought, the video description had affiliate links to all the products.

How You can Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

Often YouTubers prefer to voice over these videos themselves but, I’m going to tell you a way in which neither you have to record video nor do the voice-over. Just copy paste and merge them that’s it.

Step 1: Choosing a Niche

Before you Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos yourself from scratch, you have to select a niche or category in which you are interested or want to make videos.

Always remember your channel’s category should be very broad and it should have enough potential, that you can earn through affiliates and other sources other than youtube.

Step 2: Finding Copyright Free Videos

Our second step is to find non-copyrighted or copyright-free (Videos that can be used without permission or available for the public) videos. That can be used to create content for the channel to make money on youtube without making videos.

There are several ways to find copyright-free videos Such as Youtube’s creative common labeled videos, Channels that provide Free Stock Footages. You can even use 3rd Party websites (Pexels Videos, Coverr, Pixabay Videos, Videvo, Life of Vids), or paid stock libraries.

Use them to make money on youtube without making videos or find free-to-use videos on youtube, search for videos & apply the Creative common filter.

Step 3: Preparing Video Script

No, wait! You don’t need to write the script yourself. This is also a copy-paste task but you must do some changes to it like intro and outro & others that you think should be correct.

Now go to Google, search for or video content, such as ‘how to lose belly fat? how to gain muscles? or anything you want, and copy the whole article. Use Article Spinner or Article re-Writer to make it unique.

Don’t Generate voice with original article. For more info read= Youtube Video Scam Policy.

You have to edit this article and convert it into a script. For this, you have to find out yourself which part should be in the video or which should not. You must add an intro and outro to the script.

Like : Hey guys, I am Ryan, and today in this video, I am gonna share with you 10 Natural ways to lose belly fat at home. But before moving forward, make sure to subscribe this channel and, hit the bell icon to keep updated yourself with our latest health videos.

So without waiting anymore let’s move to the today’s video.

It is very easy. You just you to understand the article, remove the extra portion, and script it as a conversation. Put some effort to make money on youtube without making videos yourself.

Step 4: Voice Over For Videos

Here comes the most important part of the whole article. ‘How to automatically Voice over a Video?’ Actually, this is a tool named Speechlo that generates an actual human-like voice that sounds 100% real.

It sounds so natural that a listener can’t differentiate between natural voice, or auto-generate voice.

Turn Text To Speech With Human-Like Voices

Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

Speechelo Key Features

  • Convert Any Text into Speech
  • 100% Real Human Sounding
  • 30+ Male, Female Voices
  • Works in 24 Different Languages
  • Normal, Joyful, Serious Voice Tone
  • Adds inflections┬áin the Voice
  • Save Time and Money
  • Best for Youtube, Brands, Agencies

Once your script is ready just copy and paste it into Speechelo software, select a voice that you like, and download Auto-generated voice. It’s that simple.

Now we have a Niche, video ideas, Non-Copyrighted videos, and a natural human-like voiceover that’ll help us to create engaging content. Engaging content is a key to gain views likes comments and subscribers.

The only thing you need to do is merge audio and videos and also have to edit a little bit using any video editing software. Optize video using trending tags, titttle and thimbnail.

“Keep in mind the free stock videos footages you are using in a video should be relevant to the context.”

After doing all these things your video would be like this:

Make Money on Youtube Without Filming (FAQ)

Can you make money on YouTube without making videos?

Yes, you can earn money from YouTube without making your own videos. Create content using Creative Commons and Copyright Free Videos by giving them a voice. You can even convert a script into a voice-over with Speechelo. but before that Choose a Niche, Find Copyright Free Videos Sources, Prepare Video Script & convert them into voice.

How many views do you need to get paid on YouTube?

You do not get paid for YouTube views, but the advertising shows on your videos generate revenue. But for this, you have to follow the YouTube Partner Program policies. under which it is mandatory to have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the last 365 days.

Does YouTube pay every month?

Yes, YouTube pays every month. All the amount earned from YouTube will be reflected in the AdSense account. Adsense has a minimum $100 threshold amount. once you reach the minimum threshold amount, Adsense sends it to your bank at the end of the month. (You can increase the minimum threshold limit)

On what basis do YouTubers get paid?

Check our previous article ‘how to make money on Youtube without Adsense,’ to know on what basis do YouTubers get paid. Your Subscribers, Views, Content, engagement & relevancy are the most common factors.


Wrapping Up!

So this was our easy method ‘How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos or filming yourself from scratch. This is really a best way to get paid without Showing your face, uploading own videos, filming/ Recording yourself. Everything is just copy-paste work for posting videos.

Hope you found this ‘Article’ Helpful. If yes, then make sure to share this article on your scoical media grouls. Still, have any doubt? Ask us over social medai handle or join our private youtuber’s community on telegram.

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