You are at the right place if you want to know how to Start a YouTube Gaming channel for free in 2022. Many people are growing & earning a very well amount. It’s our job to tell you what things you need to keep in mind to start a YouTube channel? What Youtube Gaming equipment you should use to create awesome Gaming videos.

The number of creators and gaming channels on YouTube has increased a lot. Everyone likes to play and watch games so these channels grow easily. Even though you do not have video editing or any kind of technical skill, then still you can easily create & grow a channel.

Should you Start a Youtube Gaming Channel in 2022?

Gaming is like an addiction everyone loves to play or watch games in their regular life. That is why so many gaming channels have grown on YouTube in the last few days Especially during the Quarantine.

I’ve seen so many channels growing very fast from 50k, 100k to 5-10 Million Subscribers. This is not enough these channels are earning a very well amount of around $1k – $5k per video even more.

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free
Just an Estimated Stats

According to Think With Google: 200 million people watch gaming content on YouTube daily.

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free 2022

Let’s see step by step guide for creating a new channel from scratch for beginners with some advanced settings & basic Seo settings to rank above on Youtube.

1. Best Game to Start a Youtube Channel

The most important thing that every YouTuber should follow before creating their gaming channel. Which Games You Should Play?

Basically, there are already lots of Pc & Android games available on the internet, but which is the best game to start a youtube channel & Stream. It’s pretty simple, a game that is trending or a game in which you have God-level skills.

Another thing you can do is Start playing new Latest games whether you play on Pc, PlayStation, Android or etc.

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free

Let’s Get Started & see How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel For Free in 2021. But before that in order to create a brand new gaming YouTube channel, you must have an email id. That is totally free and you can easily create an Email id without having any cost.

1. Go to Youtube
Just go to and tap ‘Sign-in’ which you can see at the right-hand corner above.

2. Login with Email
Now login with your email id and password or if you do not have an email id then you can also create a new one.
After login with your email id, you will see your channel icon in place of sign-in. Still, your Channel isn’t created you have to do create that manually.

3. Create a Channel
Tap the Channel Icon & go to Create a Channel.

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free

4. Get Started
After that, you’ll see a popup saying “Your Creator Journey Begins” All you need to do is select Get Started for Next Options.

Your Creator Journey Begins

5. Use a Custom Name
You’ll get another popup saying “Choose how to Create Your Channel” Where you see two more options ‘Use Your Name’ & ‘Use a Custom Name’.

Basically, it’s about a Normal account or business account. So it’s highly recommended to create a youtube business account (Use a custom Name). Because there are some additional advantages of having a youtube brand account.

Youtube Business Account

6. Create Your Channel Name
Now you are on the ‘Create Your Channel Name’ page. Write down Your unique youtube Gaming Channel Name, click I understand policy & then Create.

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free

Congratulation, Your Youtube Gaming Channel is Almost Ready. You can see about channel Page where you can manage to ‘ Upload a Profile Picture, Tell Viewers About Your Channel (Channel Description), Add Links to Your Sites, Social Media Profile & More.

Once uploading Channel Icon, Putting Down Description & Social Media Profile, Save and Continue.

This is How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free & start uploading videos on it. But still, you are missing out on some necessary features & to use them you have to verify your channel using a Phone Number.

2. Verify Channel With Phone Number

Verification is a one-time process After which you also get some advanced features such as Custom Thumbnail, Live Streaming, Longer Videos than 15 Minutes, &, etc

  • Click your Profile Picture on Youtube & go to Settings
  • Then go to ‘Channel Status and Feature’ in the Youtube channel sectionHow to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free
  • On the Status & Features page, Tap ‘verify’ next to the profile pictureHow to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free
  • Now Select your Country then ‘Call Me or Text me‘ for Verification Code & put down your Phone Number.Verify Youtube Channel
  • You’ll Receive a Verification Code from Google, use that to verify your Channel.

3. Basic Channel Customisation

Successfully, you have created a YouTube channel, but there are some more basic customizations that you can compile to make it professional.

1. Add Keywords

Again Click the Channel Icon & go to Creator Studio > Settings bottom left corner > Channel & add the Channel or Topic Related Keywords for better SEO Results.

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free

2. Channel Type

Now in Additional settings, you can select the channel type, Made for Kids or Not made for Kids, even you can manually do this for each & Every video you upload.

3. Branding

In the Branding section, you can upload a default watermark to all your uploaded videos. So it’s highly recommended by my side to upload your brand logo or icon for Watermark.

4. Upload Defaults

You can pre-select the Title, Tag, Description, and Category of each of your videos by using the Upload Default setting. So if you play only a specific game, then you can add Title, Description, Tags, and Categories of the videos here in advance. So that you do not have to add them to every video again and again.

How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free (FAQ)

How much does it cost to start a YouTube gaming channel?

it cost zero penny to start a YouTube gaming channel. All you need to start a YouTube gaming channel is an email id and Internet in your device that’s it. You can start a channel for absolutely free.

How hard is it to start a gaming YouTube channel?

Creating a YouTube channel is not a difficult task. You can create a YouTube channel in 5 to 10 minutes as we have mentioned above ‘How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free’. But it requires hard work & dedication to grow a youtube gaming channel fast.

How much money does 1 million YouTube views make?

Actually, no one knows how much money does 1 million youtube views make. because there are lots of factors that affect youtube earnings such as your Content, Language, Region, Ad placement, Video Length &, etc. but as an assumption, it could be around $200 – $500.


Wrapping Up!

So this was our Step by Step How to Start a Youtube Gaming Channel for Free guide. Just follow all these steps to make a professional gaming channel with all advanced settings.

If you still have any problem just contact us directly on our Social Media or for More Youtube Talks join our Vip Telegram group.

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