Hey, do you want to know How Much do YouTube video Editors Make Per Video, Per Month, and Per Year working with the world’s biggest video creators PewDiePie, Mr Beast in 2024?

On Average, a Freelance video editor make $50-$350 Per Video, $1500-$10500 Per Month (Monthly Basis), and $18000-$12600 per Year (Yearly Basis) for editing youtube videos for creators.

Of course, I’ve done my research for making this list. So keep reading till the end to know How exactly a Video editor charges for videos and How much they charge.

We’ll understand why some video editors are charging more and some are low? Also, are there any other things they ask before charging for a video?

How Much Do YouTube Video Editors Make

How Much Do YouTube Video Editors Make

The price depends on the time spent editing the video, The total experience in the field and the project complexity for the quality of the video.

There are many factors that go into determining the price but mainly we found these thee major factors behind the cost of a video.

1. Hourly/ Day Basis

How much does a youtube editor get paid?

Actually There are, many reasons behind and one of them is Editing Time.

Editing a video is a time-consuming process that can be expensive and can take a lot of time. A typical video editing project can take anywhere from 4 hours to 2 weeks.

That is why skilled professionals prefer charging clients on Hourly or Daily Basis so that they can give it a propper focus to create amazing content.

2. Level of Experience

The cost of editing can really vary depending on the level of experience you have in video editing. For those who are new to video editing, the editing price can be more affordable.

This is because the editing software will not be as advanced and require less training. However, for those who are more experienced in video editing, the editing price can be more expensive.

A Beginner Charge $20 for a Basic Video on the other hand a professional charge $50-$100 for the same.

The price of editing also varies depending on the length of the project. If you are looking to edit a short project, the price will be cheaper.

If you are looking to edit a long project, the price will be more expensive. This might be totally different for a full time employ.

3. The Project Complexity

The more complex the video editing project, the more time it will take to create. The more complicated the video editing project, the higher the price.

The complexity of a project is based on the number of cuts, the number of edits, the number of video clips, the number of audio tracks, and the length of the video.

If you didn’t understand what I just said, see the below Freelance Video editor’s package on fiverr.

freelance video editor salary

There are 3 Pacages to choose from Basic, Standard and Premium. Each package has a different prices based on video duration.

The Premium one has 30 Minutes duration as well as the highest price, this is just because the longer the video duration will take loner to edit.

4. Geographical Location

Maybe you’ll be thinking of how location could be a factor while charging for a video editing. Of course, it matters.

The whole game is about High youtube cpm rates, and if heard this term you know the eastern countries (USA, Canada, Europe) cpm is way higher than the western countries. So they Earn More Money on youtube.

Especiallt the Asian countries CPM, RPM is almost 20 times lower than the United states. So there’s a clear different that US Youtubers will Pay Higher to a Editor than India.

Even You can see the state wise different in any country itself in Indeed career by highest paying to lowest paying.

highest paying cities to video editors

What Does a YouTube Video Editor Do?

What Does a YouTube Video Editor Do

Not Every Video go viral on Youtube, There are only a few genius creators and video editors that make them in such a way that everyone can understand and feel refreshed while watching.

They are responsible for the video quality, keeping within character guidelines, and even taking care of the editing, audio, Special Effects, and other needs to make a high-quality video.

They use Beginner to professional Level editing tools Such as Premier Pro, After Effects, Filmora, iMovie, Whiteboard Animation to edit Vlog, Motovlog, Gaming, Music, Podcasts, and Cooking Videos.

These professionals create strong bonds with their viewers and have a lot of power to bring messages to the audience to grow on youtube.

YouTube Video Editor Salary

video editor salary by indeed
indeed Average

According to indeed career a video editor salary is $20 Per hour, $217 Per Day, $895 Per Week, $3,663 Per month and $48,914 Per Year in united states.

You can calculate yourself on Indeed Video Editor Salary estimate report. But keep in mind the higher skill always gives you high income.

For example An average salery of a Youtube video editor with 1-2 year experience earn $43,000 Per Annum, but a 6-9 Years experience editor earn $75,405 Per Annum in USA.

But here comes the twist, On Average Video editor earns $48,914 Per Year in USA, and in India Video Editor Earns only ₹2,38,892 ($2996) Per Year that is absolute 93% lower than USA.

FAQ – How Much Do YouTube Video Editors Make

How Much do youtube editors make per video?

Youtube editors can earn between $20 and $150 per video depending on their level of experience. The more successful you are as a youtube editor, the more you can make. But Mostly professionals charge on an hourly basis to provide much better output in a short time.

How much do youtube editors make per hour?

Professional Video editors charge $150-$300 on an Hourly basis. As always it also depends on The Experience and different levels of professionalism. Beginner and intermediate youtube editors make $20-$50.


we talk about how much YouTube video editors can make per hour, per video, per month and per year.

Keep in mind that the salaries of YouTube, Twitch, Facebook video editors vary greatly depending on their skills and experience.

You can choose to do YouTube video editing on the side and pick up only a few hours a week if you want to edit gaming videos idea or the whole stream.

Some people also choose to use these skills as a full-time job while others use it only to supplement their income.

Whatever your choice, there is a lot of opportunity to earn a great living while doing something that you love!

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