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How to Get Sponsorship For YouTube Free 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

A common question that every Youtuber asked for ‘How to Get Sponsorship For Youtube Videos in 2021. Well, here we prepared a full detailed guide to find sponsors, brand deals for small YouTubers that are willing to collaborate with you. But first of all, You need to create a Youtube Channel.

As I already told you in my previous ‘how to make money from youtube without AdSense article YouTubers don’t just make money through Google AdSense. There are more legit and real ways that help you make more money than AdSense. One of them is sponsorship.

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The influencer marketing industry has grown from $5 to 10 billion in the last 5 years & it’s going to be $13.8 billion in 2021. Even 78% of marketers think Influencer posts are the best effective way to grow than a traditional format.

What is Sponsorship on Youtube?

Big brands and companies do digital marketing to promote their physical or digital products, sponsorship is also a part of digital marketing. These big companies look for people who have a lot of people associated with them so that they can promote their product to all those people. Whether you are a Youtuber, Gamer, Streamer, or Social Media Influencer.

Promoting a product in your YouTube video for money is a sponsorship, whether it is a physical product, digital, or the company itself. Often companies themselves contact you for sponsorship.

Types of Sponsor Videos

You must have seen many big YouTubers featuring a product or brand in their videos about 20 to 30 seconds Or you must have heard on any of your favorite YouTubers talking about a product or brand in the whole video. It’s all sponsorship.

Sponsored Video Example

Just as different types of sponsorships, brands also pay different amounts for different sponsor videos. Basically, there are two major types of sponsor videos.

1. Integrated Video: When a sponsor product or company is featured in a YouTube video for a limited period of time around 30-50 seconds. Such as before the start of the video “This video is Sponsored by Company name” or somewhere in the middle of the video. Also called pre-rolled video.

2. Dedicated Video: Dedicated video means a video that is entirely dedicated to the featured product. This type of video only contains information related to that product a kind of Review.

How to Get Sponsorship for Youtube

It’s not a good idea in 2021 to find brands, collect emails and write a dedicated email to them, to give you a sponsorship. this process is very lengthy and you will lose so much time. But it is better that you focus on your channel and create high-quality engaging content.

If you email 100 companies, only a few of them will reply to you and pay you a minimum amount even if they agree to sponsor. That’s why it’s better to build your own authority/ value for bands.

When your channel starts growing then the company brand and deal will approach you from the front. Then you will also be able to charge them according to the channel growth & reach.

Brands pay you for sponsorship in two ways.

  • Sometimes some they approach you for the promotion of their physical product, they give you that product for free as a sponsor’s payment. but they do not pay any amount for this. It’s called barter or Unpaid.
  • On the other hand, some companies approach you for physical products and also send the product but they do not give you the product forever and pay instead and take back the product.

Youtube Sponsorship Websites List

Here we have prepared a list of some youtube Sponsorship websites for you, where you can register yourself to find companies that sponsor YouTubers. or if the brand finds your content suitable for them, they can also contact you for the sponsor.

#1 Grapevine Village

Get Sponsorship For YouTube

Grapevine Village is an influencer marketing agency that connects brands to creators. Brands come here looking for good influencers for self-promotion while creators come here for brand deals and Sponsorship. And Grapevine Village fulfills both the requirement.

In order to create an account on this website, you have to link your YouTube channel or Social Media account to verify ownership. but you need at least 10,000 subscribers on YouTube for 10,000 followers on your Instagram.

But if you are a micro YouTuber with less than 10k subscribers you can also join to get youtube sponsorship for small channels.

the thing I didn’t like so much about this website is the payment method you will get paid within 45 days once they will confirm the sponsored content you have created for the brand.

#2 Channel Pages

youtube sponsorship for small channels

Channel Pages is a dedicated platform for Content creators, social media influencers & Sponsors. There are creators of different countries, languages, Age & categories on this website. Here brands are also looking for good creators to promote themselves.

As a YouTuber, you need to link your youtube channel on this website to create an account So that they can collect all the necessary information related to your channel. Such as Subscribers, Views, Channel category, Video Likes, Daily Views, etc.

All this information will be visible on your profile so that there is transparency for the brands. Once the account is created your profile will also appear in the creator section. And if a brand finds you suitable for them then they can approach you for collaboration or sponsor.

#3 AspireIQ

AspireIQ website to find sponsorship & brand deals

AspireIQ is an influencer marketing platform where brands come to promote themselves and creators promote them through their Social media platforms to get paid. Simply this is a platform that introduces brands to creators.

On Aspire you can discover new brands, Companies that are looking for influencers and creators and contact them directly. You can approach them for sponsorship and whatever amount you make will be sent to you in Paypal.

All you have to do is create the sponsored content and submit it. As soon as you complete this process, the band will make the payment to you on which no commission is charged.

#4 Nordvpn Influencers

Nordvpn Influencers programe

NordVPN is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) company that provides online VPN services. basically, VPN helps to access online blocked content in your region. Even when you can hide your personal detail when visiting any site or content.

NordVPN has an influencer program for YouTubers, gamers, streamers gamer, Vloggers, etc. You can apply for the influencer program after which your details will be reviewed and if it is approved you become an ambassador.

As an ambassador you will have to promote NordVPN on your channel, in return you will be rewarded.

#5 HyperX Gaming Sponsorships For Small Channels

gaming sponsorships for small youtubers

HyperX is one of the most popular companies among Gamers and known for its gaming accessories like Headphones, keyboards, mice, etc. They have an affiliate plus sponsorship program for gamer YouTuber and Twitch streamers also.

All you need to do is join their influencer program create an account and start promoting products on your social media to get Commission. There are 4 affiliate levels that will be gradually upgraded. You will also get some extra benefits when you reach the fourth-level affiliate.

Such as Participation in new product launches, Monthly giveaway to the community, etc. It’s the most popular common gaming sponsorship for small YouTubers.

Youtube Sponsorship Requirements

One question you must ask yourself is ‘what value can you give to a brand that it gives you sponsorship’? or As a brand, you can ask yourself why would you give your product to someone for promotion.

Of course the answer would be Profit.

The benefit is the most important thing for a brand and hence brands choose only those channels which benefit them it is called ROI (Return on Investment). ROI is the ratio between net income and investment that shows the total profit or loss.

So here is the short conclusion of youtube sponsorship requirements that you should know-

youtube sponsorship requirements
  • At least 10k subscribers to start getting small sponsors for video
  • Don’t just Post Random Things Create High-Quality Engaging Content using Youtube Equipment
  • Try to Post Consistently It’ll help you to gain More Views, Subscribers & most Importantly YouTube itself make your videos reach more people.
  • Advertisers Friendly Content is another big factor that can help you to get more sponsors. Whether you are a Gamer, Vlogger, Fashion Model, Makeup Tutor, Comedian, or else.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ’s}

How Much Do Sponsors pay small YouTubers?

This is a most asked question that how much do sponsors pay small YouTubers. So let’s clear it today. Basically, there are some factors that decide how much a sponsor is going to pay you. Such as Channel Subscribers, Per Video Views, Audience Engagement, Channel Reach & Content. Not only this, but the company itself is also very important.
What is the size of the company? Product Type/ Category, Product Price, and the amount fixed to promote it. all these things equally important.

How do I get sponsors on my YouTube channel?

There are three ways that you can use to get sponsorship on your YouTube channel.
1st Self approach to a brand to get sponsored.
2nd Brands themselves approach you for collaboration or sponsorship.
3rd Join Influencer Marketing Websites to found Brands or Get found by Brands.

How many subscribers do you need to get a sponsor?

There are no fixed numbers but as of my knowledge and research you need at least 10k subscribers to start getting small sponsorships for your YouTube channel. small sponsors because at 10,000 subscribers no big brands are going to interested in you.
But some small brands and companies will definitely start approaching you. Such as apps, Software, or some kind of Product.

How much should I charge for a YouTube video?

There is no fixed amount of how much you should charge for a YouTube video it actually depends on your channel stats. If your channel has more numbers of subscribers, views, engagement ratio on a regular basis then the company can definitely pay you more.


Wrapping Up!

So this is How to Get Sponsorship For YouTube Free for small Youtuber. Doesn’t matter whether you are a Vlogger, Comedian, Fashion Blogger, Makeup Tutor, Gamer, Streamer, or a Cooking cooking channel.

Always keep in mind the value that a band looking for and start creating high-quality engaging content. Just create engaging content and focus your attention on growing the channel! Once your channel grows, you will start getting lots of sponsors and collaboration offers.

Hope you get the point. If you liked this post, then definitely share it in your social media group as well as join our group to chat with other YouTubers.

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