Gaming Creators always try to bring some New Gaming video ideas for viewers that are fun as well as make people laugh in 2022. It’s not as easy as it seems.

Passion for gaming is crazy these days. Everyone loves playing games with their friends and family. Because gaming is something that brings them together and creates happy enjoyable moments.

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We are here to help you find the best Gaming content Video Ideas for your channel whether you play Fortnite, GTA V, PUBG, Roblox, Free Fire, Call of Duty, Minecraft, fnaf plush or even Pokemon.

Best Gaming Video Ideas For Youtube Creator

Gaming Video Ideas

last 2 years, there has been a huge boom in the gaming industry and the number of gaming creators has increased rapidly.

Let me tell you how?

2020 was the biggest record-breaking year for the youtube gaming community. Here are some Record

  • 100B watch time hours
  • 40M+ active gaming channels
  • 80,000+ Channel Hit 100,000 subscribers
  • 1,000+ creators Hit 5 M subscribers
  • 350+ Gamers achived 10 M Milestone

That’s not Enough yet, The list goes on N on. You may have a look at – Youtube Official Blog Page. But the best part is you can even make money playing games.

So if you are going to start a Youtube gaming channel let’s begin with the first-ever video idea for your channel.

1. Montages: First Youtube Gaming Video Ideas

Edit, Cut, Crop & create a highlight of the best moments of your gameplay. You may create a highlight from your previous Recorded video, Stream, or else.

Just remove the additional portion and only show the part where you are at your peak. Combine all the best moments portion together and give it a unique editing style to make it more interesting.

It doesn’t require heavy equipment or software. Even if you are a mobile gamer still, you have great video editing apps to create awesome Montage videos.

2. Livestream: Youtube Ideas For Gamers

The live stream is another great gaming video idea but it takes time, effort, and yes money also. Nowadays smartphones have become advanced.

Thanks to the multitasking feature that allows game and streaming at the same time using live streaming apps.

Still, you required some heavy software to perform a professional stream, which you can’t run on your smartphone. Such as OBS, Audio Filter, Webcam, etc.

just have a look at our YouTube Gaming equipment list to know which kind of equipment you will need to start a professional stream right from your desktop.

3. Funny Compilation: Gaming Video Ideas

As like montage, it’s a pretty funny clips ideas. Same as just editing your old gameplay video (Pre-recorded, stream, etc). Remove all Extra portions and only include the funniest part from the video.

Once combining all the funniest parts add background music, Transaction, Layers, etc to make it funnier.

Also, Don’t forget to include interesting conversations/ Voiceover, Funny meme templates in your funny Compilation video.

4. Upcoming Gaming Updates

The game is updated frequently to fix the game’s Glitches, Bugs, add new items, and attract more user attention.

Due to the frequent update, the gamer’s attention always remains in the game. He is always curious to know about the latest or upcoming updates.

You should follow the all official game’s social media handles to get updated.

5. Tips to Improve Gameplay

This Gaming category is only for OG’s. If you think you are a Pro or Unbeatable player with so much extraordinary gaming skills, Just start giving tips to improve gameplay.

but as said you should have extraordinary gameplay moves that people never knew and see something new in your video for the first time.

Because if you are giving some simple ordinary tips that everyone already knows, won’t be worth watching. You may share how to play in a squad or tournament, Guns, Strategy, Tutorial, etc.

6. Walkthrough: Creative YouTube Gaming Ideas

Another gaming video idea is to help others understand the game to improve their gameplay. You can create a whole walkthrough for multiple videos to show people the whole story and how to finish them.

“The story of an entire game that show you ‘a guide aimed towards improving a player’s skill within a particular video game’ and assist others to complete the whole game

Simply it’s a guide for others, Just play games, record the whole story from start to end, and upload it to your channel.

7. E sport Updates

Sports but online in a video game using Electronic Media form is called Esports.

The oldest known video game competition took place in October 1972, but in the 2010s Esport become a significant factor in the video game industry.

As you know now some of biggest companies are interested organizing Esport tournament. Most probably multiplayer online battle arena, First Person Shooter games are biggest known game genre.

According to the studies and current growth rate, E-sport is going to be 285 million frequent viewers worldwide by 2024.

So it’s a perfect time to get into it and spot your place on top of them.

What you can do is follow some e-sports social media pages or News Media to give the latest updates in your videos about the tournaments.

8. Showcase Your Editing Skills

This is a good Gaming Content idea for those who have good editing knowledge to showcase their extraordinary skill. Again you can record a gameplay video and edit as unique as you can.

The best way would be a Song cover video or a beat Sync, that looks amazing & people love watching. You may use Royalty free music or a Trending Song to grab people’s attention.

But always keep in mind to ask permission before using someone’s artwork & give credits to the official artist. Otherwise, you may face a Copyright Claim/ Strike.

Won’t lose anything for Giving Credit.

9. Gaming Reaction Video

Gaming Video Ideas for youtube

React someone’s gameplay video or even react to upcoming gaming updates officially released by the company. Share your personal opinion about the update including what you liked or what you don’t.

Ye reaction could be valuable for viewers they might find it funny they might find some info.

The best thing is you can even react to your old gameplay videos that will be funny videos and make people laugh. You can also react to funny videos, memes, and YouTube shorts.

10. Organise Tournament

Organizing a tournament is a great way to attract more new viewers to your channel and it also makes existing viewers remain active.

Mostly YouTubers use giveaways or tournaments to gain more subscribers providing them free stuff. So you can also do the same thing to grab others’ attention.

Also, set a price according to your budget for the tournament winner.

11. Tournament Breakdown

I personally searched but didn’t find any great video doing tournament breakdowns. you know how the gaming industry and esports tournaments are booming.

This is a good youtube gaming video ideas to break down tournament Strategies and moves with gamers. So that they will understand how professional players actually play to win the game.

They can even learn teaming and if someone wants to continue as a career can learn so much to compete in a tournament.

12. Tier List:

Tier list Video ideas

Tier list is a concept in video games to rank guns, skins and other elements in ranked order by their respective viability as part of a list.

Player, Gun, Skin are categorized as more powerful and whoever is most powerful is at the top of this list in comparison to others.

Tire lists are often used in action battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, Dota, League of Legend, Pokemon, apex Legend, Overwatch.

So if you are interested in one of the battle royal Action or Multiplayer online battle arena games, that’s a perfect fit for you.

13. Game Reviews Topic

The gaming industry is booming and we have seen this in the last few years, especially due to pandemics. Not just gamers but Gaming companies are now interested to create new games for people.

Every day a new game is launched but people do not know about them. There are also some games that are really cool and people want to know about them.

For them, you can review the game and share the full function, Structure, Performance, and overall Gaming experience in the video.

14. Cool Gaming Equipments

Nowadays everyone loves playing games and wants to improve their gameplay, especially teenagers. The gaming category is also divided into two device categories like smartphones and computers.

But both the devices are equipped with different types of gaming equipment like a console (Gamepad), keyboard, Monitor, cooler.

You can create the best budget list for Those who do gaming on a computer and needs an RGB keyboard, High DPI mouse, HD webcam, headphones with mic, etc.

If you already have a gaming product, you can also review it so that people who are going to buy it in the future can see is that with it or not.

The best part is you can easily find sponsors or just put your Affiliate Links in the description to make more money.

15. Gaming Commentary Video: Good YouTube idea

Story Game Mode or a Commentary over gameplay is the most interesting idea and I personally love watching story mode gaming with commentary.

There are so many story mode games available such as GTA V, Resident Evil, etc. You can add your commentary while playing these games defining the full story that keeps viewers engaged with each upcoming video.

Always choose the best gaming Microphone that makes more connectivity in your sound quality.

To get the inspiration you should check techno gamerz Youtube channel’s GTA V series. He mostly plays story mode games and people love his commentary over the gameplay.

16. Game Events: Fortnite Video Idea

Events keep coming in the game, upon completing these events tasks, gamers get free items. But often people don’t know what they have to do to complete the task to get free items.

It’s a good idea to get started helping people through your video and that’ll bring an initial boost to the channel.

Just cover all events and tell people what the event is about, how to complete it, and how to redeem the free item.

17. Gaming #Shorts Video

After TikTok and Instagram Reels YouTube officially announced introduced shorts. Youtube Shorts allow you to create a 60 second 9:16 ratio ( Vertical Align ) video.

Most Importantly YouTube is giving so much effort to promote #shorts video content in comparison to a normal video.

What does it mean?

It means there is a high chance to quickly gain so many views and subscribers creating 60 Seconds short videos. It’s easy to create than a lengthy video.

You can create a dedicated short content video channel, to post about Gaming, updates, events, moments, Montage, etc.

18. Hidden Places, Features

Not a single game is 10% explored still there are some hidden places, features, items, which people don’t know about.

There’re so many games to explore, Whether we talk about Fortnite, Free Fire, GTA V, Roblox, Minecraft, Pokemon, Brawl Stars, Star Stable, IMVU, Gacha, etc.

You can find hidden places, features, or items that you think people still don’t know about is a good topic. Or Simply find some on the internet and re-create them in a video series.

19. Game Glitches: Content ideas for youtube

Every game is full of mysterious glitches some are frustrating but some could be beneficial whether we talk about GTA V, Free Fire, Call of duty, PUBG, Fortnite, etc.

If you find any kind of glitch in the game just record it and share it with people on your youtube channel. You can guide people on how to use this Glitch to get advantages.

if you find multiple glitches that are hilarious just record all of them and create a highlight video.

20. Best Games List: Content For YouTube

Gaming is huge than our imagination, there is a huge category for gaming also Such as Pc Games, Android Games, Online Games, Offline games, etc.

Nowadays Action-Adventure and Battle Royal games are pretty popular among people but they want best.

All you need to do is try out multiple games from the same Category (Action, Adventure, Pc, Android). Compare them with each other and make the top 5 or top 10 best games in particular category videos list.

21. Similar Games List

As with the Best Games list, it’s also good for those who wanted to play different games from the category/ genre.

All you need to do is choose a game and find out more games from the same category.

For example, I choose Free Fire which is a Battle Royal Multiplayer game, now ill find more Battle royal games which are for android and have a multiplayer option too.

Once finding such kinds of games, ill make a video “Top 5 Battle Royal Games Like Free Fire” or “5 Similar Games to Free fire With Multiplayer option”.

Now I’ll record a short video from all similar games (Call Of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, Farlight, Modern Combat) merge them to create a video.

22. How To/ Tutorial/ Settings Videos

Apart from all update gameplay highlights and commentary a gaming tutorial video is a great idea to connect beginners.

You can tell about the best game settings, how to play, or other tutorials that people need to know.

Like Best Sensitivity, How to Switch Character/ Costume, Game Resources, Graphics Settings, Volume, or Some advanced settings that can improve Gameplay.

23. Challenge others: Fortenite, Minecraft, Roblox

Challenging your own friends, Family Members, fellow streamers is a good gaming video ideas. also do channel members special challenges and give some gifts to the winner.

People love watching their favorite creators competing with each other. You can directly poke fellow streamers to have a one O one Room match with you. The most important thing it creates huge hype.

24. Streaming Tutorial: Video Ideas For Gaming Channels

Streaming is not as easy as it seems. It requires heavy equipment, software, system, and most importantly management.

Still, there are so many awesome Gamers waiting to stream on YouTube but don’t know how to to get started with. Such as What is System Requirement, Software, OBS Studios for Streaming, Discord Audio, Capture card, etc.

You should create videos about streaming tutorials where you teach them about different kinds of streaming layers and the Best obs setup. How to Mute Discord on Streamlabs OBS While Streaming, etc.

25. Best Combinations for Battleground Games

A beginner-friendly guide and may the most important doubt for gamers is what is the best Gun/ Skill/ Character combination for the battle royal game.

Which is a perfect combination to play in a Ranked match to win every match. And here it comes to you.

If you are good at gaming to guide others you should definitely make a video defining which guns and character combinations to choose for Long rage, Mid Range, or Close Range.

Also, tell them on yt different Guns Skin abilities, and characters’ skills to use in battle.

26. MythBuster: Gaming video Ideas

Be a Buster to expose the in-game fake videos, Rumor, Myths, and tips that are in trend people often trust them.

once you start exploring those who confirm the existence of something which is not actually true, you’ll find so much to cover in your content.

You can expose them to testing those myths yourself and telling people was that myth really true or false.

That’s how you can try so many different videos from all over the internet and different social media platforms and be a real Mythbuster.

Gaming Video Ideas {FAQ’s}

Let’s have a look at, what people often ask on the internet.

What are some cool video ideas?

Anything you love doing while having fun is a cool Video idea, whether we talk about Gaming, Cooking, Makeup, Comedy, Teaching, Yoga, Fashion, Travel, or even tech. Just follow what you love and entertain people watching you get engaged is a cool video idea.

How do I make my gaming video more interesting?

There could be 2 things to make your gaming videos more interesting. 1st is Your God-Level gameplay that no one has ever seen. 2nd Your fun conversation with your Friends, Teammates, or with the audience itself.
All these things help you make interesting gaming videos for viewers that they love watching and never get bored.

How do you become popular on YouTube without showing your face?

Most importantly content is the king. So if your content has the potential to attract more viewers and would always love watching, is icing on the cake.
There are so many Faceless channels in various categories with millions of Subscribers. For example, Total Gaming- is the Most subscribed Gaming Channel in India, still has not revealed its face.

Who is the richest Youtuber in the world?

Ryan Kaji Aka Ryan’s World is the Richest youtube in the world with over 41 Million Subscribers – by Wondershare.

Wrapping Up!

You’ll be glad to know that the 5 out of 10 Top creators are from the gaming community in India which is really great for gamers.

I think after knowing this you don’t have any doubt in your mind about your gaming Journey. Just do what you love and be consistent.

Hope you find some great Gaming video ideas for your Youtube channel that will bring you more engagement to gain more Subscribers.

Have Fun your Gaming…

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