Did you start a new youtube channel or think to start one but having some trouble deciding that what should be the “First Youtube Video Idea in 2024” to upload on your brand new channel.

Well, it’s a great thought because starting a youtube channel isn’t a big deal today. but maintaining professionalism through your videos & content matters.

So whether you recently started a Gaming, Food, Vlog, Motovlog, Music, Dance, Meme Review, Makeup, couple channel. You should add a channel intro, explaining what the whole channel is about & what you are going to get.

As an intro, you should start your journey on youtube which is a good idea to get started with.

Wait! But what you should mention in your first ever video on your channel?

A Video that Introduces Yourself, Clarifies channel content, Build Trust, and gives people a reason to Stay is a good idea for a first youtube video. Try introducing yourself, Future Plans on channel or showcase the best, is good to get started.

Well, it may be anything that you love to introduce to your audience. But as a beginner, you don’t have an audience yet.

So it’s pretty obvious no one is going to watch your first ever video at your in beginning but it’s good to have an introduction video for viewers.

Let’s Explore more to understand why it’s important to have an introduction video & what an introduction video should have contained?

First Youtube Video Idea for beginners

First YouTube Video Idea For YouTube

Maybe now you get that introduction video is best to be published on your brand new channel. Before we move forward you must know that your content is the king that is going to give you Views, Subscribers, Get Sponsors, Name & of course Make Money without adsense.

So while deciding a yt channel content choose wisely. Content that is fresh, New & trendy is best to get started with. Make sure to keep your eyes around, see what is in trend & people are willing to explore.

Use necessary youtube equipment, tools, and apps dedicated for creators to generate quality content.

In a Hurry? So here Is a few common intro formats that everyone should follow as their first youtube video idea for beginners –

  1. Introduce Yourself To Viewers
  2. Add A Channel Trailer
  3. Showcase Your Best
  4. Announce a Series
  5. Revealing The Future Plans
  6. Giveaway Announcement


Tell Something about yourself or introduce yourself to others watching your videos such as:

Hi guys,

I’m Shubham Bhardwaj (your name) freelancer/blogger at RankTuber.com(Profession/Job title). Currently, I’m 21, love helping people through my content about youtube Guides, Growth Tips, Updates & authentic information that helps to solve their problems.

I) Your Experience/ Qualification

Now it’s the most important part, because whether you are a Tutor, Blogger, Chef, Gamer, or a tech geek. Tell them how much experience you have in your field, Your qualification, Degrees (if necessary).

This will help you build trust as well as trustworthiness among the audience for your content & profession. Such as:

“I’m a Professional Photographer certified by oxford university with over 2 years practical experience. I worked with one of America’s biggest fashin brand as a lead role.”

II) Why you decided to Start this Channel

Tell the audience why you decided to start this channel or what is the main purpose behind this channel. Such as:

I started this channel to share authentic & real professional photographing tactics that are not available on Youtube. I already saw some videos but didn’t find them detailed. So I decided to share every hidden detail through my videos.

OR in case you are a comedy channel

My aim is to spread happiness around the globe. Hoping my videos will bring a smile to your face.

III) What Audience will get on this Channel

Give them a reason to join you on youtube & stay connected to your content.

“So in my 2 years of experience in professional photography, I’ll give you a brief & fully explained tutorial ‘How to get started as a beginner. There’ll be some hidden, Powerfull tactics that I’ll share on this channel”

There will be 2-3 videos per week for photography and one for photo editing and effects.

So if you wanted a professional and seeking a career skill make sure you subscribe to our channel & press the bell icon to always keep updated with our latest videos.


Adding a Channel Trailer that already tells about the channel content is the best first youtube video idea. You can create it yourself using video editing tools.

If you don’t want to reveal yourself or looking for a faceless channel idea, then You may even use animation to create a channel trailer.

Already, there are thousands of famous faceless youtuber who never or rarely appear on camera.

But as always it should be clear to the audience about the channel content & how often you’ll publish new content.

In case if you don’t know how to add a channel trailer to your youtube then have a look at Tips to Make Your YouTube Channel Look Professional.


BEAUTY GURUS First Channel ideas

Beauty or Makeup is a great channel idea for girls whether they are students, Teenage Girls, Housewives, moms, or even working women.

Beauty is a very big topic in itself, you can showcase different types of tutorials and makeup tips.

When it comes to choosing a first-time youtube video idea, of course, Introduction is always the first, but apart from that you can also showcase:

I) Showcase Your Best

If you have good experience in makeup and beauty and you have done makeup for many people in the past, then of course you can showcase them in a video.

Such as Marriage, Bride, Function, Special Occasion, or even Regular Makeup.

When you showcase your best, only then people will know your skills and that will also help in building trust.

You may use your old makeup videos or create a slide show using images. You can use free to use Android Video editing software to convert photos into a video.

II) Announce a Series

You can announce a series on your channel for makeup and beauty tutorials like regular makeup tips or occasional makeup tips topics.

You may tell people that you are going to start a professional beauty tips Series on your channel from that day. If interested & wanted to learn, make sure to subscribe to get notified for new videos.

III) Revealing Future Video Plans

The best idea for the first video will be the future content discussion, that you are actually going to post on your channel.

What’s your future plan and which kind of content people should expect from this channel. Video Series, Makeup products & when to use, Regular Makeup, or live QnA sessions, etc.


first Gaming Video Ideas

Let’s talk about the 1st YouTube gaming video ideas for beginners who just started or wanted to start their YouTube journey.

Gaming is fun and you are also here to have fun, so there is no need to introduce your qualification, experience, etc.

But still, there are some common video ideas that you can use to get started with. Let’s have a close look at these ideas.

I) A Highlight

Montag, Highlight, Funny Moments, Best moments, or whatever you want to call it, is really a good idea to feature your gameplay on the channel.

Just record your whole gameplay using a video recorder on your desktop or smartphone. only select best or funny moments and remove extra portions to make a great highlight.

Gamers love watching this kind of video and if they find it enjoyable will definitely join you.

II) Start with Gaming Updates

Games are made up of very complex coding that constantly exposes flaws and requires updates to fix these shortcomings and add new items.

Some updates like – New Map, Costume, Weapons, Skins, Characters, and a variety of items.

All the gamers who play that game are always curious to know about these upcoming updates. It means that’s a great opportunity for you to be featured in front of thousands of gamers.

III) Showcase Your Editing Skill

Show Editing skills

This is best for a skilled person who has the best video editing skill to showcase in a gaming Niche. Doesn’t matter you aren’t a pro at gaming but love playing games and have video editing skills, so what are you waiting for.

Record your gameplay and start creating awesome beat-sync gaming videos. You have so many options to do with your gameplay using editing skills.

Create montages, Highlights, or Youtube Shorts to show your best. You can also start by giving some Youtube challenges.

IV) Giveaway Announcement

If you can manage then you should organize a short Giveaway to attract gamers to your channel. obviously, you need a budget to give a present to the winner. so only if you can afford then go for it.

You can offer them in-game items such as Weapon, Skin, Characters, Coin or Token, etc. Even You can also set a winner prize according to your budget.

Create a video describing tournament/ Giveaway Rules, schedules & ask people to share with their friends to join in the tournament.

FAQ – First Youtube Video idea

What can my first youtube video be about?

The Best idea for the very first youtube video is an Introduction about Yourself and Your Aim for the channel. That’ll help people to better understand who you are and what are you going to give them through the content.

How do you introduce your first YouTube video?

Create a Video Explaining who you are, What you do, your hobbies, Passion, Qualification, Experience in the Field, and most importantly your Future Plans for creating this channel. These all things will help you build trust among people watching your videos. For Example: Let’s say I’m a Fashion Designer. so in my introduction, I’ll tell – My self Shubham, I’m a professional Fashion Designer, completed my Fashion Designing Degree from Oxford University. I have worked for 4 years with big fashion companies like Myntra. So that is what when you describe yourself, it builds trust and gives them a reason to stay connected with you.

What was the 1st YouTube video?

Me at the Zoo by Javed.

How do YouTube pay you?

There is a lot of ways to make money on YouTube but the most commonly used is Google AdSense to monetize YouTube videos. But to monetize your channel, you must follow YouTube’s Partner Program policy. According to which you need 4000 watch hrs & 1k subscribers within a year on your channel. Once you complete the requirements you can apply to be a part of their partner program. After that, you may put ads on your videos to make money. Also, once you complete a minimum withdraw payment which is $100. Youtube automatically sends that to your bank account.


So finally if you decided to create a channel, just go for it and try out our first ever good YouTube videos ideas to get started as a beginner quick.

Doesn’t matter you are a Gamer, Beauty Guru, Makeup Tutor, Vlogger, Tech Geek, Singer, Streamer, Chef, couple, etc. Just follow some basic format to create your first-ever yt video that helps others understand your channel content.

You can do anything you like but make sure to introduce yourself and give them a reason to stay.

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