Faceless YouTubers are an important part of the social media landscape. They’re the faces of brands and they’re the voice of young, millennial consumers. This all makes them a powerful group of people who can influence what we watch, what we buy, and even how we think. But with so much power, you might think that they would be willing to show their face.

But there are some celebrities who don’t and the reason is that they are hiding something. This list of YouTubers who don’t show their face will show you some of the most famous Masked YouTubers who don’t want you to know who they are.

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famous Faceless Youtubers

Most Famous Faceless YouTubers List Who Don’t Show Their Face

YouTube is the world’s leading video platform, but it’s also a place where many YouTubers choose not to show their faces. From superstars to nobodies, these are the top 10 YouTubers who don’t show their face from USA, Australia, Canada, England, India even the whole world.

A Faceless Youtuber is a Youtube video Creator that keeps you Entertain, Educate, or Aware through Their Content. They Never or Rarely reveal themselves on camera but mostly use a Fictional character from a Game, Anime, or Cartoon. They use Free to use Copyright-free Footage, Screen Recording, Animation, or Caught on a camera clips to create content with a Voiceover.

Channel NameSubscribers
1Total Gaming32 Million
2Dream29 Million
3How to Basic17 Million
4Daily Dose of Internet13.5 Million
5H2ODelirious13.3 Million
6The Infographics Show11.7 Million
7Annoying Orange11.2 Million
8Hindi Countdown10 Million
9JoshDub9.5 Million
10TheRelaxingEnd8.5 Million
11Corpse Husband7.6 Million
12Angry Prash5.8 Million
13Top 5 Best5.5 Million
14CGP Grey5.3 Million
15jenny slime5.3 Million
16SwaggerSouls5 Million
17Aamchi Mumbai3.9 Million
18Nuke’s Top 53.6 Million
19A.I.Channel3.1 Million
20MrBossFTW3.1 Million
21Slamacow2.9 Million
22TigerTomato2.9 Million
23You Suck At Cooking2.9 million
24Andrei Terbea2.9 Million
25Chaos2.8 Million
26I Hate Everything2.1 Million
27Temponaut Timelapse1.9 Million
28BRAINY DOSE1.9 Million
29The Canadian Lad1.6 Million
30Reeders Books Club1.2 Million
31BlackySpeakz1 Million

Why do Faceless YouTubers hide their faces?

Many YouTubers, such as Annoying Orange, are known for their comedic personalities and for their ability to entertain their audiences. But many of these YouTubers hide their faces behind a construct or a mask.

This is a common trend among many Known, Minecraft Gaming, And Female YouTubers. The reasoning behind this is that the YouTuber wants to build a sense of mystery, and they want their audience to feel as if they’re watching a character.

This mystery is what makes many of these YouTubers so popular and loved by their audiences. They often avoid taking interviews because of the fear of face reveal.

How to Make Faceless Videos on Youtube

Today, we are going to be sharing with you some tips to create a video with no face. We know that there are many people out there who are not comfortable in front of the camera.

This is why a lot of people use a video with no face. So, today, we are going to be showing you how to create a youtube channel with no face. Whether it’s Gaming Videos or cooking videos.

We will also be sharing with you some tips if you decide to do a video with your face. If you’re interested in learning more about this, please continue reading!

1. Using Royalty-free Stock footage + Voiceover

There are a lot of best royalty-free stock footage on the internet and you should use them when creating your video. These are video clips that are free to use for commercial purposes and that you can download to use.

You can find these on sites like Pexels and YouTube Creative Common Attribute and many more. You’ll find a limited number of stock library for free but you can extend it with a paid plan.

The better way is to have a professional voiceover for your video and then find clips, edit in software, and sync with the audio.

Make sure to have a great quality voiceover for videos using a professional mic for youtube creators. Otherwise, it won’t work as you thought.

2. Record Hands-Only Videos

The second Tip to creating a video with no face is to use a hands-only format. This is a great technique because it ensures that your video contains everything you want to show your audience.

It also helps you create a cool, sleek video that has a professional feel. All you need to do to create this type of video is record your hands only.

You can use your hands to create a variety of motions that can be used in your video. For example, you can use your hands to show the action in the video or put your hands in different positions for Crafting, Cooking, Tutorial, etc.

You can also use your hands to make a variety of gestures that are associated with the topic of your video.

3. Screen Recording/ Screen Cast Videos

The third way to create a faceless youtube video is to use a Screen Recording/ Screen Cast Videos. You can use the best screen recorder software Windows, Mac, IOS, or Android tools to record your voice and your computer screen.

It is essential to have a microphone on your computer, otherwise, the recording will not be very good. You should also have a good internet connection, as this tool does require a lot of bandwidth.

You can use free options too. It is also important to make sure that you are using the right settings, resolution, and frame rate.

If you don’t know how to set up the software have a look at the user manual on the official websites. once you set up everything perfectly it will make the video look more professional.

4. Animation or Whiteboard Animation

The fourth way to create a video with no face is an Animation or Whiteboard Animation video. Animation is a pretty difficult term but nowadays there are many software available that helps you create animated videos in just a few minutes.

On the other hand, Whiteboard animation is a video production software that is designed to help you make professional-quality videos. It actually creates live sketching videos using characters, Graphics, Text, and photos.

Have you ever seen a video drawing live elements over background voice? That is whiteboard animation.

Faceless Youtubers FAQ

Who is the most famous faceless YouTubers?

Total gaming with over 32 Million Subscribers is the most Famous Faceless Youtuber from India also known as Ajju Bhai. Total Gaming is a Gaming Youtube channel that mostly uploads Free Fire Gaming Videos.

Why do some YouTubers don’t show their face?

There could be many reasons to not reveal their face, but most probably they do this to create a Crucity among the audience and to entertain them in a different way that doesn’t need to show face.


So guys, finally this was the Most Famous Faceless YouTubers List Who Don’t Show Their Face in their videos.

It’s not that they are hiding something or they are ashamed of their faces. It’s just that they prefer to stay anonymous.

Some of the most popular YouTube channels that do not show their faces include Total Gaming, Annoying Orange, and Corpse Husband.

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