As an Earning Platform, it becomes difficult to monetize youtube channel then How to Earn Money from YouTube Without Adsense in 2022 by Uploading Video. What are the AdSense alternatives for youtube?

Because  YouTube is a huge platform from which many people are Earning very well for a long time.

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But Google Adsense account is not enough to get a living. That’s why we are going to find out the best Google AdSense alternatives for youtube to make more money.

If you are new & don’t know how do people monetize youtube channel. so don’t worry. YouTube is a huge platform where you can share your knowledge with everyone.

But before you earn money from youtube by uploading video, You have to choose good content to serve with the audience, create videos, edit them, & upload them to YouTube.

Once your Channel meet youtube partner program requirements (complete 4,000 watch hours & 1,000 subscribers within a year) then you can ask youtube to enable monetization on youtube.

You also have to create a Google Adsense account to start getting paid on youtube.

Basically, Adsense is google’s product where you can manage advertisements, Analise total earnings & youtube payment methods to receive payment from youtube.

How to Earn Money from YouTube Without Adsense

People, have doubt they ask every time how much money do YouTubers make per subscriber / Per videos?

Most People think that All the YouTubers working on YouTube are earning from YouTube with the help of Adsense and earning very good amount.

But this is not completely true, because youtube monetization rates are different for all-region.

There are several Google Adsense alternatives for youtube that most YouTubers are using to Monetize youtube channel and even Make More money on youtube than Adsense.

So if you have a channel or you want to make more money on youtube, So here we have some ways that you should know “How to Earn Money from YouTube Without Adsense”.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Merchandise Selling
  4. Freelancing
  5. Sell Digital Products
  6. Crowd Funding
  7. Paid Consultant
  8. Paid Promotion
  9. Link Shorter

1. Affiliate Marketing on Youtube

Affiliate marketing is a very big earning source running on the Internet that everyone using to Earn money from youtube without AdSense uploading video. Whether they are a Youtuber, Blogger, or Social Media Influencer.

Listen! Brands spend millions on running huge website ads and enhance its Sale, so when you join their affiliate program, you also become a member of it and you would also have to sell their products.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Youtube?

Almost all the Huge e-commerce websites are using Affiliate Programme to gain sales Like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Etc.

All you have to do is create your affiliate account & use it as the best AdSense alternatives for youtube.

Most of the sites will approve your account without any Requirements.

After becoming a successful affiliate member, you are given a store ID which can also be called your affiliate ID.

For Example, Amazon Gives you a 2 to 10% commission whenever you generate a sale through Affiliate Link.

You have to make a video related to the product, whether it is a review or a comparison. Put the Amazon affiliate links on youtube Description.

But the main thing is you have to influence people to click the link & for that you can say – “Hey if you wanted to buy this product just check out the link given in the description go through that link to buy that product”.

That what other youtube creators are doing to Earn Money from YouTube Without Adsense uploading video. Even it’s best for beginners.

Just choose the best affiliate marketing program for your Niche that fits for your content.

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2. Sponsorship For Youtube Channel

If you have a YouTube channel with a great subscriber base and views then sponsorship is a great opportunity to earn money from youtube without AdSense.

There are many companies and websites on the Internet that are looking for influencers to promote their product or brand, at affordable prices.

For this, they spend on social media marketing. They also search for famous social media accounts or YouTube channels, with having a large number of audiences.

If you have a sufficient audience base and getting daily views on your videos then these brands can also pitch you for sponsorship.

Yes! Of course, it’s best Google Adsense alternatives for youtube that’ll help you to monetize youtube channel.

So keep in mind work on your channel as a brand and try to grow it like a brand. We have something that will help you to get sponsorship for small Youtube channel.

Where to Get Sponsor?

Famebit is a 100% genuine and legal website now organized by YouTube itself to help Creators & Brands too.


Basically, this website connects creators and brands, If a brand wants to promote itself, then it can directly contact the creators.

To create an account on this website, your channel should have only 5000 subscribers, no other youtube sponsorship requirements.

Just sign up with your Email ID, Fill in all required details, and add your channel to earn money from youtube without AdSense.

Because it helps the creators to come to the company’s sponsorship, so it takes some commission from your earning which is 10% only.

This means if you get brand deals on youtube of 100$ then this will keep 10$ as a commission & you’ll get 90$’ which is your total fresh income.

3. Selling Merchandise on Youtube

Merchandise Selling is Another Great Source of earning using YouTube without Adsense.

In recent days, YouTube has also added the option of merchandise selling to YouTube, So that the creators can earn more money by selling Merch.

To use this Feature, your channel needs to complete all requirements. Such as –

  • The channel should be monetized
  • Have more than 10k Subscribers
  • No Made for kids content
  • There should be no video on the channel that is against the YouTube policies

After being eligible, you can create an account on YouTube’s partner t-shirt printing website. Design your own Merch and Feature it on your channel. That’s how to earn money from youtube without AdSense.

But is only for Adsense users & we are looks for Google Adsense Alternatives for Youtube, So how to do that?

There are many websites that do t-shirt printing & also provides a Free Store. Just provide them your youtube t-shirt with channel name or logo they will handle the rest for you.

You can even sell your Mercedes by creating your own online Shopping store. You will need a Domain name and Hosting to create own Merch Store.

If you do not know How to Create an Online Shopping Store for youtube Merchandise then you can hire a freelancer to manage the store.

adsense alternatives for youtube

4. Freelancing -Earn Money from YouTube Without Adsense

Freelancing is one of the most demanding & successful Google AdSense alternatives for youtube because there is nothing to lose.

This is the way that you must choose if you want to earn money from youtube without Adsense, Investment, or Gears.

Freelancing Means Everything that you Knows, Learnt, can teach, Do for someone and sell. Means your Skills.

Yes! You can earn money online through your skills and if you are Youtuber then it’s like ‘Icing on the cake’.

Fiverr, Upwork is some such famous websites where people are making money by selling their skills online. You can offer your services to viewers to monetize youtube channel.

This website connects businesses with freelancers who provide digital services.

Suppose You know Professional Video Editing and someone needs a video editor for their brand. In such a situation, he will contact you through your profile and hire you.


5. Sell Digital course

When any type of services data content, etc are delivered through electronic media, using the Internet, Smartphone, or Computer it’s called Digital Services.

In this way, if you have knowledge of a particular subject and you want to teach it to people, then you can create a Digital Course and sell it online using your YouTube channel.

It could be an Ebook, Pdf, or a website to Sell the Course like – Udemy. It’s really the best Google AdSense alternatives to monetize youtube channel.

If you give value to people on your YouTube channel or give them some kind of teaching, then you can easily sell your advanced Digital Courses.

6. Crowd Funding

Well, Crowdfunding is not useful for everyone but if you are a Creator who provides some information or value to people which is very useful for them.

Basically, When an individual/Startup asks for funds from people for further continuation of their project startup business, it is called crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is usually used to continue a business startup. But there are also many creators on YouTube who are spreading value and people financially help them through crowdfunding.

If you are also a YouTube content creator and give your full-time on content creation, but you have financial problems, then you can appeal to your audience for funding.

So that you can continue your work in the future using Crowdfunding as Adsense alternatives for youtube.

earn money from youtube by uploading video

7. Paid Consultant

This could be a best Adsense alternatives for youtube opportunity for those who have specific knowledge about Marketing or Business.

Basically, A Consultant Helps Businesses to solve their Problems & Challenges.

Consultants are like Specialists, they analyze Problems, build a strategy & recommend firms & businesses to implement them to solve their problems.

It also helps an organization to improve its position as well. Dr. Vivek Bindra, Dan Lok is of the most famous YouTubers as well as A business coach/ Consultant.

It is not necessary that you are a professional businessman or a business coach to give suggestions or provide solutions.

There are many bloggers on YouTube who also sell their own courses and also provide solutions to beginners as consultants.

8. Paid Promotion on Youtube

I want to include all the things which I want to tell you through this blog. It is slightly different from sponsorship. But could be the best Google AdSense alternatives for youtube to Earn money from youtube without AdSense.

Featuring/ Promoting Something on your Channel Just to Get paid is Called Paid Promotion.

For sponsorship, either a company or a brand approaches you for promotion but this time you have to pitch them.

Here you have to contact yourself a brand or company, and you can tell them

‘I have so many subscribers, Viewers who watch my videos daily I can promote this product or your brand Through my channel.

Because a company only needs an audience to get promoted.

Keep in mind whenever you send your proposal to the company, then don’t forget to describe your channel Stats in it.

You have to tell something about your channel in such a way that it will be useful to the company for the promotion of their brand.

You can also Promote Stuffs, Games, Local Businesses to Earn Money from Youtube without Adsense.

monetize youtube channel
Credit: Lyfe Marketing

9. Other Adsense Alternatives For Youtube

There are Some other ways that could be used as an best AdSense alternatives for youtube channel but Personally, I’ll not suggest you do that.

I have seen some channels promoting the short links to their viewers. That is a very cheap, annoying & unethical kind of activity to make a few pennies.

I have also seen some YouTube channels to promote other channels or videos in their community tab just for money.

These methods do not affect the channel, but you should use them appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ’s}

Do you Need adsense to Make Money on Youtube?

Yes! Adsense is the first Common Step to make Money On youtube. There are also Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Channel Membership, Paid Promotion, Etc ways to earn money form youtube Without Adsense.

How MAny Views do You Need on Youtube to Make Money?

According to Youtube’s Latest Partner Program Policy Channel need to Comply with 4000 watch hours & 1000 Subscribers within a year to Monetize the Youtube Channel.

Can you Make Money Without Adsense?

Yes! It’s Pretty Simple to Make Money Without Adsense. You can use Affiliate Marketing, Paid Promotion, Freelancing, Selling Digital Services.

Do you Need 1000 Subscribers on Youtube to Get Paid?

Yes! According to Youtube Partner Program Policy you need atleast 1000 Subscribers on your channel so that you can apply for Google Adsense to place ads on your videos that’ll help to get paid.

How are Youtubers Paid?

Google Adsense is one of the largest common ways to monetize Youtube Channel. But apart from that Youtubers use Adsense Alternatives for Youtube Such as Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Paid Reviews, Promotions, Super chat, Crowdfunding, Etc.

Is it hard to Make Money on Youtube?

No! It’s Not hard to make money on youtube, even it’s one of the easiest way to just by sharing your knowledge uploading videos.

Who is the Highest Paid Youtuber?

A 9 Years old kid Ryan Kaji is the highest paid Youtuber of 2021. He is having 41.7 Million Subscribers, 12.2 Billion Views & an estimated $29.5 Million Earning on Youtube. (Source – Forbes)


So this was our Top most Recommended & Legit ways to monetize youtube channel uploading Videos.

I think Now you got ‘how to earn money from Youtube without AdSense uploading video. If you Still have any doubt you can directly contact us on Our Social Media Or Leave a Comment Below.

If you like this article so don’t forget to share this on your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media Platform. It really Motivates us.

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