If it were easy to make Stunning and Killer viral Youtube videos, almost every individual would be a YouTube influencer. Increasing the views of your YouTube videos along with the subscriber count is incredibly difficult.

If you really want to gain success on YouTube, you must create killer and stunning visual content that grabs instant attention and help you earn through a Profitable High CPM Niche on youtube.

You must have everything perfectly sorted in the very first place, starting from content to channel art.

All the parameters for YouTube video success should be good to go. Work on having everything right, and YouTube will be a great place for earning a considerable side income and paying all your bills.

The main concern here is how to create stunning and killer videos for your YouTube channel? Let’s start with seven tips and tricks that can help you out.

1. Have a Straightforward SEO Plan

Remember, search engine optimization is not just important for your articles, blogs, and site content but also for your YouTube videos because YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

People use YouTube not just for finding specific videos but even searching for information broadly. Some steps that can help you with video SEO are as follows:

  • Include titles in your videos because they’re one of the best ways to catch people’s attention.
  • Make sure your titles are short and informative.
  • Ensure that your titles have relevant keywords.
  • Your video descriptions should also include relevant keywords.
  • Include a link to your site in your video description.
  • Don’t forget to use tags with varied keywords.
  • Create colourful, engaging, branded, eye-catching, and high-quality thumbnails. Because these are the first things that make viewers watch your visual content.
  • Optimize videos for better discovery.

2. Researching the Topic of Your Video Content Matter

Researching the Topic

Researching your video topic is important because this will help you in understanding what other creators have already done with the subject.

This will further help you decide on what really works and what improvements you can make, along with the things you can do a bit differently.

To start with, get straight to the channels where you’ll be distributing your content. Watch at least five to ten-minute videos on your topic or on similar topics.

Keep track of videos that get the maximum number of views for that topic, the varied video styles and structures, the calls to action, the video length, and the transitions used.

All this together will help you plan your YouTube visual content and see for yourself how it appears.

3. Edit Your Video: Killer and Stunning

Recording your video will be an easy task but what will matter most after is the editing. This is where you’ll be cleaning up all the mess and mistakes if you’ve made any.

You need to use a multifaceted and best YouTube video editor if you’re looking to make your visual content YouTube-ready.

Getting to this part of creating YouTube videos and realizing that you can make specific corrections to improve the quality of your content is absolutely fine.

It’s better than going back all the way and doing things right. The editing procedure should entail 

  1. Organizing the clips in perfect order
  2. Removing unwanted bloopers, weird pauses, and footage, then adding a voice-over if required
  3. Adding intros and outros, adding transitions and cuts, making colour adjustments 
  4. Finally, using text on the screen to help viewers retain information better.

4. Make the Topic of Your Video Clear


Your video should contain enough information for people to decide whether they’re willing to watch it or not right in the very beginning. This is very important if you want more views for your stunning and killer videos content.

Remember, it’s not easy to skim the video details except the description and title. Don’t assume that people will necessarily go through your five to ten-minute visual piece.

Instead, make sure you write an informative and accurate synopsis highlighting just three to four advantages of watching your video that the audiences will find useful. 

It’s important to transcribe the video as well, as it will give viewers the matter in textual form so they can go through it faster and decide if they want to watch it that way.

5. Plan Your Youtube Video Content

Planning your content is important because this will enable you to create the video systematically.

Are you looking to educate the audience about your products or services, or do you want to teach them a skill, concept, or idea to follow?

Do you want to create something entertaining and fascinating, or do you want to raise the public’s awareness about a certain problem or product?

Answering these questions will allow you to identify what you’re looking to accomplish with your content even before starting with the production.

Planning your video content right from the beginning will familiarize you with what type of content you must create and how to deliver the same.

6. Get the Right Equipment

Youtube Equipments

Of course, you’re using a YouTube video-making tool for creating high-quality visual content, but what about the different gadgets you must use for the process?

Remember, producing different varieties of videos might require the use of various kinds of equipment.

The most important things you will need for the perfect video creation process include a microphone, camera, tripod, lighting kit, storage gear, and video editing tool.

In the camera department, you have the flexibility of using your smartphone for the purpose.

7. Choose the Right Distribution Outlets for Your Content

Last but not least, this is one of the most significant points you must keep in mind when trying to create fascinating YouTube videos.

What’s the whole point behind creating stunning and killer videos content when you cannot distribute it properly?

It’s not just YouTube where your video should appear. Make sure that you post your videos on as many platforms as possible.

To start with, try using your content on your site itself, or share it directly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, or publish it on SlideShare and embed it directly in your emails.

Final Thoughts

You need to put in a reasonable amount of effort and time to create striking, high-performing, stunning videos for YouTube.

With a bit of creativity and the right video creation plan, you can quickly capitalize on the popular platform.

Use your ability to narrate an inspirational story to encourage audiences to watch your videos and take action.

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