If you are one of the WordPress users you definitely need a link management tool that can help and manage all your links at once.

but what is a link management tool and what it does?

if you are not familiar with this kind of tool “A Link Management Tool Helps You manage, shorten, & analyze Links on your own domain, so you get detail insight of all your posts and medias.”

One basic feature of every link management system is to make a long and unprofessional links look professional. There are lots of link shortener websites available that can easily short your links. But they don’t provide you any insights about your data or your link that has been shared on different Platforms, social media, etc.

Here comes ClickWhale for all your links related solution at one stop on your own domain.

What is ClickWhale?

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Apart from shortening link to link manager, tracking codes and detailed statistics makes it the professionals Stuffs.

While using ClickWhale you’ll have full control over customized Slug, Clicks and Traffic source tracking. Head over to the dashboard and where your custom links are getting shared.

A Beginners friendly minimalistic interface makes it easier to use, even if you had never used any suck tools before.


What Are The Key Features of ClickWhale?

You can customize shorten links, create personal Bio link page, Use it as a professional links management system for all your marketing campaigns.

1. Customized Shorten Links

Short & branded URLs: It is unprofessional and irritating when someone shares a links with us on social media. Now Make looooooooong URL Short as well as branded including own branded identity using WordPress Plugin.

Link Categories: A very useful option for large media houses, Publications and agencies who has tons of articles, links, blog posts and social media links to share on a daily basis.

Give all your links a specific categorization which makes it quick access and easy to access a links-thanks to-links categories.

Import your links: Those already using other link manager don’t worry, simply Import your links to clickwhale without redirection or error. Along with shorten links create your own brand URL with more precise data than before.

Better Ranking: This tool will help you in SEO too with providing traffic channels, click through rate and experiments that will enhance the CTR ratio for each new campaign. As an agency you can track visible effect to share them to clients.

2. Personal Bio Link Page


Have you ever wondered why all your marketing strategies and campaigns are getting ruined even after spending so much money and mind to it.

This is because you are still lacking a professional Bio Link page for all your social media and publications.

A bio page not even tells your audience who you are but also gives them a broad way to follow you on different social media whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, etc.

You can’t add all your social media links on every platform you are using instead you can use Bio link to drive your followers or targeted audience to get lead.

A Must Have for All social Media Creators, Influencers and Agencies mainly devoted to social media marketing.

3. Plugin For Professional Marketers


As it said. Clickwhale is devoted to solve creators and agencies problem hence there is a free wordpress plugin which is easy to install and run at your own domain.

Once you complete the one-time setup process, you are good to go. You’ll be able to manage all your links relates tasks at your fingertips without needing multiple an external tool for several work.

The Code snippet is another cool feature that can be placed individually on a page to gather all traffic sources and users’ behavior on same dashboard.

The dashboard has everything you need to know about your pages and custom URLS.

4. Statistics & Data Dashboards


There is no progress if you can’t analyze your work. Tracking and analyzing of data in marketing is one of the crucial parts of all your efforts, if you can’t track, you can’t see how much your efforts worth.

One of the toughest tasks in digital marketing is building authority and credibility through link building, that requires lot of time and efforts writing guest posts, finding sources to give a place for your work on their domains.

That’s where clickwhale comes in with a handy dashboard to help you understand and analyze all your data related to your links. Where it is being shared, Clicks, Traffic sources and much more.

It even allows you to track Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Conversion tracking at the same time within the tool. Which usually requires different kind of tools to track particular task individually.

Such as Google analytics for traffic demographic, source of device, and google ads for PPC, CTR and performance measurement.

Plans & Pricing

Clickwhale is free to use tool however there are some advanced features specially designed for professionals and agencies to provide more efficiency for their daily tasks.

The basic free plan includes Link manager, Link Page, and tracking code feature for beginners and bloggers who are just getting started to it.

Those already aware of power of links analysis can avail Detailed Statistics, E-Commerce Conversion Tracking, Social Profile, UTM Campaign Tracking, Blog Posts Feed (will be automatically updated), Advanced Customization Options (such as branded background images), and more with pro user’s plan.

Lifetime Plan is available for a Limited time of period, grab it before its gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Link Shortener?

A Link shortener is a way of creating a tiny, customized brand links that looks professional. Some free tools are bitly, Tinyurl and Shorturl.

What a Link Management Tool Does?

A link management system helps short, create a custom URL, track and analyze overall links data for marketing purposes, which helps understand targeted audience and track conversion performance.

Why should I not use Free Link Shortener?

The free Link shortener is not reliable for long run. There are lack of customization and data inputs for marketing. However, you can use them just to short links. But professional links management system like click whale provide you detailed insights and ease your marketing efforts.

How can I use link tracking for retargeting campaigns?

Link tracking is the only way to capture audience insight and retarget them which as highest possibility to get a paying user back from your campaign. To get retargeting done you need a link management took which solely does the task for all your needs.

Final Verdict

Management and Data Analysis is a Part of every business whether it’s related to social media, Websites or an agency. When we have detailed keyword, position and ranking overview, links tracking level up your game.

A Link manager, Bio page, and brand URL at your own domain makes all your little efforts professional and build credibility among followers.

Not just that while working as a SEO expert you have a detailed blueprint of all your linking strategies, including outreach, broken links, PPC/CTR as well as link tag and status for a better visibility on search engines.

Whether you only need a link shortener or a professional tool, first create a checklist of features you need to get your job done.

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