The same old style classic Color doesn’t look cool on Twitch but what if we can add colors to it. Well yes, There’s a way that actually works & will definitely help you if you’re searching away ‘How To Change Twitch Name color on Chat pc or mobile 2024.

Basically, there are two different ways to for the same both are very easy, you don’t even need any additional software. 1st is through twitch chat settings & 2nd is through Command. So let’s see the step-by-step guide.

How To Change Twitch Name Color

So the first step is pretty easy but first of all, you need Twitch on your pc & log in with your account.

  1. Open the ChatBox Tab
  2. Tap to the Settings gear next to the Chat button
  3. Once you open the chat settings then ‘Switch to Non-Mod settingsChange Twitch Name Color
  4. Then on identity tap edit or your usernameedit identity
  5. Now you can Edit your Name, Customise Badge & Change Name Color
  6. Select any Preset Colors or go to more Colors option for customizationchat
  7. There you get a color picker to choose a favorite color or even you can get a particular color using Hex Color codeChange Twitch Name Color
  8. See the color preview for both Normal light & Dark mode
  9. At last, confirm color to save the settings

Using this Chat or prime Gaming Setting you can Change Twitch Name color on Chat. All you need to do is just pick your favorite color that you want to apply to your username, that’s it.

How to Change Twitch Chat Color

Now come to the 2nd way & you can say we’re gonna change twitch chat color but in a different way. This method is also very simple but you need to follow the command to do that. So let’s move to the steps

  • As always open Twitch & login account
  • Open the chatbox /tab
  • Type slash (/) color in the chatbox
  • Once you type this Twitch automatically recommend the command prompt just like ( /color [color] ) thatChange Twitch Name Color
  • Now replace the [color] with the color name or Hex Name you want to show in chat. For example, I want my chat color Orange so that the command is ( /color Orange ) or even I could use Hex Color code like ( /color #FFA500 )

That’s it now you’ve successfully changed Chat color. It may take up to 5 minutes to apply this command & Change Twitch Name color on Chat so please be patient. In case If you still do not see any changes then tap settings next to the chat button then chat appearance & deactivate the readable colors.

Change Twitch Chat Color

This is because some colors do not appear correctly on light and dark modes.  Therefore, the Twitch automatically detects these colors and makes them visible.

Source Video: Slurp Tech


Frequently Asked Questions

How do You Get Colored Text on Twitch Chat?

You can easily Get Colored Text on Twitch Chat name or Username. There are two different ways to do that 1st is through Chat Settings & 2nd is through Command prompts. You can see the step-by-step tutorial above with images.

What’s a good twitch name?

A name that describes your personality in one word & it should be short and catchy so that people can easily remember that. But most importantly your Name should be unique than others.

Wrapping Up!

So this is How To Change Twitch Name color on Chat on Pc or mobile 2024. You can get colored your username to your favorite one like Black, white, Orange, Purple, Red or etc. Hope this was helpful.

If it works so make sure to share this on your Social Media Platforms & if you still have any problems feel free to contact us over Social Media or Join the Group.

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