Do you want to Know about best YouTube Tag Extractor 2024 or youtube tag finder Tools For Video, which helps you to get popular YouTube tags for views on Videos.

Many new beginners on YouTube do not use tags in the video because they do not know what tags are, how they works and how it can be used to gain views and subscribers.

Best YouTube Tag Extractor

Best Youtube Tag Extractor

Here is Some Best Youtube Tag Extractor Methods to view viral youtube video keywords from others video.

What is YouTube Videos Tag!

Every YouTube Creator must know what is a Tag on YouTube, how it works & helps to rank our videos.

If you do blogging and you have little knowledge about search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you must know about keywords.

Keywords & Tags works in the same way. Just as keywords are used to rank a website on the Internet, similarly tags help to rank videos on YouTube.

What Tags Does?

Tag tells the system what your video is about or what will be searched on youtube when your video appears in search results on YouTube.

Suppose I taught How to make Cake in my Video, How do People Know that I have taught cake Making in my Video so that I’ll add a Tittle & Description as well in Video.

I will also put Tags in the video so that the system can know what my video is about and whenever someone searches related to it on YouTube, my video will also appear in the search result.

Best Youtube Tag Extractor

Now if you want to see the tags of someone else’s video then there are some YouTube video tag finder ways that you can follow to see best YouTube tags list. Basically, there are two ways to video tag checker.

View Page Source: YouTube Tag Extractor

This method is only for PC users Who use Computer to Browse YouTube in Chrome. So if you are an Android mobile user then you won’t be able to use this method in your device for youtube tag finder.

To Find Someone Else Tags just follow these simple steps In your Chrome Pc Browser –

  1. Go to in browser
  2. Browse for the videos whose tag you want to see
  3. Play that Video or just tap on the video
  4. Right-click anywhere except video
  5. Tap View Page Source or just Press Ctrl+U
  6. You have a new Source Page. Press Ctrl+F for the find.
  7. Type ‘Keyword’ In ‘find this page’ Bar.
  8. Press Enter to find the Exact Keyword in Page Source
  9. All the word written after the Keyword is Tags.
Best YouTube Tag Extractor

Now you have all that which has been used in the video. To use them Just youtube tags list copy-paste in your notepad or directly in the video tags section.

I think this one is the best easiest YouTube Tag Finder way anyone can use without any Extension or Application.

Vidiq: Youtube Tag Extractor

This One is also a YouTube video tag finder Tool which is quite easy to use & maybe the best software For YouTubers to see YouTube tags. So this is a Chrome Extension named Vidiq.

Just go to Chrome web store & Add this tool in your browser. This is going to be a best youtube tag finder for sure. Just follow these steps-

  1. Create an account on Vidiq using Email, Name & password
  2. Confirm Email Address For account verification
  3. Once Vidiq starts working Go to
  4. Find out the videos whose tags you want to see
  5. Click on video To play or start it
  6. This tool will automatically show you All video tags
Best YouTube Tag Extractor

Actually, Vidic is a Youtube tool that helps you to Rank your videos. It’s not just a youtube video tag extractor, it also shows you which Keyword is ranking of that video & also the SEO score.

This tool is not free to use but you won’t be able to use the premium options but you can easily get a Free month trial unlimited time. How to use vidiq pro for free is here>> Boost Vidiq Free


I’ve seen a lot of Youtubers that they use the wrong keyword in their videos just for getting Views & subscribers. They make cooking Video but they put other trending topic’s Keyword in video tag.

This Is called Keyword Abusing or Keyword Misusing. Youtube takes Strict action against this type of illegal activities. So always use fair & topic related tags in your videos.


Now I think we know everything about – YouTube tag extractor tool to see someone else’s tags & you create best YouTube tags list to boost Video Ranking.

I think this will help you to grow your channel. If you still have any Problem or want me to suggest anything Let me know in comments.

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