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Top 6+ Best YouTube Extensions for Creators 2021 [Click & Done]

Hey Youtuber! we have some Best YouTube Extensions for Creators that will not just help you to make videos but help you to rank your videos on top. Basically, you can add these Chrome extensions to your browser and do the task with a single click.

By the way, many extensions are available but we have tried to include only the best and useful for every YouTuber. Such as YouTube SEO tool, Screen Capturing, One-tap Sharing, Analytics, etc.

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Best YouTube Extensions for Creators

While preparing a list, we have kept in mind which extension will help YouTubers to rank their videos higher, Increase productivity, or even make some difficult tasks easy.

#2 Tubebuddy YouTube Extensions for Creators

Tubidy is another youtube analytics Chrome extension addon for creators who wants to rank their videos on top. Tubebuddy helps to optimize your videos Title, Tag, and Description that makes a video searchable & rank higher.

youtube analytics Chrome extension
Image by: TubeBuddy

It’s one of the best YouTube channel manager tools that also provide you some amazing features such as Channel Analytics, Video tags, Top Keywords, Suggested keywords, Thumbnail Generator, etc.

Heavy and time-consuming tasks can be done in seconds with the bulk action feature such as End Screen, Thumbnails, Video Card manage, Find & Replace, Avoid double ad Clicks, etc.

Overall all its Features Make it Must have best YouTube Extensions for Creators to grow These days.

#1 VidIQ Vision for YouTube

VidIQ Vision is one of the best youtube analytics Chrome extension addon that helps to manage and rank videos on top. It’s some multipurpose tool that does not just suggest keywords, title, tags, and description but also tells you the competitor’s video Data.

VidIQ Vision for YouTube
Image by: VidIQ

Also works as Channel Manager which also shows the data related to your channel such as Watch Time, Subscribe Gained, Views, Like Dislike Ratio, etc.

The bulk editing options are amazing to do the high Time-Consuming tasks quickly. You can also Check a particular keyword’s data on YouTube like Total Monthly Searches, Average Views, Competition, etc.

#3 AddToAny

AddToAny is one of the best all-in-one social sharing platforms. Or you can say best chrome extensions for youtube creators to share on all social media at once.

Best YouTube Extensions for Creators

AddToAny allows you to share your content in one tap such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Pinterest, etc. You know, it takes a lot of time to share our YouTube videos on all social media one by one but this extension does the same task within seconds.

Not just that even it has so many other platforms like Flipboard, Diggo & other social sharing or bookmarking sites that you can use as per your needs.

#4 Screencastify Youtube Extensions for Creators

Screencastify is the best free screen recorder for pc chrome extension for creators who are looking for a Screen Recorder. Screencastify allows you to record a browser tab, a whole desktop screen, or only the webcam as per your choice.

Best YouTube Extensions for Creators
Image by: Screencastify

Wait! If you want to record your screen with facecam + audio then you can do that with this extension. It also has a mouse point highlighter and draw feature that helps to highlight the main point in the video.

The premium version has some advanced features such as video cropping or editing also.

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#5 Social Blade

The overall data of a YouTube channel is in the Creator Studio, but Social Blade is the best YouTube Extensions for Creators that provides you all the information related to anyone’s YouTube channel.

Best YouTube Extensions for Creators

Basically, Social Blade only shows you overall channel performance that can’t be 100% accurate but yes most of them are accurate. Such as Live Subscriber Count, Subscribers Gained or Lose within a day/ Month, Estimated earning, Daily Views, etc.

The best thing about the social blade is it also shows Video Tags & gives a video ranking by its Performance. Even you can use it to see someone’s subscribers YouTube. 

#6 Grammarly

Grammarly has 10 Million+ Users & 40,000+ Reviews Which is a good sign for its features. There is no difference in its name and features. Basically, it’s a free grammar correction tool extension used by professions for perfect conversation or Description.

best extensions for youtube creators

The Grammarly auto-corrects every little grammatical mistake and creates a professional paragraph. Use this one of the Best YouTube extensions for creators to write Professional Video Descriptions or Brand Mails.

Not only this, when you are conversing with a brand, it also makes your Mistakes auto-corrected and makes them professional.

Wrapping Up!

So this was our list of the Top 6+ Best chrome extensions for youtube creators that you should have in your chrome Browser to grow. All these add-ons are useful & will help to manage your Channel.

I hope you found this article helpful. Make sure to share this on your social media Groups. It keeps us Motivated!

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