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[Top 6] Best Microphone For Youtube in India 2021 [Recording Streaming]

Huge Numbers come with huge Responsibilities. By the way, your audio is the only way through which you can connect with people directly. So choosing the best microphone for youtube videos in India in 2021 for Recording, Streaming, Youtube videos, podcasts, Music, Gaming, Voiceover, vlogging & more could help you to conversate with engaging & crystal clear audio.

While starting up a brand new YouTube channel you required some best youtube equipment for beginners that help you make better videos and a microphone is one of them.

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There are various kinds of microphones such as Dynamic, Ribbon, Condensor, Cardioid pattern & more. Each microphone differs from other microphones in size, type, teacher, and function. Therefore, you should also know which microphone is appropriate according to your requirement.







Recording, Streaming, Youtube videos, podcasts, Music, Gaming, Voiceover



Voiceover, Gaming



Youtube Videos



Podcast, Singing



Gaming Commentary





Do You Need a Microphone For Youtube?

Have you ever seen a bad audio quality video in YouTube trending section? or Would you like to see a video whose audio is not good at all?

Of course not! Because everybody loves quality content whether it’s a YouTube video, a podcast, or a gaming stream. And when a lot of people are watching/hearing you, it’s your responsibility to provide them with the highest possible quality.

Nowadays microphones have evolved. Their function is not limited to recording sound, but they also perform audio monitoring as well as removing background noise. Here are some advantages of having a great external mic:-

Do You Need a Microphone For Youtube
  • Provide Crystal Clear Voice
  • Remove Background Noice
  • Amplify your Voice/ Audio
  • Easy to edit & add effects
  • Multiple onboard controller
  • change Volume, Gain or Pattern


Well, there are many microphones available on the internet and it is not possible to include them all in one list so we have selected only the greatest one. While making this list, we have selected only the best professional microphones that are budget-friendly and suitable for both Beginners & professionals.

We already have an article on cheap & affordable best collar mic, so we didn’t include them in this article. But we tried our best to include a great microphone for each category whether you are a Youtuber, Streamer, Podcaster, singer, or else.

Blue Yeti USB Mic For Recording and Streaming

Best Microphone For Youtube in India

Key Specifications

  • 4 Different Pickup Patterns
  • On Mic Volume, Mute Controller
  • Fully Flexible Compact Design
  • Built-in Headphone Amplifier
  • Plug ‘N’ Play (No Drivers Needed)
  • YouTube, Game Streaming, Music

Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording and Streaming is the best overall Microphone for Recording Youtube Videos, Broadcast, Game Streaming, Podcasting, Skype Calls, and music.

Features: There are 4 different Pickup Patterns to captures sound equally from all directions, narrow pickup angle, stereo & Cardioid to record only front audio to reduce other noise. You can fully control the patterns by onboard controllers to record crystal clear audio.

The Microphone has 4 onboard controllers for different purposes. Such as Mute: So that you can simply turn off your audio while streaming in a single tap. Headphone volume: Yes you can add headphones at the same time & control volume with the controller.

Pattern: You can select one of the microphone pickup patterns as per your choice. Gain: Gain is typically used to boost the output signal for mic level to make it compatible with your device.

Also, a USB to Type B port at the bottom to power the microphone & connect with your Pc, Mac, Laptop.

Design: Blue Yeti USB Mic is flexible, Durable, & long-lasting. There is a tiny mic stand so that You can adjust its direction easily. This ‎1 kg 450 g microphone comes in 4 colors, really worth your money & best for professionals.

Maono AU-A04 Condenser Microphone Kit 

Key Specification

  • Noise Cancellation for Clear Audio
  • Adjustable scissor arm stand
  • Pop filter & foam windscreen
  • USB 2.0 Port to USB A
  • Plug N Play Makes it Easy to use
  • works on Almost All Devices
  • Recordings, Podcasts Voiceovers

This Maono AU-A04 Condenser Microphone Kit is one of the Best Microphone For Recording Youtube Videos, Voice over, & podcasts. The best thing about the microphone is that it’s a budget-friendly kit for starter YouTubers. It comes with a Matelic scissor arm stand, Pop Filter & windshield foam to provide you stability & clear audio without background noise.

Features: This is a Cardioid Pattern microphone that doesn’t just increase audio sensitivity also helps to minimize the surroundings for the best possible audio. Noise cancellation foam and pop-up filter enhance the noise cancellation process.

The microphone is fully flexible (Almost 360 degrees), adjustable, & durable so that you can record the best possible audio for the videos.

Design: The whole microphone kit is fully Matelic whether we talk about, Mic, scissor arm stand, Pop Filter, shock mount, or Table Clamp. You can easily install & connect it with a Mobile, Laptop, Computer, PS4.

X The Only Thing I Didn’t Like about this microphone is there is no way to directly connect it with a camera or Smartphone.

Fifine K669B USB Microphone for Youtube Videos

Key Specification

  • High durable Metal Body
  • Reduce Other Background noises
  • Onboard Volume Controller
  • Adjustable Tripod Stand
  • Plug N Play Microphone 
  • Youtube, Streaming, Recording, Podcast, Skype/ Zoom Calls

Fifine K669B Metal is the best USB Microphone for Youtube, Podcast, Voice over, or indoor video.

Features: It’s a USB-powered microphone which means you can easily plug & play in your PC, Laptop, or PS4 without installing any external software/driver. There is an onboard volume controller that you can use to increase, decrease or mute the volume gain while streaming.

Use Audacity software to make it sound more clear or you can apply filters as per your choice. Overall there are all the basic features you’ll need for your content creation at entry-level.

Pattern: Cardioid Polar Pattern, a directional mic that only captures Front-end sound & ignores sounds coming from behind or sides. The pattern works as a nice cancellation for crystal clear audio.

Design: It’s a Fully metal body microphone that comes with an adjustable (vertical and horizontal) table tripod stand. The matt black color feels professional.

This mic has an inbuilt USB cable, if it becomes damaged you won’t change it instead you have to buy a new microphone.

Rode NT-USB Mini USB Microphone for Podcast

Best Microphone For Youtube in India

Key Specification

  • Directional Microphone to Pick Only Front Sound
  • Reduce Other Background Notices
  • Clear, Professional Sound
  • In-built pop filter Reduce Air Flow
  • Easy to use Plug N Play Feature
  • 360-Degree Swing Mic Mount
  • Podcasting, Streaming, Musician, Gaming, Voice-Over

Are you looking for the best microphone for Podcasting, Streaming, Singing, Gaming, Voice-Over, or more, Rode NT-USB Mini Studio quality USB Microphone is a professional option for everyone.

Features: It’s a USB-powered microphone that does not need to install any driver, Just plug & play in your PC, Laptop, Tablet device. There is an inbuilt headphone jack so that you can use it to monitor zero-latency & remove additional background echo.

Also, the onboard controller accurately amplifies or Adjust headphone volume. The best thing is they provide you free Rode Connect Software for level metering, sound pads, mute button, multi-channel recording, and more.

Pattern: Directional cardioid pickup which only captures the sound coming in its radius and avoids all other background noise that works as a great nice cancellation without an external Pop filter.

Design: This tiny Rode NT-USB Mini microphone looks good on work station made with Steel & reinforced nylon resin (typical engineering plastic). The magnetic mic base is to keep the mic stable & avoid knocks and bumps.

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic for Youtube Gaming Commentary

Key Specification

  • Highly Flexible Pickup Pattern
  • Flexible Metal Tripod Stand
  • Plug N Play USB Microphone
  • Depth & Clear Audio Quality
  • Youtube, Streaming, Podcasting, Skype calls

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac is great for you to get started as a professional Podcast, Streaming, Commentary, or Youtube videos Voice over.

Feature: This is a Custom Condenser Capsule Microphone that helps for more focused & clear audio than a normal one. It’s a Plug N Play microphone, so even if you are a newbie you just have to connect it with your device, Open any audio software & start recording the voiceover for your videos.

It’s a kind of directional mic that only captures your voice & reduces background surrounding. If you’ve already recorded with a microphone, you won’t even need to apply a pop filter. Thanks to the compact size.

Pattern: The highly flexible pickup pattern is best for every kind of audio purpose, whether you use it on your Computer, Laptop, or Mac.

Design: The Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic looks really cool on the work table & gives a premium feel. It’s a fully metallic microphone that comes in 2 (Black & white) color variants, also includes a tiny mic stand to keep it stable.

Rode VideoMicro best Microphone For Vlogging

best microphones for vlogging

Key Specification

  • Directional Condenser Microphone
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Durable Aluminum Metal Body
  • Plug N Play “No Battery Required”
  • Includes Camera Shoe & Shock Mount
  • Best For Travel, Vlogging, Youtube Videos

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera is the Best microphone for youtube vlogging to record outdoor audio recording with your DSLR Camera, Smartphone or iPhone.

Features: The boom mic is really compact for a DSLR camera that comes with a Shoe to mount it on the camera & a shock mount to prevent quakes. All you need to do is just mount this on your camera, plug wire & play.

No additional operation is required. But if you are looking to connect it with the phone, Tablet, or iPhone you’ll need a 3.5mm (TRS to TRRS) connector (buy separately).

Pattern: It’s a directional condenser Cardioid microphone that only monitors the audio coming from the front & reduces distracting background noise.

Design: Rode VideoMicro is a tiny on-camera microphone that is lightweight as well as portable so that you can travel comfortably. The full body is made with aluminum also includes a Wind Shield to prevent air noise.

Have to buy a 3.5mm (TRS to TRRS) connector separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What microphones do YouTubers use?

All YouTubers create different content so their requirement is also different. Also, there are different kinds of mic available on the market such as lavalier, Shotgun, Condensor, Dynamic, etc. But most commonly YouTubers use Blue Yeti for multiple purposes.

Do you need a microphone for Youtube?

Yes! Everyone likes quality, so why not record the audio in better quality too? Not everyone can buy a better mic but you must use a basic mic even for beginners. you may record audio from a smartphone or camera’s mic but you won’t get clear audio and noise cancellation.

Which MIC is good for making Youtube videos?

Blue Yeti for Multipurpose, Maono AU-A04 or Fifine K669B for voiceover, Rode NT-USB Mini for podcasting, Blue Snowball iCE for gaming/ Streaming/ Commentary, Rode VideoMicro for vlogging.

Does microphone make you sound better?

Yes! microphone make you sound better. In this digital age, with the help of technology, such features are provided in the microphone. So that you can control your audio as well as remove background noise at the same time.
Not only this, but different mics are also available for different purposes. Such as Singing, Voice-Over, Vlogging, Commentary & so on.


Wrapping Up!

So this was s list of the top 6 Best Microphone For Youtube in India for Recording, Streaming, Voiceover, Vlogging, singing & more. Choose a mic that fits your budget & provides the best quality for your purpose.

Still, have any doubt or confusion “which one to choose? Drop your doubts on our social media handles or join us on telegram to keep yourself updated about the latest youtube tips. To appreciate our effort share this on your social media groups. It keeps us motivated!

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