Are you a Pc Gamer & looking for the New best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 India? If yes! then you are in the right place. Because we know how hard it is to play on pc with normal Keyboards that aren’t comfortable for (Fortnite, Pubg, GTA5, etc) gaming purposes.

There are so many kinds of keyboards on the market such as Wired, Wireless Mechanical, USB Gold Plated, Braided cables, Reb Led Lighting, Color Breathing &, etc. But you should always choose the best one for your device that is compatible with Windows (10,8,7, Mac, Os, Ps4) Durable. Most importantly under the budget/ Budget-friendly.

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 in India

There are many types of gaming keyboards are available in the online market, out of which you can see a list of some of the best keyboards here. All these items are top-rated, Most selling items so you don’t need to worry about them.

1. Redragon Shiva K512 Gaming Keyboard

Redragon Shiva K512
  • 6 Programmable Keys (G1-G6)
  • 7 Pre-Set Lighting Modes
  • Anti-Ghosting Keys
  • A Dedicated Media Controller
  • Magnetic Detachable Wrist-Rest

Redragon Shiva K512 is a Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard that is not as best as a mechanical one but still, it’s one of the best in the membrane category.

There you have 6 onboard macro programmable keys that work without any additional software. These keys are fully customizable so that you can give it a Control command to make your gaming more comfortable.

The Redragon Shiva K512 comes with fully adjustable Rgb led lights with 7 pre-set lighting modes, which you can control by function keys or give your own imagination color via software.

26 Anti-ghosting keys for fast Response while gaming and additionally the media keys to control, Play, Pause media in a single tap.

There’s a hard plastic detachable magnetic wrist rest, which is not so comfortable as a cushion one but it’s worth having at this budget price.

2. Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard

 Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard
  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Wrist Support for Long Gaming
  • Detachable wrist Rest Area
  • 22 Spectrum LED Mode Effects
  • Control Knob: Volume, Play, Pause
  • Ergonomic Design, Metal Top

If talking about Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard specification. It comes with dial short keys, a metal body frame, and a 22 Spectrum LED Mode for an awesome gaming experience.

This is a budget-friendly keyboard that has a Wrist rest for long gaming, Anti ghost, media controller, and window lock as well.

The best thing about this keyboard Led is all keys light up individually, and you can fully control the led effects by the function keys.

The body design is ergonomic, made with a metal top, plastic on the bottom, and on wrist rest, which is fully adjustable. This means you can assemble or disassemble the wrist rest area when not in use.

3. Corsair K55 RGB PRO Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB PRO Gaming keyboard
  • 6 Onboard Lighting Effects
  • 6 Programmable Macro Keys
  • Dust and Spill-Resistant Design
  • Detachable soft rubber wrist rest
  • Dedicated Media Control Keys

Corsair k55 Rgb pro is a great Functional Lighting effect keyboard that allows you to set the individual color pattern of the keyboard areas. They named it a lighting zone.

You got 6 Dedicated Macro Keys labeled G1-G6 which may help you improve your gaming performance. Additionally, media function keys to volume up, down, mute, play, pause, skip tracks and stop.

The rubber dome membrane key switches, but that’s not to say that these are terrible though. You are still able to type and game on these just fine but won’t give that mechanical feel. It’s perfect for professional gaming with Elgato Stream Deck software to use instant streaming commands.

A Detachable soft rubber  Palm Rest to give stress-free gaming on hands that helps you play as long as you want without pain on your wrist.

4. Zebronics Zeb-MAX PRO V2 Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics Zeb-MAX PRO V2 Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • 18 Multi-Color RGB LED Modes
  • 4 levels of Brightness, 6 Speed Modes
  • Braided, Gold Plated USB Cable
  • Removable Keys Easy to Clean
  • 11 Preset LED modes at Side
  • Bottom Rubber Gripping

Zebronics Zeb-MAX PRO V2 Premium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one that every gamer asked for. Its high durable metal top build has 18 Multi-Color RGB LED Modes that can be controlled by function keys. The keyboard has 11 Preset LED modes at the Side panel as well.

The best thing about this keyboard is all keys has an individual led light. There is a 1.8-meter braided gold plated USB cable. 12 integrated multimedia keys (f1-f12) to control volume, Mute, Play, pause as well window lock key so that you’ll never interrupt while gaming.

The Build and RGB effects are cool however, we don’t get a wrist rest and extra-functional triggers especially for gaming.

5. Ant Esports MK1000 Multicolour LED Backlit Wired TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000

Ant Esports MK1000 Features

  • 6 Lighting Effects
  • 87 Anti-ghosting Keys
  • Accurate, responsive key
  • Key Lifespan: 50-million
  • Cable length: 1.5m

Ant Esports MK1000 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is made with Durable ABS Plastic that is long-lasting. It’s the best Gaming Keyboard for Under 3000 rupees if you are looking for multicolor RGB Lighting modes like Breathing, Wave & color Cycling.

There are 6 Different colors for each raw that look really amazing at dark/ night. If we talk about its performance then this keyboard has 87 Anti-Ghosting keys that help for accurate quick command with delay or confusion.

It also has a window lock key & media control key to manage them quickly. The 1.5m braided cable length is enough for Computer, Laptop, Mac, etc.

6. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-13 Neon Rainbow Backlit Mechanical

Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 Rs 2022 | (RGB Mechanical)

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-13 Features

  • Cable Length: 1.8-meter
  • Keys Lifespan: 50 Million
  • Build Quality: Aluminum Body
  • 3 Level Brightness
  • Anti-Ghosting Keys

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-13 Mechanical Keyboard is another best game controller for Pc, Laptop, Playstation Gamers. The keyboard made just for gaming purposes with multiple LED RGB lights with a breathing speed adjustment feature.

There are 10 Backlight effects for night gaming that’ll help you to see each & every key even in dark. Not just that it also has 3 Brightness levels & all keys are anti-ghosting which means fast & accurate button press command.

This Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 rupees is made with a highly durable Aluminum Body & & 1.8-meter braided cable length. Also compatible with all windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

7. Redragon Karura K502 Wired USB with RGB LED Backlight

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 India

Redragon Karura K502 Features

  • 6 Lighting modes
  • liquid-proof
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • Integrated wrist rest

The first impression of the Redragon Karura K502 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard is very good, it is made only for gaming purposes. It is compatible with all windows 10,8,7, mac, os, etc.

The design is very Compact, Durable, Slim & the Rgb enhances it more design even in dark. This Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 rupees has minimalistic Chicklet keys that improve your response time.

It also has 6 lighting modes that you can control as per your need & You can even control the brightness & RGB breathing speed. The armrest will help you for long gaming with pain in rest.

8. AmazonBasics Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard

Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 Rs 2022 | (RGB Mechanical)

AmazonBasics Mechanical Feel Features

  • Key Lifespan: 10-million
  • Game mode
  • 19 Anti-ghosting keys
  • Media controls

The AmazonBasics Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard could be a great option for pc gamers to enhance their gameplay. Because this keyboard has a Gaming Mode that’ll disable all menu keys while playing for no disturbance.

It also has 19 Anti-ghosting keys for the exact moment command when pressing the key. There are G1 to G5 & M1-M3 advanced functional keys for different purposes.

If we talk about RGB lighting so you get the customizable color combinations in 16 million color grading effects. Overall this keyboard is the Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 rs India with 10 million key lifespans.

9. HAVIT HV-KB380L LED Backlit Wired Membrane Gaming Keyboard

Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 Rs 2022 | (RGB Mechanical)

HAVIT HV-KB380L Features

  • Key Lifespan: 50 million
  • Metal base
  • N-key-rollover
  • Full anti-ghosting
  • Cable Length: 1.8 m

Next Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 we have is a HAVIT HV-KB380L LED Backlit Wired Membrane with a durable body frame & Metal base for stable work experience.

This looks really cool because of its sleek design & multicolor led lights that are fully Adjustable even you can control the breathing & Brightness too. All keys are anti-ghosting plus window lock key for no disturbance while gaming.

This is going to give you a legendary gaming experience on Pc, Laptop, without lag or delay in button pressing.

10. CoolerMaster Devastator Gaming 3 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 Rs 2022 | (RGB Mechanical)

CoolerMaster Devastator Features

  • Anti-slide rubber pads
  • Multi-media keys
  • 7 color LED Modes
  • 10 million precise keypresses

Next up on our list has CoolerMaster Devastator Gaming 3 Keyboard and Mouse Combo that could be a budget-friendly combo for pc, Laptop Gamers. The design is long-lasting, durable for gaming with dedicated multimedia keys to control/ play-pause media.

It is an RGB gaming keyboard that has 7 led color modes/ effects also the blacklight helps to access each button clearly even in dark. It also comes with a mouse designed for gaming purposes and its wheel is slightly larger than normal.

Both Mouse & Keyboard has anti-skid rubber pads to make them more stable & accurate. Overall it’s the Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 rs in India.

11. Redgear Manta MT21 Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Combo

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000

Redgear Manta MT21 Features

  • 3 led backlight
  • Aluminum body
  • Lifespan: 10 million
  • Windows key lock
  • Anti-ghosted

Redgear Manta MT21 Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse Combo is another best budget combo pack for pc Gamers that you can buy for under 3000. The keyboard design is ergonomic to provide you comfort & smoothness while playing games.

An aluminum body provides it strength & makes it durable which increases its life. There are floating keycaps that’ll give you a mechanical feel while using them & keys are anti ghosted which means no button press miss.

12. HUO JI CQ104 White Gaming Keyboard

Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 Rs 2022 | (RGB Mechanical)
  • Colorful Illuminated Keyboard
  • 104 Keys Standard Keyboard
  • Anti-Sweat Prevents Key Damage
  • Removable Keycaps, Easy Clean
  • Compatibe Ergonomic design

HUO JI CQ104 is a white-themed gaming keyboard that has Rainbow color lighting backlit modes and breathing modes as well. These color pattern looks cool on the white theme and enhances the setup in dark. You can even adjust the led brightness of the backlit accordingly.

There are no additional multimedia keys however, you can control media through the 12 ‘F’ keys. All 104 keys are removable, which makes them easy to clean. HUO JI CQ104 is a water-resistant keyboard, that prevents damage via sweat or drinks.

if you are looking for a white theme game or office setup, this one is absolutely best for you. However, much better options are available at the price. Pretty difficult to see key letters without the led effect.

What is the best Budget Gaming Keyboard?

Ant Esports & Cosmic Byte Brands are known for the best budget Gaming Keyboard under the Budget with the Highest Possible Performance.

What Type of Keyboard is best for Gaming?

There are so Many Keyboards in the market but you should always choose the best Gaming Keyboard Under Budget. Because these keyboards are slightly different than normal Once & only Designed for Gaming Purposes. That helps to enhance each & every Movement.

Is gaming Keyboard worth it?

Yes! Gaming keyboard worth it. Because it is only made for gaming Purpose that helps to enhance the gaming Movements & Experiences. They provide you some extra Functional keys than a normal keyboard Such as GAming Mode, RGB lighting, Window lock key, etc.

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Wrapping Up!

So this was our list of the Top 12 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 India that you’ll need for gaming on Pc, Laptop, Mac, Os, Ps4, etc.

Hope this was helpful for you if yes, So make sure to share this on your Social Media Groups. Your Little contribution makes us keep going.

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