Looking for the Best Gamepad For Pc Under 1000 Rs in India 2023┬áif yes so here we have a list for you that’ll help you to find out the best joystick controller for pc under the budget.

Basically, there are so many kinds of Gamepad such as Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth connectivity, Dual Shock Vibration, etc but choosing a great one under the price having all these features is very important.




Redgear Pro Series Wired

CLAW Shoot Wired

Redgear Elite Wireless

Live Tech Turbo Joystick

Redgear Zonik Wired

Best Gamepad For Pc Under 1000 Rs

Although a lot of game controllers are available online on the internet some of 3000, 2000 by selecting the best joystick within the price range of 1000 INR, we have prepared this list.

All these items are top-rated & most recommended so you can buy them without any doubt.

1. Redgear Pro Series Wired Gamepad For Pc

Best Gamepad For Pc Under 1000 Rs

Redgear Pro Series is the Best Gamepad for pc under 1000 rs in India that looks great & comes with dual Shock Vibration Motors that gives a Realistic Gaming Experience. There all the necessary buttons plus 2 analog sticks that let you control aim & direction at the same time.

You also get 4 extra triggers on the head & led indicator. This pc controller has illuminated light-up keys which helps to Play even in dark.

  • 4 Triggers on Shoulder
  • Dual Shock Vibration
  • 1.8m USB cable

2. CLAW Shoot Wired USB Controller for PC

Best Gamepad For Pc Under 1000 Rs

CLAW Shoot Wired USB Controller Gamepad For Pc Under 1000 has 12 buttons for gaming 2 Analog Sticks & 4 Shoulder Buttons for extra advanced movements. Its ergonomic design & rubber textured grip Helps to play for longer hours.

The Design is very attractive black also has 4 led mode indicators on the top. You can even buy the wireless version for around 1500 rs.

  • 1.8 m USB cable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dual Vibration

3. Redgear Elite Wireless Gamepad for Desktop

best Pc controller

Redgear Elite Wireless joystick is one of the best controller for pc under 1000 rs in India that has a 10 meters wireless connectivity which is enough. You don’t need extra batteries because it comes with built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries that give 10 hrs of gameplay.

It’s a durable classic-looking pc Gamepad that also has Dual vibration for a realistic feel but you have to install the software that comes with the joystick.

  • 10 hrs of Gameplay
  • Built-in Rechargeable Batteries
  • Connectivity: 10 Meters
  • 4 Shoulder Buttons

4. Live Tech Turbo Double Vibration joystick for pc

best joystick for pc under 1000

As you can see this Live Tech Turbo Double Vibration best gamepad for pc under 1000 rs has a different attractive look comes in 5 different color options. Its rubber grip design provides extra grip while playing & prevents skidding off.

It’s a durable Pc Game Controller with dual Shock vibration as always for a realistic gaming experience while playing Racing, Action, Shooting games. It’s a USB controller compatible with all windows pc/ Computer/ Laptop includes a driver with it.

  • Cable Length: 1.8 M
  • Dual Shock Vibration

5. Redgear Zonik Wired Gamepad for PC Games

Best Gamepad For Pc Under 1000 Rs

Redgear Zonik Wired controller is the Best Gamepad For Pc Under 1000 Rs in India. it’s ergonomically designed to play games for a long time even for hours without losing grip. Also has a special grip to prevent skidding off while playing favorite games on the desktop.

There is a dedicated button to shift between X-input mode and direct-input also the dual shock vibration for realistic crashes, bumps, and shots experience. This gamepad for pc under 1000 is also available in Bluetooth wireless version but at a different price range.

  • Dual shock Vibration
  • Prevent Skidding

Which is the Best Gamepad for Pc?

A gamepad that is compatible with your device and has all the necessary features such as Shoulder buttons, Analog sticks, Vibration, etc. There are some best pc controllers such as Power A Wired, Microsoft Xbox One.

Can i use a Gamepad for Pc?

Yes! You can use a Gamepad for pc but it should be a windows or Pc compatible USB wired or wireless controller. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play games on pc with that joystick.

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this was our list of the top 5 Best Gamepad For Pc Under 1000 rupees in India that you can buy online on Amazon at the cheap & best affordable price.

I hope you get a great match for your device. If you find this article helpful make sure to share this on your social media group. It helps to keep us motivated!

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