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Top 10 Best Apps For YouTubers Android 2021 | Noob 2 Pro

Every YouTuber facing the same problem how we can grow our YouTube channel instead in 2021. Are there any Best apps For Youtubers Android/ iPhone?

Well, if I tell you yes there are some apps every YouTuber should have that can help you for making youtube videos. These are Must Have apps for YouTubers.

Doesn’t matter you are a beginner or a Professional Creator. You will need a Video Recorder, Video Editor, Audio Editor, Screen Recorder, Youtube Channel Manager & of course a Youtube Video SEO Application.

Best Apps For Youtubers Android

For uploading videos, you can upload videos by accessing the YouTube website with the help of a browser on your computer laptop, or smartphone.

Not only this, but you can also use other features like Thumbnails, Descriptions, and Tags, so we haven’t included the YouTube app in our list.

We have included only one application from each category in this list. Let’s Move into the List.

#1 YouTube Studio: Best Chanel Manager

YouTube Studio app is one of the best Apps For YouTubers Android by Google itself that every YouTuber should have.

You can collect & Manage all kinds of information related to your YouTube channel with the help of this application.

Through the YouTube creator studio app, you can manage your entire channel without using the YouTube application.

Not only this, which age group people have seen your video and in which country, that’s all in one single App. Truly one of the useful apps every YouTuber should have.

Youtube Studio Features

  1. In this, you can Analyze your entire channel and see the performance related to each of your videos as analytics.
  2. You can also manage video comments, such as checking comments notifications, replying, or deleting, All through these must have apps for YouTubers.
  3. YouTube video thumbnails can also be managed through this, you can delete or apply a new Thumbnail.
  4. You can Manage YouTube videos Monetization & Individually can monetize or demonetize any video using it.
YouTube Studio
YouTube Studio
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot
  • YouTube Studio Screenshot


VidiQ is one of the most popular and useful Youtube video SEO checker out there on the internet for Youtube Creators.

Not only Beginners but very professional YouTube creators are using it for a long time.

VidiQ helps you optimize your video under the YouTube algorithm to rank the video quickly such as Title, Tags, Description, Engagement, & Social Sharing.

It’s not enough, it also provides the competitor’s video data like – Social sharing, Audience Retention, Video Engagement & the most important Video tags.

Yes, it’s true you can actually see any video’s tag that has been used to rank video & also highlights the most trending tags. That makes it the Best Apps For YouTubers Android.

So that you can use them to rank your video faster. This feature makes it the apps every YouTuber should have.

All you need to do with these tools just act find the application install it and create an account using email.

Vidiq Features

  • Youtube Video Seo
  • Helps to Rank Faster
  • Check Seo Score
  • Show Competitor’s Data
  • Show Videos Tags
  • Trending Keywords
Developer: vidIQ
Price: Free
  • vidIQ Screenshot
  • vidIQ Screenshot
  • vidIQ Screenshot
  • vidIQ Screenshot
  • vidIQ Screenshot
  • vidIQ Screenshot
  • vidIQ Screenshot

#3 PicsArt: Best Photo Editor

Thumbnail is the first impression of your Video’, so it should be quite attractive or catchy. It would not be wrong to call Thumbnail a cover of a Video.

You must have seen videos on YouTube, many times you have clicked on the video only after watching the catchy Thumbnail.

To make this type of attractive thumbnail, you may have to use different applications such as Background Eraser, Stylish Font, Color Grading.

But PicsArt is the Best Apps For YouTubers Android that you Must Have & the best photo editor app for youtube thumbnails that provides multiple tools.

The best thing about PicsArt is Most of its tools are absolutely free that everyone can use.

There are some advanced Professional tools & effects that are Paid, you have to purchase their membership to use them.

You get a pre-set resolution size of YouTube thumbnail. If you use the PicsArt app, you defined no need for any other application.

PicsArt App Features

  • Resize Images
  • Background Eraser
  • Free Backgrounds
  • Effects
  • Beauty
  • Beauty Adjustment
  • Stickers
  • Stylish Texts
  • Frames
  • Draw

#4 Legend Intro Maker

Your YouTube channel is a brand and branding your brand is your job, for that, you Create a Logo, Select a Name and one more thing you should create is Intro.

You don’t need heavy software or a paid tool, Just use the Legend Intro Maker application to create a professional intro for your channel.

You don’t need professional video editing skills at all. By using the Legend app, you can also convert simple text as an animated text intro.

This application provides ready-made templates that you can customize. All its Simple, Good & Easy interface makes it must have apps for YouTubers.

The best thing about this application is that you can remove the watermark by just seeing an advertisement in it.

That makes it the best intro maker for youtube without Watermark Free.

The interface is quite simple and user-friendly which makes it easy to use Best Apps For YouTubers Android even for beginners or first-time users.

Legend Intro Maker Features

  • Set Background Color
  • Text Color Options
  • Stylish Fonts & Sizes
  • Animated Intros
  • Custom Background Image

#5 KineMaster: Apps For YouTubers Android

Everyone wants to make a Quality video, you have to do good editing also and for that, it is equally important to have good software.

When it comes to the best video editing app for youtube Creators then Kinemaster is the most recommended video editing software on the play store.

Kinemaster is the best free video editing app for youtube android for beginners and professionals too.

It gets lots of editing Effects, Transitions, Free to use Music, background, Overlay, Text Effect, sparkle, images & more. That makes it must have apps for YouTubers android.

There are many more applications related to editing such as Adobe, Power Director, Filmora but Kinemaster’s interface is easy to understand.

Beginners can easily edit a normal video in it. Just select the video file, Choose the part to cut or crop, Add free background Music & Export to save in Device.

Even if you are a professional, you can use advanced features like 3D effect, VFX, Green Screen, Overlay for next-level Video editing everything in this Best Apps For YouTubers Android.

Kinemaster App Features

  • Edit, Cut, Crop Videos
  • Add Transitions
  • Video Effects
  • Copyright Free Music
  • Fast forward & Slowmo
  • Stickers & Symbols
  • Add & Edit Music
  • Capture Photo/ Video
  • Zoom, Pano

#6 Lexis Audio Editor

Many times while making videos, the background noise is recorded in our video, which does not sound good at all.

You can use a best audio editing app to remove noise from the video.

It is necessary that you have recorded video and audio separately on different devices, otherwise, you have to extract audio from the video to Remove Noise.

Once your file is ready in MP3 format, you will be able to use it otherwise not. All you need to do is –

  1. Download & Open App
  2. Add Mp3 File / Audio File
  3. Tap Menu & Find Noise Reduction
  4. Apply the default Settings to Remove Background Noise

This task may be a bit longer but will give your video great audio quality & its easy to use free software.

Lexis Audio Editor App Features

  • Audio Recorder & Player
  • Edit, Cut & Adjust Audio
  • Noise Reduction
  • Fade in & Fade out Audio
Lexis Audio Editor
Lexis Audio Editor
Developer: pamsys
Price: Free+
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot
  • Lexis Audio Editor Screenshot

#7 Quora: Must Have Apps for Youtubers

Quora is an online form website where people ask their questions and their answers are also given by other people.

There are multiple categories on this website. All questions asked on the website are categorized.

This Best Apps For YouTubers Android helps to find content for your daily videos. All you need to do is –

Just go to the website, Register yourself & Follow the categories that are related to your content

Once you follow your YouTube channel-related categories on this website, will get notifications for only those questions that’ll be related to the following categories.

Quora Features

  • Online Web Forum
  • Question Your Doubts
  • Find Regular Video Topics
Developer: Quora, Inc.
Price: Free
  • Quora Screenshot
  • Quora Screenshot
  • Quora Screenshot
  • Quora Screenshot

#8 AZ Screen Recorder

Screen recorder is used to record / Capture the screen of the phone, computer laptop, PlayStation, etc.

Using Screen Recorder Software/ Application, you can record videos of everything that appears above the Device Display screen or take a screenshot as a photo.

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best android apps for YouTubers that you must have to record the Phone Screen in different resolutions.

Its interface makes it even simpler that anyone can understand and use.

In this best screen recorder app for youtube videos, you get some other advanced options related to the video, So you can adjust as needed.

Not only this, you get options for video editing in the best screen recorder app for youtube videos.

As well as you can directly live-stream the Phone Display on Facebook and YouTube.

Az Screen Recorder Features

  • Video Resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • Video Quality ( Mbps)
  • FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • Orientation
  • Time-lapse
  • Audio Recording (Turn on or Off)
  • Shots Setting
  • Audio Source
AZ Screen Recorder - No Root
AZ Screen Recorder - No Root
  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Screenshot
  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Screenshot
  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Screenshot
  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Screenshot
  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Screenshot

#9 OPEN CAMERA: Best Video Recorder

When we record video from a smartphone, our audio records through the Phone’s mic but does not have the quality that can be obtained with a mic.

When we try to connect an external mic to a smartphone then it does not work in the default camera application.

I Personally Faced that Problem when I was a beginner.

By using the Open Camera Application, you will be able to record video through an external microphone too without any problem.

It has many Camera Features that could be used to create perfect Stable videos for youtube.

All you have to do to use an External Mic is –

  1. Download Open Camera App
  2. Install, Open & allow Required Permission
  3. Tap Settings & Find Video Setting
  4. Go to Audio Source & Select ‘External Mic (If Present)

That’s it. After applying all these settings in the best free apps for YouTubers android you’ll be able to record videos using external microphones.

There are many other options for Photography and Videography, using which you can improve your videos and photos.

Definitely try this best video recording app for youtube

Open Camera App Features

  • Set Video Resolution
  • Audio Imput Adjustment
  • Photos/Pictures Settings
Open Camera
Open Camera
Developer: Mark Harman
Price: Free
  • Open Camera Screenshot
  • Open Camera Screenshot
  • Open Camera Screenshot
  • Open Camera Screenshot

#10 AdSense: Best Apps For YouTubers

If you know how to make money from YouTube, then you already know about Adsense. AdSense is Google’s publisher tool.

All publishers, whether Blogger or Youtuber (content Monetized by Google) can see their earning.

That’s not enough there are many features that make it the best must-have apps for Youtubers android.

Adsense Features

  • Monetize Youtube
  • Show Earning
  • Views Gained
  • Advertising impression
  • How many ads were clicked
  • Cost you get for each Click (CPC)
  • Geographical Data

NOTE: Google AdSense app is no longer available on the Play Store for Android or iOS.

Therefore all data related to YouTube is seen in YouTube Studio or in a web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What apps Do Youtubers Use?

There are Some Apps very Youtubers Should have & are using Such as Video Editor, Audio Editor, Thumbnail Maker, Youtube SEO Tool, Screen Recorder, Etc.

What is the Best App For youtube Intro?

Legend Intro Maker is one of the Best App for youtube Intro but if you have Editing Skills than Kinemastr could be a best choice.

Which is the Best App for Youtube Video Editing?

Kinemaster, PowerDirector, Alight Motion, Adobe Premier Rush is the best app for Youtube ideo Editing.

Wrapping Up!

This was our list of the top 10 best apps for YouTubers android that every YouTuber should have in 2021.

By the way, there are many applications that are very useful but it is not possible to add them all in one list. So we have minted this list only the Must Have apps for YouTubers.

I hope it was helpful for you. Make sure to share this on your Social Media Platform. It Really Motivates us!

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