Today I’m sharing with you the best affiliate programs for YouTubers to earn more money than Google Adsense. Youtube is one of the Biggest Social Media platforms out there today. but what if I told you it’s the biggest platform to earn money with. Maybe you won’t believe it but yes it’s true.

But for that, you need to start your YouTube channel today which is free of cost, you don’t even need to spend a penny. Optimize your Videos including Tittle, Thumbnail, and trending tag using tag generator.

Many big companies use Professional YouTube channel such as advertising platforms and run advertisements for self-promotion.

Of course, this advertisement is not free, for this, the company has to pay a huge amount to YouTube. 55 percentage of this total amount is given to YouTube video creators on which the advertisement is shown, which is almost half.


Affiliate marketing is a kind of refer & earn Commission program, whenever you Generate a sale through your affiliate link or Promo codes you earn a fixed commission rate for that product.

Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers

Let’s understand a little bit more about it. A lot of e-commerce websites are available on the Internet. This website sells a variety of products, software, services digitally. To increase the sales of their product, they use affiliate marketing, which is a part of digital marketing.

And if you want to earn money through these websites, then first of all you have to join their Affiliate Program by agreeing with Term & Conditions.

Once the account is set up, you can generate affiliate links for any product that contains your unique referral ID. Promote these links in different ways such as social media sharing, blog posts, YouTube Videos, etc. When someone clicks & Purchases the product through your referral link you are given a commission.

Once you reach the minimum threshold amount your earnings are automatically sent to your Bank account.
Note: Their commission rate also varies as each product and protection category differs.


By the way, there are many affiliate websites available on the internet, but I have tried to include only those sites in which maximum commission can be obtained.

This list includes physical and digital products as well as services and online education whether it is Skills or any kind of online classes Video Lessons.

Amazon And Clickbank are the most trusted product affiliate sites. You can earn up to 10% commission on Amazon and up to 90% commission for promoting Clickbank products through youtube Videos. Amazon is best to promote physical products and Clickbank is best to promote digital products.


Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers
My Amazon Affiliate Report

Who doesn’t knows about the Amazon Shopping website? It’s currently the world’s biggest online shopping website worldwide and also one of the most popular affiliate programs for small YouTubers, digital content creators, bloggers, Influencers, etc. There are millions of products available for millions of categories you can say there is everything for everyone. Whether you’re finding a device, home, gardening, kitchen, art, health fitness makeup dress, or whatever you can imagine. Amazon is available almost in every big country and people use to shop from Amazon.

You can earn money from Amazon affiliate marketing on youtube. Just sign up for their affiliate program & start promoting products through your affiliate links. No Amazon affiliate youtube requirements. If you are a Youtuber, Blogger, or content creator, you can create the best product list, recommendations, or some kind of review content. Also, put your affiliate links to visit or buy that product.

Commission Rates:

There is a fixed commission for each product categories which is officially set by Amazon itself & you can see that list on Amazon Affiliate Commission Rates. But the maximum commission you can earn using amazon affiliate links on Youtube is up to 10% of the product price.



ClickBank is another one of the best affiliate programs for YouTubers in our list. It’s a global retailer and Affiliate Marketplace where both sellers and Publishers can register to promote products. Basically, sellers come to Clickbank to sell or promote their products. There are also publishers who share information related to these products to others through their Youtube videos, Social Media, and the internet. Whenever they drive a successful sale through their affiliate link they earn a huge commission.

How to Promote Clickbank Products on Youtube?

You get a lot of different categories on it, So just find the best one for your Youtube Niche to promote. The digital subscription base product is also available so that you can earn Recurring Commissions. Trust me overall it’s one of the best recurring affiliate programs for YouTubers to make money without a website.

Commission Rates:

There is no Fix commission rate. Each product has different rates but you can earn up to 10% – 90% commission on specific product categories.



Hostinger is one of the biggest Hosting Provider Companies out there these days. They provide different kinds of web hostings for websites. This is not enough they also Sale Domain Names. Hosting & Domain names are used by brands & companies to make Professional websites or blogs that help them to create an online presence. But it’s also used by freelancers, Bloggers, Digital Marketers, Content Creators &, etc.

Simply join Hostinger’s best Affiliate program for YouTubers for free. Once you get verified start promoting Hostinger hosting. Once again you can create a Review, comparison, or Recommendation video about the best web hosting.

Commission Rates:

Whenever you generate a sale for Hostinger Hosting You get a straight 60% commission which is really a huge commission. however, you only need $100 for Payout which will be sent to you after the 15th of each month.


Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers

Fiverr is the Most popular Freelancing website on the Internet where you can hire freelancers for any kind of digital services as per your needs. Such as Web Design, Content writing, Video Editor, Photo Editor, etc. on the other hand, if you are a professional in any field, you can register as a freelancer and earn money through your skill.

Just Signup for the Fiverr affiliate Programme & Promote various Digital Skills on your Youtube Channel. One person cannot do all the work, but you can give your audience some bestseller or best freelancers for your niche so that they can fulfill their requirements by hiring them. Another one of the best recurring affiliate programs for YouTubers.

For Example, I have a website development-related YouTube channel, in such a way, I can share with my YouTube audience about the top web developer freelancers on Fiverr. As always I’ll put my affiliate link in Description. So that whenever someone goes through my affiliate link and hires a freelancer I will get 10% of the amount.

Commission Rates:

A 10% for life, means some kind of Recurring commission. The minimum payout is $100 which you can claim next month after completing the threshold amount.


Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers

SkillShare is one of the biggest online Skills-based Learning Platforms that allow you to learn thousands of Skills from Experts & Experienced Teacher. Any skill you want to learn, whether it is related to Technology, Creative, Business, Lifestyle Gaming, or anything you can learn on SkillShare. It’s Like an Online Institute, People come here to learn skills using online classes video lessons for which they have to purchase Paid Plans.

Presently, all schools and colleges in the world are closed due to the epidemic. You can tell people about SkillShare through your YouTube channel, Blog, or Social media. So that they can develop or enhance their skills on SkillShare. Also, put your affiliate links in the description & tell them to join through the link already given in the Description. Doesn’t matter whether you belong to the USA, Canada, Australia, Or from any country in the world. Surely it becomes one of the best affiliate programs for YouTubers.

Commission Rate:

You’ll get $7 If the person you referred signs up for a premium or free trial within 30 days of clicking on your affiliate link. You’ll receive your payout on the 16th of each month by calculating your Previous earnings.


Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers

Shareasale is another genuine best affiliate program for YouTubers where you get many different products to promote & most of them don’t exist on other platforms. Here you get your various product categories, which you can choose and promote according to your niche Such as Home & Garden, Clothes, Automotive, Books, etc. So many merchants are willing to pay you for generating sales for them. The good thing about Shareasale is that it gets more commission than Amazon.

All you need to do is join their affiliate program which is absolutely free then wait for the approval. Once the account is set up, find a merchant and join their affiliate program. Yes, you are right basically you can individually join a merchants program. Now start promoting products on your YouTube channel as well as on your social media platforms.


There is no fixed commission because each product has its own separate price and commission. It only required a minimum $50 threshold amount in your account for threshold on the 20th of every Monthly. Moreover, you have a direct deposit or wire transfer option.



Envato is all-in-one solution for digital marketers and digital creators, whether we talk about bloggers, Youtuber, Influencer, or even an agency. Envato has multiple platforms for digital creators where they can find the right product for their industries.

  • Envato elements: Video Template, Audio, Graphic, Fonts, Photo
  • Envato Market: WordPress Theme, plugins
  • Placit by Invato: Graphics, Logos, Design
  • Envato tuts+ : tutorials, courses & eBooks
  • Envato Studio: Freelance service to Hire Developer, Designer, Editor

You can join as an affiliate of all three platforms (Placeit, Elements, Market). But you have to apply individually for all the platforms. The Commission rates are as per the subscription fee. Here’s a short commission rate info

Envato Elements: $20-120 Per subscription (Monthly/Yearly)

Placeit by Envato: $20-$50 Per subscription (Monthly/Yearly) + 50% on one-time transactions.

Envato Market: 30% Commission on First Purchase

Any Blogger, Influencer, YouTuber could become an Envato affiliate to earn money. There’s a first-click attribution (using a 90-day cookie). That means if someone came through your referral links and become a paid member within 90 days. It’ll be counted as a successful referral.

There are two ways to get payout:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer: Needed Minimum $10
  2. Paypal: Needed at least $50 for withdrawal


Share a Sale is an online affiliate marketing platform where thousands of brands are listed and you can promote anyone creating your affiliate links.

Shareasale is a platform for both Advertiser/ Merchant and publishers or Affiliates. Brands come here to list their product to increase sales and revenue. Same as Affiliates come to make money promoting these products.

but the thing is you have to individually apply to the merchant to become their affiliate, And once you got approved you can create unique links to promote them.

Find one of the thousands of listed products out there by the category in which you are interested or wanted to promote.

Each Individual Merchant has There own Affiliate Commission.

  • 20th of every month
  • The minimum account reaches $50
  •  Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, ACH

9. Jvzoo:

Jvzoo is another huge affiliate marketing platform like share a sale. Product Owner, Merchant, Brand, and Affiliate can join on Jvzoo. Brands join to promote their product and affiliate join to make money promoting these products.

As like share a sale you find thousands of products by categories, so that you can pick one that is relevant to your niche. But keep in mind, all the merchants are individual and every product has its own commission rates for affiliates.

Once you find a relevant product, you have to apply to become their affiliate describing your traffic source or strategy to the merchant.

There are multiple payment Processes like PayPal, Stripe, BlueSnap & Authorize, net, which you have to verify while creating an account on Jvzoo.

Commission Rates:

On average you can Earn 50% Commissions or even more, depending on the product merchant.

1. Description: YouTube video description is the best place to put your all affiliate links. Type the product name and place there absolutely and most importantly do not forget to tell your viewers to check out the product link below in the description.


2. Pin Comments: Another way to put your affiliate link on YouTube video is the pin comment section. All you have to do is comment on your own video the product name with their links and comment normally. Tap comment setting and pin comment. In fact, Pinging the comment makes it appear at the top in the comment section which is a great place to grab attention.


3. Community Tab: Community tab is one of the best ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links with your Viewers & Subscribers. So that You can use the Community tab to share your own videos, Photos or even you can create Polls to know viewers’ opinions.


Are affiliate links allowed on YouTube?

Yes, Affiliate Links are allowed on Youtube. You can put the Link in Video Description or Pin in the Comment section for the best results. But keep in Mind the links you are giving in the description, Comments or channels should not be Spam, Misleading, or Against Youtube Safety Policy. You Should Know more.

How much does it cost to be an affiliate marketer?

Absolutely 0$, You don’t even need to spend a penny to be an affiliate marketer. You can start your basics with youtube affiliate marketing courses. There are lots of Expert professional teachers who teach affiliate marketing for free. You can Attempt their courses on youtube or You can find Some free courses on Google too.
But if you want to be a Professional Affiliate Marketer then you Should join Some Online Courses or go with offline coaching classes for better results. For online Courses, it may cost you $100 on average.

Does Youtube Have an Affiliate Program?

No, Youtube doesn’t have an Affiliate Program but it is Youtube Partner Program that helps you to monetize your YouTube Video Content using Adsense. If you want, you can also start promoting affiliate content through your videos to make more money.



There are many fake websites on the internet that have different types of policies that are fraudulent in a way. So always double cross-check the website you are going to promote on your YouTube channel. Must check the veracity, transparency, Trustverthiness, and policy of those websites.

Don’t just promote anything to make money, choose a niche for your Channel, then find products for your relevant topic and start creating helpful informative content. both are equally important. Your content will bring you traffic that makes money. Top affiliate marketers on youtube are doing it similarly.

So this was our list of the top 6 Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers to promote on your channel & make more money even it’s best for beginners. Hope it was helpful, if yes, So make sure to share this on your Social Media Groups. It really keeps us Motivated!

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