So the most asked question is “How to add thumbnail to YouTube video on android?“, especially in 2024 when youtube has millions of creators.

Youtube App is great but not made for creators. You can upload videos from the app but can’t edit, Change, customize, Upload or add things as we do on desktop.

Well! there are actually 2 ways that you should follow to Change/ customize your youtube videos title, tags, description & cover image too.

Thumbnail is the cover of youtube video tells people what the video is about, that attract them to click & watch video.

The Thumbnail should be relevant to the topic & well customized, such as dimensions, size, format, aspect ratio. 

Best practices to have a great thumbnail:

Resolution1280×720 (minimum width of 640 pixels)
Image FormatJPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG
SizeUnder 2MB
Aspect ratio16:9
Add Thumbnail To Youtube Video on Android

How to Add Thumbnail To Youtube Video on Android?

As said there are 2 genuine & easy ways to do that 1st is using the youtube studio app & 2nd is Youtube Desktop mode in phone’s browser.

But before moving forward your channel should be eligible to add a custom thumbnail that requires phone verification.

Here you can see a comparison between verified & non-verified channels feature.

Non-Verified (Default)Verified Channel (Additional Features)
Video uploadsVideos longer than 15 minutes
Playlist creationCustom thumbnails
Add collaborators to playlistsLive streaming
Add new videos to existing playlistsAppealing Content ID claims

It’s mandatory to verify your youtube channel with a phone number otherwise you won’t be able to add a custom thumbnail to your videos.

Youtube asks for verification when creating a new youtube channel. you can verify at the moment or by visiting the youtube status & Features section.

1st. Upload Thumbnail Youtube Studio App

If you are a starter or a phone user that then it’s highly recommended for you to install the youtube studio android or ios app on your device. Specially created for creators by youtube itself. 

There are lots of features that a creator needed to customize, modify, or optimize their channel or a video. Whether we talk about Tittle, Tag, Description, Analytics, & so on. 

  1. Open youtube Studio app
  2. Tap Menu, go to videos
  3. click video to get more options
  4. See a ✎ pen icon to edit video elements
  5. Again tap ✎ icon over video to customize thumbnail
  6. Choose one of three auto generated or a custom from device
  7. Once done save to apply changes

2nd. Customize in Browser Desktop Mode

Let’s see 2nd way to upload a thumbnail on youtube on android using a phone browser in youtube desktop mode.

  1. Go to Google chrome (any) browser
  2. Open youtube & login account
  3. tap men option in browser
  4. select ‘desktop Site’ to access full feature mode
  5. click channel icon, visit youtube studio
  6. Now tap ‘Content’ just after dashboard icon
  7. Click video title to customize
  8. See a ✎Pen icon for edits video elements
  9. After that, find thumbnail section (after description)
  10. Tap ‘Upload Thumbnail’ & select pic from device
  11. Once done click save to apply settings

Now your custom image is set as a video thumbnail. It May take few seconds, but you don’t need to anything just save & it’ll be automatically applied.

For more in-depth understanding, here I’ve recommended a video for you so that you can use a professional thumbnail maker for better CTR.

Add Thumbnail To Youtube Video on Android By DIGITAL RAJ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable thumbnails?

Youtube gives some default features to everyone but in order to use additional features, you may be asked for phone verification. Just select country, put your phone number & verify using a code/OTP.
In case you already have an unverified youtube channel just visit Stats & features to verify or enable the custom thumbnails option.

What app do Youtubers use for thumbnails?

Canva, Picsart, Pixellab are the most common Apps that YouTubers use for thumbnails. Canva is an online tool that is available in both an app & website form.


So this some best practices to Create, Upload, Change or add Thumbnail To Youtube Video on Android or iPhone.

Just follow these step-by-step processes with your video to customize the video’s custom thumbnail image.

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