It’s very easy to Activate or Deactivate Google Assistant in Android Phones in 2023. People don’t know how they can change the settings to turn on or turn off when not in use.

Well, it’s a perfect example of AI (Artificial Intelligence) you can control your smartphone without using your hands.

What is Google Assistant?

Basically it is the latest technology which is called Artificial Intelligence developed by Google, primarily available on android smartphone devices. Assistant was developed in May 2016 and it works in operating systems-

  • Android
  • Chrome OS
  • iOS
  • KaiOs

In India Jio company launch their own feature phone basically this is not a smartphone but still, there is Google’s assistant support and you can use it too.

Maybe this is the only feature phone in India that supports Google’s assistant without any Android operating system.

How does google assistant work?

Once you activate assistant in Android, says ‘hey/ok Google ‘ it becomes activate and will wait’s for your voice Command.

Whenever you give a command to assistant it collects information on the Internet for that topic & shows you the best one.

But this is not enough there are many more things that assistant can do, just activate google assistant with voice & give it a command.

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When you purchase a new smartphone you don’t get it Activated. You have to enable google assistant if you are using an Android smartphone.

Maybe all the smartphones which come with the Android operating system which is developed by Google already have Google assistant.

But if this feature isn’t available on your smartphone then you can download the app directly from Play Store.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

What can Google Assistant do?

Basically Google assistant can operate most of the things on your smartphone but personally, I only use it to Call My Family Members or to read My Emails.

But that’s not enough, it can do much more & if you want to use the assistant Just Say ‘OK Google or Hey Google’ after that it become activate & wait for your order.

You can see what it can do –

  1. Send Messages.
  2. Call Your Relatives.
  3. Turn On/Off Bluetooth.
  4. Turn on/Off Flashlight.
  5. Read Emails
  6. Voice Search
  7. Translate
  8. Conversions ( Kg to Pounds)
  9. Shopping Tips
  10. Nearby Places
  11. Latest News
  12. Nutrition help
  13. Dictionary
  14. Read Audiobooks
  15. Calculator
  16. Traveling
  17. Open Apps & Sites
  18. Finance
  19. Personal Stuff
  20. Navigation
  21. Alarm
  22. Reminder
  23. Play Songs
  24. Timer
  25. Weather
  26. Questions & Answers
  27. Home Control ( This Service only work if your Home Is Smarthome & you are using Google Home Personal Assistant)

There are more things that it can do but I found only these things & mention them. They are also adding new features in it day by day so you are going to get more advanced features of Assistant.


If your Google assistant is not working or Your Device doesn’t have then you can download it Directly From the Play store.

Let’s see how to turn on google assistant in Android-

First of all, before activation, go to device Setting & find App Management, then find out Google App & clear all data & cache.

Setting>App Manager>Google App>Data & Storage>Clear data.

Clear App Data

1) Now come back to your home screen of the smartphone and press and hold the home button a little bit.

2) Then you will get Google’s Pop-up notification on your screen to get started, just click get started for the next step.

3) After clicking Turn on it’ll show you some notification or Details related to your voice match before proceeding. Show you details that ‘only with the same voice you’ll able to access Google assistant‘ but you can change that letter.Activate Google Assistant

4) Click Agree to proceed. Now it’ll ask you for a voice match just follow the instruction.

5) Say ok Google or Hey Google 3-4 times for voice match as it says.

6) Once it recognizes your voice will be activated in your device.

Now just unlock your phone screen and say ok Google or long-press home button and give it a command.

It could be anything like news, games score, weather, etc. Even you can send messages to your relatives just say ‘ok Google’ sends a message to “Message Receivers name“.

Then Google will ask you ‘what is the message’ you just have to tell that message and it will send this message to your relative.

There are still some privacy issues with Google Assistant because people complain that it can hear everything you told around. Even you are talking to others.

That’s why when you say ‘ok Google’ it becomes activated because it can hear & analyze everything.


If you don’t wish to use it longer, then you can Deactivate/turn off google assistant permanently on android. You just have to change the settings on android.

Then it won’t be able to hear anything or store your conversation. To disable/ deactivate google assistant in your android smartphone follow these steps –

1) Open Google App & go to settings.

2) At settings, you’ll find Google Assistant & click on it.

3) You’ll get more other options but we don’t click them.

4) Now to the bottom, you’ll find an option of Assistant Device.

change Google Assistant settings5) Tap on Phone icon in Assistant Device Setting as you can see in the above image.

6) Once you tap the Phone setting icon you’ll find the settings Where you can control or change google assistant settings like – Voice Match setting, Voice & Speech Setting, etc.

7) Top of all settings here is an option to enable or disable. So if it is activated then you have to turn it off.

deactivate Google Assistant

As you can see in this image left side image showing  Activated and the right side image shows turn off google assistant voice activation.


I hope now it’s clear how to Deactivate or Activate Google Assistant Android. It’s on you, Do you want to use it or not.

I have seen some of the people have doubts about is google assistant free tool. Yes, it’s absolutely free there are no charges to use it. It will only consume your internet data.

No doubt it is one of the best technology development but still, experts say it can hear everything around it & that’s why it’s activates randomly when you give it a command.

I personally like this technology and going to use it for a long time what you think about it? Share your thoughts or comments and if you have any suggestion please know me in comments.


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